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Recruit Affiliate Users with a Recruiting Email

It is a good idea to create a general email that you can customize to help in your recruiting efforts. The recruiting email should not be long but it should let the user know why he would want to become your affiliate. Only those users and businesses whose customer bases will benefit from your products should be on your email list. You want to make sure that the recipients of Read More >>

Omnistar Affiliate Version 6.1 Released

COLUMBIA, Md. — Version 6.1 of the Omnistar Affiliate Software is now available for download and purchase, Omnistar Interactive CEO Arlen Robinson announced recently. The current version of the software has been redesigned to reflect current web design standards and practices as well as to streamline the getting started process for new users. The first thing existing users will notice about Omnistar Affiliate is the layout change on the home Read More >>

Top Ideas to Recruit Affiliate Users For Your Affiliate Software

Your affiliate website is a dormant tool without highly invested affiliate users. However, advertising for affiliate users should never be a one-shot deal. Because you have put a significant effort into developing your affiliate website and locating quality affiliate products, executing an aggressive approach to locating affiliate marketers is a must. Moreover, having a highly attractive win-win program in place for your affiliate users is half the battle. Yet, you Read More >>

Affiliate Links: Why They Matter

You’ve started an affiliate program and have begun to recruit affiliate users. Now you just need to provide them with a link to your website, right? WRONG. The link destination and link text is just as important as your affiliate marketing banners, ads, etc. According to the Nielsen Norman Group’s study of e-commerce usability, more than a quarter of all user failures occur as a result of not getting from Read More >>

Every Affiliate Program should have an affiliate program agreement

It is very important that when you buy our affiliate software that you create an affiliate program agreement for your affiliate users.  This document will clearly define the “do’s” and “don’ts” in terms of your affiliate marketing program.  The reason to have the agreement clearly stated is to avoid misunderstandings about your affiliate program and what your users can and cannot do. Although there are a large percentage of affiliate Read More >>

What Results Can I Expect After Launching My Affiliate Program?

I often hear the same questions from affiliate marketers: “How soon will I start seeing sales?” and “What Volume of sales can I expect from affiliate marketing?” In this blog post I will attempt to answer these questions. Let’s begin by looking at the question: “How soon will I start seeing sales?” This depends on how many hours a day you spend ramping up your affiliate program. Also, do you Read More >>

Omnistar Affiliate Software Version 5.9 Released

We are proud to announce the release of the latest version of our affiliate software, Omnistar Affiliate Version 5.9. With this new version you will be able to add an affiliate sign up form directly to your own site, so that affiliates can sign up without leaving your site.  This new feature will truly simplify how affiliates sign up thus increasing the amount of perspective affiliates that you will get.  Read More >>

The Top 4 SEO Strategies to Increase Sales

Come and learn about the top SEO ways to increase sales for your business. Our marketing director will be presenting a webinar on Wednesday, January 20th, 2010 and he will cover the best strategies that you can implement to increase sales. The webinar will be at 2pm – 3pm EST. Sign up at this link

Build Your World Wide Web Business With Affiliate Software

Affiliate software is the solution for your marketing needs. Now, you can help your business grow by installing this software on your website. It is as simple as installing an antivirus software.

Ways To Perk Up Affiliate Marketing And Using Affiliate Software

Online advertising and marketing have become a popular way of earning money. However, along with a sellable product, you also need an excellent strategy to lure customers.

3 Easy Ways To Book Profits With Affiliate Software

Affiliate software is an internet-based tool, used for affiliate marketing. This concept of marketing is a rage all over the world. Many merchants prefer to sell their products and services online, through affiliate marketing via the World Wide Web. It is a cost effective way of marketing products, since there are no pre-selling costs. The procedure is such that, merchants purchase a licensed copy of the affiliate marketing software. They Read More >>

Characteristics Of Successful Affiliate Program Software And The Marketing Program

If you are in the process of choosing affiliate program software for your advertising efforts, then this is the right place for you. Here, you can get to know the important things before you start to strategize on the various affiliate programs available. Capabilities Of An Affiliate Marketing Program Affiliate marketing program is not an ‘I have dug a gold mine’ scheme. You have to work hard to make the Read More >>