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Why use

Paperform is form allows you to make forms easier than ever. It’s forms that are beautifully designed, great to look at, and is YOURS. They make sure to focus to allow you to create a form that would be able to represent your brand through enabling you to customize in a modernized form builder. But if you are thinking that’s all they have to offer, you are all wrong. They make sure you can build your own theme, with colors, fonts, photos, videos, it’s more than just a form, it’s a powerful landing page for your surveys, events, leads, products, marketing needs,and lead capture.

What you can you do with and how to use it?

This app has a lot of advantages, while it’s like a freeform paper form compared to the average online form try filling up one form from paperform, and you would definitely realize it’s something different. It’s a form but it could look like a shopping cart, a landing page, or even a fill in the blanks story. Well, it’s definitely whatever you would need it to be. You could start from scratch or with a template, in Paperform that includes form fields, texts, and images to make sure you have an idea on how to make it more unique. You get to choose an image which you could add, you get to click to text to change it to your format, add you own details, it all feels like a document editor compared to a form editor. The text blocks has alignment and heading options, as well as add lists, links, plus image width and alignment adjustments could be changed to make it look like a medium blog post. You get to add new rows by simply pressing the return button on your keyboard.

When you are done with adding texts, all you have to do is hover on the left side of the form and options to make the row a question, add video or image would show. These rows are known as form fields that would allow you to add a question and help text that would prompt the answer that you want. From the right you could choose the type of question you would be needing. It could be a text response, a link, an email, a yes or no answer, a number, values such as a phone number, country, date, standard form options such as dropdowns, scales, file upload, multiple choices. Each one of it comes with different option which you would be able to uncover with the gear button you could find at the right side of the question. It’s a bit similar to the editor of Google forms, one line of questions as well as quick options to customize but here in paperform you get to add media, and text to make sure you have a more unique form.

One of the best features Paperform offer is the option to add products. On the lower part of the question type menu you have the option to add a product, a price, and a subscription field to your form. If you need more flexibility when creating your form, Paperform would give you the flexibility you need. You could definitely achieve a better, nicere, friendlier, and welcoming form that matches your brand with Paperform.

How to create a form?

Once you’re on and you sign up this is how your dashboard would look like. You could then click on “Create Form” from the upper right. 

You will then be asked to put your forms name, don’t worry this could be edited later. You also have the option to start from scratch or use a template.

When you choose start from scratch, you would have the option to start typing or choose an option.

You can choose “Add video”, “Add picture”, “Add break”, or “Add questions”.

On the header, you could click no “design”, “configure”, “after submission”, “share”, you could change the theme and also view it.

When you choose the use a template from the very start the options remain to be the same but you get to have a template guide to follow. We suggest you choose a template when you want to finish your unique form faster since everything still remains to be customizable.

How To Add Videos To Your Forms:

You can add videos from Vimeo, YouTube and Wistia to your forms. Start by choosing “Add Video”

Then paste URL link of the video from Vimeo, YouTube or Wistia.

Once you paste the link the video will appear and it will automatically save. To view what the form looks like you can click on the eye icon from the right.

How To Add Images To My Videos:

This form builder aims for you to make a form that can represent your brand, this means you can add amazing images to it. Start by choosing “Add picture” it will then prompt you to upload it.

This is how it will look like.

Now click on configure to add an image as a cover image, choose details from the drop down.

Put in the configuration details and upload the image on the cover image.

From themes on the right side, you can also use your own image as background.

Choose UI Elements.

Click on background and choose a file.

There you go! You have your own image as your form background.

Now to add multiple images click on a field and create a question. Make sure to choose multiple choice the type of question.

Turn on the image options and choose the images to upload.


What do you think about This platform seems very different and customizable compared to the others. We hope that you enjoyed this review, let us know in the comment section below! 

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    I was confused on how to use it until I saw your review, it’s not as difficult as I thought it was.

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    Great review, pretty simple guide.

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