Product Descriptions – The Ultimate Guide

Your product description is so crucial that it can make or mar your online business. Words are powerful, and when used well in an online store, it can spill fantastic results that will blow you away. However, the art of crafting out that perfect and high converting product description is not magic. It is a concept you can quickly master with determination and creativity.

So, how do you craft out a product description that pulls in a lot of sales to your online business? Well, that is probably the reason why you are on this page – to know how to make double sales using nothing but WORDS. As previously stated, it isn’t magic. But with real-life examples and tested models, you will become a guru.

In this ultimate guide, you will learn in detail;

  • How to utilize Search Engine Optimization to achieve the high sales you have always desired.
  • You will also test various formats or versions of the product description and stick to one that pulls the most results.
  • Then finally, learn the art of writing like a master copywriter even when you aren’t one.

Before you proceed, what is a product description?

What Is A Product Description?

In a simpler term, a product description is merely details about a product, like the features, common uses, and benefits. Often, it spans further to disclose the cons or flaws of the product, making it appear genuine to potential customers.

However, product description is your edge when it comes to selling. So, it should be simple, easy to read, and scan. A product description that has no paragraph, space between the lines, coupled with tons of grammar errors can be a huge turn-off. When your description is easy to read and understand, it boosts the confidence of your customers to take action.

In this industry, your greatest weapon is WORDS. Your aim, however, is to master these words and learn how they impact sales. The wrong word can spell doom to your product.

Here Are 8 Tips to Writing Product Description That Converts

  • Know your buyer

If you must write a compelling product description that leads to sales, you need to know everything about your target market – your customer. The more information you have about your potential buyer, the more likely you will be able to create a product description that speaks directly to them. Here are a few points to take note of;

  1. The real problem of your potential buyer
  2. What satisfies them, and makes them happy with a product
  3. Their greatest fears and desires
  4. How they describe their issues and concerns

These and many more information are what guides you in creating that terrific description. He who wears the shoe knows where it pinches. You have to know your buyer in other to sale. There are numerous ways you can use to pull out the needed information. One of the methods include;

  • Surveys

If you don’t already have a post-purchase email set up for your online store, you might need to do that and include a link for a short survey. Through this means, your customers give you a detailed peek about what they want. If perhaps you have a post-purchase email already integrated, tweaking it a little won’t hurt.

  • Forums

If you want to know more about your potential market, forums are great places to look. It is pretty simple and straightforward. For example, you deal with bed lamps. You can know a lot about your potential customers by running a few searches on Google. An example will be “Bed lamp forums.” It will pull out forum discussions about bed lamps. You will find a lot about what customers want and don’t want.

  • Product’s purpose

What is the use of your product? What problem are you trying to solve? If you can answer these questions, it will help you focus on the core features and purpose of the product while writing your description.

2. SEO optimization

Running an online store without taking a particular interest in SEO is very risky. Apart from traffic from social media and other platforms, organic traffic ensures that you don’t have to always hustle for traffic. You sleep like a baby while Google, Bing, etc. shower you with lots of traffic juice. But to achieve that, you need to be ready to put in the work.

The first step is coming up with a primary keyword for your product page. Look at search engines as a machine that works with keywords. The results they pull out are based on the keywords you input. So, ensure your primary keywords are well optimized on your product page and used consistently.

Here is an example.

If a potential customer wants to shop online, he or she is likely to research on search engines like Google. During that research, some keywords of what is needed will be punched on Google. It could be, “Best bed lamps,” “White bed lamps,” etc.

If your business deals on those, and you have effectively implemented SEO, you are most likely to appear on the first page of Google results.

The more specific your keywords are; the better chance you will have to rank higher on Google search engine. Although specific terms, which could be termed long-tailed keywords, bring less traffic. But one of the advantages is that they are targeted, and users are more likely to purchase.

To take a peek at the amount of traffic a keyword can pull, you can use Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush. They give you an idea of the monthly and daily traffic of a particular keyword. It will help you to plan well.

3. Make your description simple

No matter how expensive or cheap the product is, you have to write a simple description that an average person can read and understand. No one has the time to pull up a dictionary to know the features of a product.

Take note that people hardly read these days. They mostly scan and jump over to the next page. So, you will have to convince them that it is worth reading by making it simple and tone friendly. An expert when it comes to copywriting, in the name of Joe Sugarman once said;

“the purpose of the first line is to convince the reader to read the second line. The purpose of the second line is to convince them to read the third line until they have swallowed the whole text without knowing.”

So, how do you convince them to read what they don’t want to? How do you craft out that perfect product description that hooks them from the first line? Here are some key notes to consider.

  1. Use lots of paragraphs
  2. Use plenty of white space
  3. Keep sentences short and simple
  4. Use simple words, and stop showing how many big words you know
  5. Avoid using jargons or complex words

If you have understood who your customers are, you will be conversant with how they communicate, the words they use often, and what appeals most to them. If you already know that, drafting a great product description becomes easy.

4. Be detailed

When writing your product description, leave no stone unturned. Your potential customers need to know virtually everything that needs to be known about the product. Most mistakes owners of eCommerce stores make is overlooking the cons and flaws.

If you want to come out as honest and genuine, you need to enlighten them about the faults, flaws, or cons. Apart from that, other relevant details that they will appreciate is;

  1. Sizing information
  2. Dimensions
  3. Weight
  4. Color
  5. Quality
  6. Materials
  7. Quantity

The more information you provide about your product, the more satisfied your potential customers will be. It will convince them to take bold action. You don’t need to worry about your product description getting wordy or lengthy. As long as you use lots of paragraphs, bullet points, and white space, they will be able to digest it all. A longer description has been found to perform very well in terms of SEO.

5. Write unique description

One thing that will doom your online business is when your product description is found not to be unique. Not only would your potential customers run away, but search engines will also penalize you for such offense. If you are sourcing your description from freelance copywriters, ensure they are plagiarism-free by using some online tools like Copyscape.

When your description is unique and creative, it leads to higher customer trust. Furthermore, search engines tend to show you more traffic for your uniqueness.

If you want to soar high in your online business, strive to shy away from getting penalized by the search engines. The moment that happens, you begin to walk into an ugly rut. To stay in the safe zone, be unique, and never plagiarize any content on the web.

6. Use power words

Some words can trigger customers to buy, which is due to the level of emotion it elicits. Luckily, you can use this technique and make wonders in your online business. However, you need to be careful about how you use these power words. Use them well, and they will convert. But when used in the wrong way, they will backfire.

Some of these power words, which can help convince customers to take action are;

Amazing, bravery, miracle, pluck, courage, blissful, delight, mind-blowing, spectacular, sensational, jaw-dropping, stunning, magic, breathtaking, beautiful, wondrous, etc.

If you use most of these power words, it will resonate so well with your potential customer that they will have no choice but to buy. So, pack power words into your product description and watch the magic happen. While writing your product description, focus more on descriptive words that add more light or image to the product. Instead of using ‘high-quality’ or ‘good,’ preferably, use a catchier word like, ‘sensational,’ and ‘mind-blowing.’

The right words are what is needed to double sales and make more customers. But the wrong words can only spell doom in your business and sometimes, get you out of the marketplace. If you want to beat your competitors and make more customers and sales, learn to use the right and powerful words in your description.

7. Use awesome images

Images are everything, and everything is image. Irrespective of a great product description, not using the right image can cut down on the expected result. We are now in an era where people care more about visuals than text. You need to learn to give them images that are of high quality and also appeal to their emotions.

A study was conducted, and it was discovered that about 63 percent of customers care about product images than text. So, a crucial part of conversion is to use great photos. By using great pictures, you will be able to show the essential features of the product and also convince customers to make a purchase.

Rather than tell them about the features of your product, images show them the actual features. It serves as a significant driving force, leading them to purchase with confidence. If you take a look at some product pages, you will discover that images of the product are covered from different angles and backgrounds.

8. Use a friendly language and tone

When writing a product description, it has to sound conversation. You will know this if you discover you are using lots of ‘YOUs,’ in your copy. Read it aloud to yourself and check if it sounded like a real conversation.

If you sound robotic, that is a huge sign that you need to readjust and sound as friendly and conversational as possible. By flowing naturally and humanly, your potential customers will be able to connect to your brand without hassles.

If you want to double your sales and build an even bigger customer base, taking a particular interest in creating a product description that assures results becomes necessary. Once the wording is right, coupled with a great image, making double of your average revenue becomes feasible.

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  1. Comment From Brad Wesley

    I knew my product descriptions needed work when I didn’t get the amount of reception on my site that I deserved. This post helped me make better descriptions not only for increased traffic, but to lower the bounce rate.

  2. Comment From Stephanie Madison

    It’s always great to have a plan to promote your products. This post taught me the value of knowing your buyer and finding out what they want.

  3. Comment From Bob Thomas

    There are different tactics to help you get more traffic to your products. This blog has helped me realize that forums provide a good source of finding the trends in the market.

  4. Comment From Jason Wagner

    While I was getting some good leads with the product descriptions I had, consistency lacked. After applying the SEO tactic I learned here, my targeted traffic and conversions grew.

  5. Comment From Martha Baines

    I found that overdoing my descriptions made it harder for me to measure my analytics. The more I kept things to the point, the easier it was for my audience to understand the message.

  6. Comment From Chad Locke

    Dry material often causes people to overlook your site and go straight to your competition. I agree with the sentiment that unique description keeps people on your site, and helps you avoid getting penalized on the search engines.

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