Best Personal Trainer Software – Updated May 2023

If you are a personal trainer, then managing all your work manually is not that easy. You need to automate your work-flow so that you can use your time efficiently and without wasting much energy. There is various Personal Trainer software available that will help you to manage your business. In this article, we are going to discuss ten such personal trainer software that will help you manage your training business and make your life much more comfortable.  

1. OSI Affiliate Software

The number one software on our list is OSIAffiliate, which is all in one solution to all your business management needs. It comes with many powerful tools that will help you manage your personal training business with ease. But in addition to managing your business, there is another reason why OFIAffiliate tops among the Personal Trainer software; it offers various other features that will not only help you get more traffic to your website but will turn leads into sales and you will generate more profit. Ultimately your business will get a boom. OSIAffiliate also lets you arrange your referral program, which will get you more customers. 

2. PT Distinct

A cloud-based personal trainer software, PT Distinct, allows you to manage your clients and schedule with efficiency. It is designed in a specific way that it can be used by an individual trainer as well as a gym or fitness center. You can create your customized training plans and meal plans for your clients. Plus, you can also go through your client’s daily habits and other statistics. With this software, you can create your personalized training schedules for your clients. You can also create meals for your clients based on their height, sex, and age.  

3. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is another excellent personal trainer software available in the market. It is a powerful tool that gives you full control of your business activity. Now you can manage all of your work-flow on your fingertips. Want to manage appointments? Acuity Scheduling provides you the best tool to manage and schedule all your assignments. It also gives you customized options, making it more dynamic and fun to use. You can create different schedules for your various clients and get their feedback as well. The best part about this software is that it can be integrated into your existing website or business page.  

4. Trainerize

Another great personal trainer software is Trainerize that enables you to create, manage, and see different statistics of your clients. A great feature of this software is that you can track the meals of your clients and edit them and schedule them on the go. You can also receive your client’s workout progress in the notifications. To get more interactive with your clients, Trainerize enables you to give them different badges and trophies to keep them motivated. You can also schedule your appointments and check out your daily agenda and plans.  

5. Nudge Coach

Nudge Coach is an online coaching platform developed explicitly for gym trainers so that they can interact with clients in the most effective way possible. You can manage all your schedules quite easily. Plus, personalizing the workout session for your clients is as easy as it can get. You can even create your fitness regime and forward it to your clients, and keep track of your client’s performance; how well they did in work out, each and everything can be tracked. Nudge Coach is cloud-based, so if you fear to lose your clients’ data, then worry no more. After each workout, you can give scores to your clients depending upon how well they did, and in this way, you can keep them motivated, so they keep on striving for better.  

6. PTminder

PTminder is a stable business management software developed especially for personal trainers. With PTminder, you can manage your everyday routine and create a timetable that will help you sort your work. In addition to this, you can also manage all your dealing with your clients in a very proactive way. You can create a custom workout plan for every individual client, and also keep track of your clients’ performance. Nutrition planning and workout planning is a piece of cake with the user-friendly interface of PTminder. No matter if you are an individual trainer or you want to manage your fitness center, PTminder is made for both.  

7. Halo Fitness Cloud

Once again, it is cloud-based web software that incorporates all the necessary tools you need to manage your personal training schedule. You can keep track of your customers progress, assign them different exercises, and keep track of their intake and the calories they burn. You can also manage your appointment schedules. This software is suited for both individual trainers as well as gym or fitness trainers.    

8. Omnify

Omnify is a business management software that will enable you to manage your fitness business as well. Omnify offers various tools to manage your schedule, book appointments, automate your work-flow, and make a strong presence online. This is a complete business management software, so if you are a yoga trainer, a football coach, or anything, Omnify will help you manage your work and get your customers the best version of your business. You can also promote your business by using this software as it allows you to send emails for reviews. Plus, Omnify can be used as a POS system as well.  

9. TrueCoach

TrueCoach is a complete management software for personal trainers as it gives them the functionality of creating and editing personalized workout sessions and helps them interact with their fitness clients. This software allows you to keep track of your client’s progress, and you can make their workout schedules, meal plans, and nutrition tracks. You can also keep your clients motivated by giving them different badges and trophies on their achievement. For training tutorials, the software provides you with an extensive video exercise library where you can upload various workout tutorials. The software also comes with its payment processing, which is a plus point.  

10. is a one-stop software that enables you to manage your business schedules, customize workout and meal plans for your clients, deliver workout videos, and perform a thorough assessment of your client’s progress. The interface is quite user friendly, so it won’t take much time to learn. If you want to manage your business without any hassle, then this software will do its best so that you can enjoy your work. It is an all in one solution to all your business needs.

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