Melt Cosmetics Marketing Strategy

If you are into makeup and you know your brands, there’s a big chance that you know about Melt Cosmetics. It was launched back in 2013 and was founded by two women. They have carved this as a niche in the flaky and competitive world of makeup. They boast of lipsticks that are ultra-matte in colors that are wacky. They have more than 2.2 Million followers on Instagram as of writing-definitely a cult status. For Lora Arellano, CEO of Melt Cosmetics the life of people on social media doesn’t need to be private.

She even says that she has used social media as a way to grow her career and it has been working. Their client list includes a lot of celebrities that are top-notch such as Ciara, Rihanna, and Serena Williams. She acknowledges that she has used social media in the past to find ways to grow more in the beauty industry. Her social media accounts have attracted a lot of opportunities on its own. Rihanna discovered a dead doll makeup tutorial on YouTube in 2012 and she invited Arellano to join her in her world tour. In can’t remember to forget you and pour it up, you would be able to spot some artist looks. Arellano definitely takes her Instagram game seriously, she posts almost on a daily basis and most of her posts garner tens of thousands of likes. She might be well-known today, maybe even considered as a celebrity, but she had humble beginnings. As she says:

“I have always used my social media platforms to further my career, and it has always worked.”

How did Melt Cosmetics get to where they are now?

1) Make sure you introduce yourself to everyone

Arellano is one person who sure knows what being productive means. As she graduated in high school, she proceeded straight to a 9-week makeup program. She then secured makeup gigs right away. As she remembers, freelancing was something really hard to overcome because it was hard to get your name out there when no one really knows you. She had to use MySpace and attend car shows to be able to connect to professionals, as well as photographers who were connected to models.

2) Be the real you

When you browse social media accounts of artist, you would be able to understand who Melt Cosmetic’s CEO is. She is based in Los Angeles and lives in red lipstick, she is also a first-generation entrepreneur. She allows you to enter her life without having to meet her formally. This businesswoman believes that this makes perfect sense especially since it pays to be herself. Being real and authentic on social media has helped her in relating to her potential customers and existing clients. Arellano is just very genuine, she invited her viewers on a filmed Q&A to visit her father’s Mexican resto, husband’s tattoo shop, and even shares her schnauzer and tattoo pictures on her accounts.

3) Engage your customers but don’t take every comment to heart

Arellano does Twitter and Snapchat ask me anything video’s, but she does more than that to engage with her customers because they talk to every customer they have. She values customer interactions but she knows too well not to take every comment to heart because there will always be people who would be fault-finding. But she admits that it was hard not to be sensitive at first, but she learned to take constructive criticism and apply it to her business. She knows that she can’t make every person happy, and that’s one effective way to learn.

But let’s go deeper, here’s how Melt Cosmetics achieved a cult following in such a brief time with word-of-mouth:

1. Make use of your interesting backstory if you have one
Lora Arellano, is very popular online. Her personal account has 930,000 followers on IG and every time she posts get thousands of likes. She became famous because of posting content that was very different from other makeup artists. This gamble that she did actually scored her a superstar as she is Rihanna’s makeup artist. This opportunity lead to another opportunity which are tons of interviews on Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, and Nylon-she was able to talk about Melts Cosmetic during those interviews.

2. make use of a launch party for your brand and use social media to hype it up

Melt cosmetics had a launch parts when they announced their debut, they had Facebook invitations, Instagram and Twitter announcements. This is a very specific example of how the founders were able to leverage their IG status to benefit their brand. Their party was private, exclusive and it was befitting to the brand, they asked their guests to mention Melt Cosmetics at the door before gaining entry which is chic and smart. Your early fans become the in-crowd because of the exclusivity and they would be the one to create and work the word of mouth for you. They didn’t even sell products in their launch so fans could place their orders on that day. It became more fun, having the party as the focus, it sure lead to people talking about it the next day.

3. They encouraged fans to take selfies and use hashtags.
When the products started to be delivered to their doorsteps, fans of Melt were encouraged to post selfies and use specific hashtags in social media websites. Hashtags are a way to archive the experiences of customers. With just a few taps, people would be able to see real reviews through these hashtags.

4. Tell people there are new developments that exist, but keep is a secret.

Melt Cosmetics made sure to let their fans anticipate new releases by talking about them on interviews but making sure that no revealing details would be leaked. Their strategy of being tight lipped about new releases allows their fans to manage their expectation while teasing them with little information that would cause anticipation.

Benefits of having a massive Instagram following:

1) Pictures speak a thousand words

Every person has an idea about the expression that a picture is worth a thousand words and this is very appropriate to Instagram. Visuals engage better compared to words and hashtags make it a whole lot easier to help users find what they are searching for. Instagram makes it easy for businesses to stand out in particular niches for a lot of different reasons. This also allows brands to take their customers behind the scenes of their operations and encourage them to participate by creating a personal approach.

2) There’s free flowing fresh content all the time

Your audiences would be more engaged when you have fresh content, this also helps in building trust. People would be searching for your business on Instagram because they want to be engaged with your company and be able to follow every update you have. IG allows you to do this in various ways such as image posting, video feeds, live stories and a lot more.

3) There’s no limit on the character and caption that you put

While there are limits when it comes to creating your bio and username, when it comes to adding your caption you can make it as long as you want. Unlike on Twitter where you have freedom in your bio and caption, but you have limited characters for your posts. On IG, you can make your posts description as ling as you want, the limit is 2,220 characters and you can share and upload as many times as you want in a day.

4) You can create a business account

Many don’t know this, but you can. It has backend benefit insights for account holders that would enable you to know which posts are more effective compared to your others, which get more comments, shares, it also shows you what time is the best time to post, and other demographic that are relevant to your needed statistics. They help you make your posts more effective for your business.

5) There’s a very low competition

While it’s the most popular and highly used social media channel after Facebook there are still few local businesses who use Instagram-and that is very great. This means that the competition is still low unlike on Facebook where businesses have a hard time getting noticed.

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