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Best Magento Sales Extensions

When it comes to having an online store, one can have some great products, but that doesn’t always translate to sales. It’s important to have some good consistency to help a store stay afloat. That’s why there are some good extensions out in the marketplace that can be some great assistance to help with the bottom line. Here are some of the best sales extensions.1.OSI Affiliate Software by OmnistarPrice – Read More >>

Best BigCommerce Abandonment Apps

Cart abandonment is something very common and it occurs when the customers add items to their online shopping cart but the customers exit without completing their checkout. This has become a major issue since 2015 and this happens for a lot of reasons. Most of the reasons for shopping cart abandonment could be tackled by optimizing your customers shopping and checkout experience. There are also a lot of apps that Read More >>

How to Setup a WordPress Affiliate Platform

What is WordPress?WordPress is one of the most simple, most popular way to make your very own blog or website. This powers more than 32% of the websites you can find on the internet. Most of the websites you visit are actually powered by WordPress. On a more technical level, this is an open source content management system that is licensed under the GPLv2, this means that any person can Read More >>

30 Best WooCommerce Stores

AdobolocoAdoboloco is a seller of hot sauces that are made from both Hawaii and Portland. They have a wordpress site that has a blog that contains recipes and inside its menu, you can find a shopping cart. Their background is The Retailer.Best features:The navigation is easyIt showcases the products wellCreate it for your store:Go ahead and check out The Retailer to get your version of this type of theme.Blue Star Read More >>

How To Boost Your Sales With Smart Inventory Management

Although inventory management affects all parts of a retail business, we often forget to pay attention to it unless something goes awry. In the sales environment, it is easy to forget about the backend unless it begins to present some serious problems.To enhance profits while keeping inventory issues at bay, it is crucial to implement good inventory management right from the start. Neglecting inventory could ruin other aspects of your Read More >>

Best Shopify Abandonment Apps

Let’s assume that you are already running a Shopify store that’s already successful, you already have your inventory all figured out, the amount of traffic you get is pretty good, and your customers are talking about how good your products are. But does that cover all of your bases? Nope, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have.You could still be experiencing a lost of sales through shopping cart abandonment. One very Read More >>

Best Magento Marketing Extensions

Having a quality marketing plan to go with your website is essential. However, the right extensions can make this a lot easier. Magento has a bit of everything to help in social media, abandonment carts, email marketing, and even retargeting current customers. All of this can make for a more fruitful marketing strategy. Here are some quality marketing extensions.1) OSI Affiliate SoftwareOSI Affiliate Software was developed for companies of all Read More >>

How To Use Stories As Part Of Your Ecommerce Social Media Strategy

The story format has become a staple in social media. Since Snapchat got the ball rolling in 2013, it has spread across just about every other social media platform, and is still increasing in popularity.Astonishingly, over 250 million people now use Instagram Stories every day.Execution varies, but the story concept is always the same: equipping users to bring together available resources (images, text, links, etc.) from social media posts and Read More >>

How to Select a Designer for Your Shopify Store

When it comes to creating a store, you not only want the right product and content, but a great design to match. This is how you entice people to stay on your site, especially if you intend to sell something to your core audience. Picking the right design for website is like choosing someone to create an interior for a retail store. You need the right lighting and fixtures (graphics Read More >>

8 Shopify Success Stories

Building a great ecommerce store takes a lot of work. You have the right product or service, and people need to identify with your brand. Some people take years to truly develop a profit from their persistence. However, there are some that have broke through the threshold in a short period of time. There’s a lot one can learn from these brands. If you plan on starting your own Shopify Read More >>

Holiday Marketing Strategies For Your Store

It does not matter if you have Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento or WooCommerce these holiday marketing tips will drive more traffic to your store. There’s nothing like the holidays especially when it comes to eCommerce. This is a pivotal time in the year where you get that big push to have a stellar 4th quarter. It’s much bigger than just gaining a new sale or lead, it’s a buyer’s market. You’ll Read More >>

4 Ways to Use Your Shopify E-Commerce Store to Grow Your Customer Base

Growing a successful e-commerce business can be seriously complex. Regardless of how much time it takes you to go from your first sale to your hundredth, sooner or later you’ll need to consider things like promotional strategies, fulfillment partners, and conversion optimization tools.But in the early days of your new store, you’re likely focused on one key thing: how to I get more customers?Maybe you began by sharing your Shopify Read More >>