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The Future of SEO for Affiliate Marketers

You’re no psychic but you can see that the state of SEO is changing. Google has penalized websites that over-utilized SEO methods, and yours or those of your clients might be on those lists. The focus on massive backlink quantities and keywords is no longer the future of SEO. But what is? Keep Your BackLinks Natural Before Google caught on to the tactics that SEO “experts” were using, it was Read More >>

Google Analytlics Changes that Every Affiliate Marketer should know

Google Analytics is one of the leading free analytics programs in the world today. It has been adopted by millions of webmasters, and it is continuing to grow in popularity everyday. Over the last year, Google Anayltics has undergone a number of different changes that have impacted the way people use the service. Recent Changes In 2012, Google Analytics went through a few changes that altered the service. One of Read More >>

August 8 – Best Affiliate Marketing Resources

Below is a list of great resources you can use to help you get to your marketing goals. 1. Learn the best way to build links from WANT LINKS? REDUCE FRICTION AND DESTROY INERTIA! by AJ KOHN 2. Learn from Content Marketing Success Stories by James Perrin 3. The Ultimate Guide to Startup Marketing by Renée Warren 4. Are you a great marketer? Find out from 50 Skills Every Marketer Read More >>

White Hat SEO for Affiliate Marketers

What is White Hat SEO? In the world of search engine optimization there is an underlying battle of two forces, white hat and black hat SEO. Black hat SEO is a practice frowned upon by the internet community and google because it relies on shady tactics and ruleless methods to give a site almost immediate rankings. On the other hand, white hat SEO attempts to build links in a natural Read More >>

4 Awesome Methods for Affiliate Mangers to Increase Conversions

There is line of thought that bringing in a huge volume of traffic to your site is not always possible. The truth is, you can have tons of traffic and still fail miserably in marketing your business. The more accurate parameter that should be taken into account is the number of leads that you receive. For instance, a site with 100,000 monthly visitors and a thousand leads is still better Read More >>

Video Marketing: Get Your Message Across

Do you have a website? Maybe thus far in your online journey you have stuck to simply text and photos to promote your company. Have you ever considered taking it a step further and becoming more involved, allowing your customers that much closer to you? Video Marketing is a great option that is going to get your name out there like never before. Having that perfect mixture of text and Read More >>

4 Strategies Affiliate Managers Can Use to Get More Twitter Followers

Social media marketing is a great channel to promote your business in today’s modern world. With billions of people actively involved, not to say emotionally absorbed, social media can pave the way to your business’ online prominence. One of the more popular social media giants is Twitter. Many of the marketing experts today are making the most of the potential of Twitter to take the promotion of their businesses to Read More >>

DIY Tips to Improve Your Website Conversion Rates

If you have set up your own website, soon enough you will be checking your analytic reports to see how many visitors you are attracting to your website, what areas of the site your visitors are drawn to, and how long are they spending on your site. Analytics can be a great way to see how popular your website is, where your visitors are coming from, and whether they are Read More >>

How Keywords can Boost your Ranking

Keywords are an essential element in optimizing websites to gain search engine traffic. Once you know more about how search engines rank sites based on various factors, including keywords, you can use this information to lead more traffic in your direction. Research Keywords It’s good to research keywords so you are aware of what your potential customers are searching for. If you provide skydiving services, you would most definitely want Read More >>

How to Increase Your Conversion Rates and Sales

Have your sales slowed down? Having a hard time converting visitors to customers? Do you even have any sales? If you have answered yes to any of the questions, please continue reading to find out what changes you need to make to start getting sales and converting visitors to become customers. There are many variables that work together to ensure the success of your online business. Variables like your website’s Read More >>

Affiliate Managers Alert: Importance of Mobile Marketing

Do you have your mobile strategy in place? Is your site mobile-friendly? If not, you have some new priorities to add to your endless list of things you need to do to grow your business. If you do have a mobile strategy in place, congratulations and great for you, however, that does not mean you stop reading this article. Instead, read the article and if you have great feedback to Read More >>

How to Take Charge of Your Facebook Like Problem

$50,000 or more! That is the extra income you could be earning from marketing through your facebook network. As a small business owner or an affiliate manager, it is important to get people to like you in facebook because it can increase your bottom line and increase the number of affiliates to promote your business. Having another platform like facebook where you can market your products or services helps to Read More >>