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Anatomy of a High-Converting Website That Can Bring You Truckloads of Sales

(Image Source: Pixabay)You are sick and tired of seeing your lousy sales figures, aren’t you?What frustrates you even further is the fact that you’ve been getting a decent amount of monthly traffic, yet none of them are clicking your “Buy Now” buttons.Not – a – single – one – of – them.Zippo. Nada. Zilch. What’s worse, your monthly payables are just around the corner — you can almost hear your landlord Read More >>

Future of Marketing for Ecommerce Businesses

The digital revolution and the prevalence of social media have brought about massive changes in the ecommerce marketing landscape. Many new trends are entering into an increasingly competitive environment and redefining the rules of the game. This ever-changing landscape of ecommerce-businesses is exciting and a bit intimidating, as businesses will need to adapt the new trends and keep up with the challenges. The current ecommerce stats and trends:Ecommerce is a huge industry Read More >>

10 Essential Tips Small Businesses can Use for an Engaging Facebook Marketing Page

Here is the reality ? getting your audience to engage on your Facebook post becomes harder than ever.But the thing is, it is also more important than ever before. With Facebook’s news feed always bursting with new content, expanding your reach on the platform becomes more and more challenging. A lot of brands chose to buy ads. Others come up with more creative ideas on how to game their news feed. In Read More >>

8 Steps You Should Do Before Introducing an Ecommerce Brand

Source: Rawpixel from PixabayWhile physical stores still account for the vast majority of global consumer purchases, all signs point to ecommerce eventually taking over the trade. But apart from making sure that you have a solid system in place, with reliable products and sellers – you also need to ensure you take all the necessary steps pre-launch. This article discusses what you should do before launching your ecommerce store, detailing 8 Read More >>

Must-Have Features for Ecommerce Inventory Management Software

E-commerce business is fast-growing, and tracking and managing the inventories is quite a challenge. And, it only amplifies with the expansion of the company. Regardless of the size, maintaining inventory is a crucial part of supply chain management, and it must be dealt with. But how? All the best e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc. have large inventories. Well, the value of a company’s stock is usually one of the Read More >>

60 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Wix Store

Setting up a Wix store might seem very easy and exciting. Well, that is the natural part. After setting up your Wix store, the next burning question becomes how to drive traffic and make a lot of money. When it comes to driving potential customers into your Wix store, there are hundreds of options available. Tons of it! Here are the ways you can utilize to achieve that.1. Starting an Read More >>

Best Facebook Marketing Courses

We all know how the famous social networking site Facebook has revolutionized the world of the internet. Since 2004 after its formation, Facebook has remained the industry of social media as one of the most robust networks. But that’s not the only case. Many people and even big business enterprises are using Facebook as a marketing platform, which is a good thing. This article is going to show you some Read More >>

Surfer SEO Review and Promo Code

It’s essential to try and boost your SEO as much as you can. To do that you need to improve your on-page SEO. Surfer SEO is one of those tools that help you improve your page rank while also trying to target some particular keywords.What is Surfer SEO?At its core, it is a cloud-based on-page optimization tool. It is to compare and analyze your pages against what ranks in the Read More >>

How to Do an Ecommerce Website Audit – Ultimate Guide

Is your website ready for promotion?An Ecommerce Onpage SEO Audit may help you answer that question. An Ecommerce Onpage SEO Audit is a process of taking a closer look at the onpage elements in your website to see if it has been fully optimized for your target keywords. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple rundown of what you are doing wrong to see why your competitor is ranking over you. I have Read More >>

Boost Your Conversions Using These E-Commerce Tips

[Image Source]Can you imagine a situation where a salesperson is able to perform his job without receiving a steady flow of customers? Of course not! Similarly, no call-to-action can drive conversions without traffic coming to the website. Unfortunately, there is no such way out through which you can cast a spell on the visitors and increase your website traffic. Which means you have to do something or take some action Read More >>

20 Best Amazon Affiliate Courses

When setting out to make money online, being an Amazon associate is one of the routes to get going. Starting might seem simple, but it’s not always easy to be successful. Being an Amazon associate is almost similar to being a saleswoman or a salesman. You want to help your customers, or perhaps visitors of your website to make purchase decisions and buy products through your affiliate links. With comprehensible courses Read More >>

Start an Affiliate Program in 2019

You have started selling online and have been able to drive traffic to your online store and earn some sales. But after this sweet moment of the first impulse, comes the part where you must think about how to promote your store. Maybe it’s due to lack of time or simply because you do not know how to continue or create a marketing strategy, the truth is that you feel Read More >>