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Value Proposition Example

What is ‘Value Proposition’Value proposition is a business and a marketing statement which companies could use to create a summary of the reason why a customer must purchase a service or product. It convinces your potential customers that your product has the ability to add value and solve the problems that other offering that are the same would. This statement is used to target customers who would be benefiting mostly Read More >>

What does a brand ambassador do?

Define brand ambassador?Brand ambassadors are people who talk about your company and represent your business in a positive way and receive referral incentive for it. They usually promote your business in platforms where there are a lot of potential customers. Brand ambassadors are people who embody the brand he is endorsing and that makes it a bit different from referral users. They make the promotion more trustworthy, more credible, and Read More >>

Best Live Chat Software

Live chat software has the ability to increase your rate of conversions when you use it right. But if you aren’t convinced yet, you could check out these statistics:As much as 29% of consumers share their positive experience with a live chat to their friendsAs much as 38% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a shop that has a live chat support.As much as 51% of consumers are Read More >>

Best Shopping Comparison Engines 2018

Where do people go to compare prices online? Some people go to blogs and look at reviews. Others look at multiple online stores and check the prices manually. Soon, this can be quite bothersome as it will take time to look through different website just to look at prices. Wouldn’t that be more convenient to see it in one location? Yes. And that’s what comparison shopping engines are for.1. AmazonWant Read More >>

37 Best WordPress Plugins

Out of the thousands of WordPress plugins out there, how do you know which ones to use?Usually, you go and look for a list of plugins and install everything you find. But how can you really know that you need it?And if you end up installing everything, you’ll end up with tons of plugins that takes up your memory space.So my advice is only use the plugins that you need Read More >>

Ecommerce Marketing Strategy Trends

At the start of each year it’s useful to review trends which inform your priorities for the year ahead to grow a business. Thanks to the evolution of Martech each year, within Ecommerce strategy there are many new opportunities to refresh your Ecommerce strategy. Here we’re going to focus on strategy for marketing within an Ecommerce business rather than overall business strategy covering marketing positioning, pricing and multichannel strategies.To grow Read More >>

How To Do Influencer Marketing

What’s the Difference Between Word-of-Mouth Marketing and Influencer Marketing?There are people who sometimes interchange word of mouth with some marketing strategies like influencer marketing or sometimes use them as if they are the same thing, well they have some differences that you should know about to get started with your influencer marketing journey. When we say influencer marketing, we are pertaining to the idea of engaging influential persons to maximize Read More >>

The Definitive Guide to Referral Incentives and Rewards

Businesses are molded differently, and that goes the same with the type of referral incentives and rewards that’ll work. If an incentive program works great in your friends business it doesn’t mean it will work well for you too. You have to personally plan your referral incentives and reward to make it fit your business and motivate the customers that you have. When creating your referral program incentives, there are Read More >>

40+ Successful word of mouth Examples To Learn From

Word of mouth advertising (WOMM) is a successful and cheap approach to acquire business. Getting a suggestion about your business from a colleague of friend can be the certainty supporter potential clients require. Word of mouth marketing has dependably been a critical device for organizations. It drives sales since purchasers need to make sure they are settling on the correct decision when they buy. Hearing other individuals say great things Read More >>

How To Get More Sales For Your Store Using YouTube

A video is very important to marketers today. It definitely should be in their radar. That’s also why the budget for making videos that could be used for marketing is increasing. And for the future, expert see mobile video ads to total as much as 72% of digital ad spend when we get to 2019. But that is just not it, there’s something better: it has been proven that when Read More >>

Ecommerce Image Optimization

Have you ever thought about why your product image doesn’t come up when you search Google for your product? Have you ever considered its effect on your new landing page? Maybe the image is too big and it might be causing loading speeds for your website visitor? How about the conversions, is your web conversion suffering because your images aren’t optimized? Unoptimized images could cause negative effects on your site Read More >>

Melt Cosmetics Marketing Strategy

If you are into makeup and you know your brands, there’s a big chance that you know about Melt Cosmetics. It was launched back in 2013 and was founded by two women. They have carved this as a niche in the flaky and competitive world of makeup. They boast of lipsticks that are ultra-matte in colors that are wacky. They have more than 2.2 Million followers on Instagram as of Read More >>