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Batchbook is now integrated with Omnistar Affiliate Software

Customer relationship management is critical to the success of your business and managing all of your interactions with customers, partners, clients and prospective clients can often prove to be tedious and time consuming. Not with Batchbook! Batchbook Social CRM helps cultivate and develop your client relationships. It allows for stronger relationships to be built by helping you to understand more about your customers needs and behaviors. Batchbook Social CRM presents Read More >>

How Affiliate Users Can use Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase the popularity of a product. Inbound marketing does so without creating a lot of irritating noise. Even people who depend upon marketing to make a living are likely to get a bit annoyed with the sheer amount of advertisements in the world these days. Web pages are stuffed with advertisements, television can be downright annoying with the amount of Read More >>

Promoting An Affiliate Program with Social Media

Social media provides one of the most effective ways to promote an affiliate program. The social networking sites are the most popular destinations online right now. In fact, according to recent reports, US users spend a cumulative total of over 53 billion minutes on Facebook alone every month. This means that, if you want to reach someone about a product, you’re going to have to use social media for some Read More >>

Best Ways to Promote an Affiliate Program

Every marketing skill you have will help you market our affiliate program. Coming up with new ideas is sometimes not as important as making an established idea work by understanding how to implement it. Generally speaking, consumers are more amicable toward the idea of inbound marketing these days. Inbound marketing is not hard to understand and it opens up a world of techniques to you that can be gratifying and Read More >>

Affiliate Managers Improve Google Rankings with these Simple Tips

The Internet can be a very tricky place to operate a business, especially if you are not the only company out there offering your service. After all, most businesses have thousands of competitors, so getting your company noticed in the first or second page of Google results can feel almost impossible. Today, we will look at some simple tips to help you boost your business’s Google ranking. Build a Blog Read More >>

MailChimp Integration

Easily Integrate with MailChimp You can integrate MailChimp with our affiliate software so that whenever an affiliate signs up in the software they will get added to your MailChimp account. To integrate, you will need to get the API key and the Unique ID for the list you want to use and then you will add the API Key and Unique ID to the system settings section of the affiliate Read More >>

Why Affiliate Marketing Works (Part 1 of 3)

There are many reason why affiliate marketing works and I thought I would share some of these reasons in a three part blog post because we want all of our readers to understand the power of affiliate marketing and why it works for every business. It is my belief that if business owners knew how easy it was to set-up an affiliate program and all the benefits of having an Read More >>

Affiliate Marketing Videos Now on Itunes

COLUMBIA, Md.–Getting started videos for the Omnistar Affiliate software are now available on any iTunes-compatible device, Omnistar Interactive announced recently. Currently, four videos about getting started with Omnistar’s affiliate marketing software are available for podcast downloads in iTunes. This allows iPhone, iPod and iPad users to either stream the getting started video walkthroughs, or download them for later viewing. Subscribers to the Omnistar Affiliate podcast channel will automatically receive new Read More >>

Increase Profits with Affiliate Approval Emails

Many affiliate users that sign up for your affiliate program are not going to know how to get started and they may not have the best understanding of your products and services. In many cases it will be your customers that will become your best affiliate users, however sometimes, you will have web site owners that do not know anything about your products and services sign up for your affiliate Read More >>

Finding the Right Ecommerce Software for Your Online Business

Running an online business can be stressful, as there are so many day-to-day tasks that a merchant needs to do and oversee to ensure that they can be successful. This is one of the reasons why so many merchants utilize affiliate marketing as part of their strategy, as it takes some of the burden off of them to continually market their business, and leverages publishers from all over the world Read More >>

Recruit Affiliate Users with a Recruiting Email

It is a good idea to create a general email that you can customize to help in your recruiting efforts. The recruiting email should not be long but it should let the user know why he would want to become your affiliate. Only those users and businesses whose customer bases will benefit from your products should be on your email list. You want to make sure that the recipients of Read More >>

Omnistar Affiliate Version 6.1 Released

COLUMBIA, Md. — Version 6.1 of the Omnistar Affiliate Software is now available for download and purchase, Omnistar Interactive CEO Arlen Robinson announced recently. The current version of the software has been redesigned to reflect current web design standards and practices as well as to streamline the getting started process for new users. The first thing existing users will notice about Omnistar Affiliate is the layout change on the home Read More >>