20 Ways To Promote Magento

1. Create A Referral Program

Affiliate marketing remains one of the most proven techniques in terms of promoting your Magento eCommerce store. For the best result, you will need to incorporate a reliable referral software that gets the job done. The most notable is Osiaffiliate.com, and their referral software is a major trigger to the success of many online businesses. If you’re looking for a company that will help promote your Magento store without hurdles, Osiaffiliate.com remains the best in that arena. Their customer service, response rate, and technique are top-notch. With them, you have no reason to worry.

2. Find Lucrative Keywords

To find lucrative keywords, you need to be exceptional when it comes to conducting in-depth keyword research. The trick is pretty simple, to find long-tail keywords that have low SEO difficulty. One of the main tools used to find out these untapped lucrative keywords is KWFinder and Google Keyword Planner. There is still other software that does amazingly well in that regard. For most of them, you will have to pay. By knowing the keywords you have the potential to rank for, you will be able to craft out amazing content that would rank high on search engine results.

3. Find Powerful Backlinks

If you want to hit success in the eCommerce industry, then you need to get as many quality backlinks as possible. There is an emphasis on quality; that is what makes a difference when it comes to SEO. If you end up getting links from a website that doesn’t relate to your industry, or perhaps ones with a low domain and page authority, it is almost useless. In most cases, they might end up harming your site performance on the search engine result. Strive to get as many high-quality backlinks as possible, and you won’t regret it in the long run.

4. Have An Instagram Store

Instagram has over a billion visits every day. That is enormous! That means your potential customers are lurking around the platform like aimless sheep. You can promote your business by using an Instagram store and getting your business in front of potential customers. The opportunities Instagram offers to businesses are tremendous, giving you a higher chance to succeed in whatever you do on the platform. With a few bucks, you can also run targeted ads and promote your Magento store to thousands of potential buyers.

5. Build An Email List

The first thing to start doing after a successful launch of your store is to start building an email list ASAP. Most of the time, some visitors on your sites might never return. But if you’re able to capture their emails on their first visit, they certainly would return when they get promotional emails and newsletters from your store. Emails are essential to your Magento site, as it allows you to communicate with your customers about new offers and development flawlessly. There is numerous email software that you can use to achieve this. Most of them are premium, while others are free to use in your store.

6. Offer Incredible Discounts

Another technique you can use to promote your Magento store is through the slashing of prices. Visitors are more likely to make an order when they discover that the prices are lower than the normal price. Almost everybody loves discounts, which is why this technique is effective in promoting your business. Slashing prices by 20% or more can lead to double sales and compel your customers to spread the word. Do this well, and it will stun you how this model works without difficulties.

7. Cross-Promote With Other Brands

This technique is prevalent on Instagram. If you have a huge follower base, you can partner with another brand for promotion exchange. This model of promotion is called SFS or Shout-for-shout. It is an incredible way of increasing your followers and exposing your brand to a new audience. For this to work, both brands must be able to benefit. Without having a substantial follower base on your social handle, you will find it hard to find a brand that will comply with your proposal.

8. Write A Book

If You don’t know what to write about, then write about your experience in the eCommerce industry. Perhaps you can write about your top-selling products or the challenges you faced in the industry and their possible solutions. Writing a book establishes you as an authority, thereby giving your Magento store the needed attention it deserves. Not only are you promoting your store, but you’re also immortalizing your brand and your name. In today’s world, your book doesn’t have to be in a hard copy to sell. They can be an eBook that you offer for free to visitors who subscribe to your newsletters. But if the information is worth some bucks, you can publish on Amazon Kindle and make more money.

9. Get Featured By Bloggers

Most bloggers are looking to give their audience something new, and you can leverage that into driving traffic. Visit any blog in your niche and contact the administrator or blogger through the contact page. If you have an impressive story that would cause some buzz, or add value to readers, they won’t turn you down. By getting featured by bloggers, you will be able to earn both backlinks and boost your presence on the internet. Getting featured by bloggers can happen in the form of an interview, which is the common route they often take when featuring a business or personality.

10. Create Great Infographics

Many of your customers are getting visually-oriented every passing day. The fact is, infographics are getting more popular than ever before. It is also one of the best techniques when it comes to promoting your Magento store. The reason why infographics are best is that they often get the most shares online. all you have to do is create useful content., or perhaps hire someone to handle it for you. If you want to go viral, an infographic is a path to take.

11. PPC Marketing

Although this isn’t free, it is an effective technique that would skyrocket your Magento store without you sweating for it. You do this by staying on top of Google search results. PPC or pay-per-click marketing is a way of paying Google a fixed cost for a keyword you’re targeting.  Apart from Google, there are numerous other PPC marketing companies that you can use to promote your business. But since Google is a giant in the arena, it has become the first choice for millions of businesses. To get started, register for Google AdWords.

12. Always Seek For Support

If you don’t ask, you might never know what you’re missing. Once in a while, ask your loyal customers to support by referral their friends and family. Also, make your social handles very visible on your store for them to follow you. If you have been doing pretty well in your business endeavors, they are most likely to follow you. Sometimes, they will even share your pages for others to follow. But before you can start asking for such favors, you must first be a reputable and reliable business in all spheres. That way, they support without hesitation.

13. Utilize Facebook Groups

There are hundreds, if not thousands of Facebook groups on your niche. You can use these platforms to promote your Magento store and double sales. However, it is paramount you don’t spam the group to avoid getting kicked by the admin or Facebook. Since the majority of your customers are hanging out in that platform, posts or comments from you is an avenue to promote your store and amass new customers to convert. Firstly, you will need to establish yourself as reliable to get trusted. Share valuable information that would add to their knowledge without appearing in sales.

14. Promote Offline

All your promotional strategies mustn’t always be online. There are numerous offline promotional techniques that you can leverage on and promote your store. You can make posters, complimentary cards, or even place adverts in newspapers and magazines. These strategies work like magic, and it will surprise you the amount of exposure it offers. If you’re yet to start running offline promotions about your Magento store, then you’re missing out on some potential customers. Not only is this technique cost-effective, but it also has more potential to give your business the needed exposure.

15. Monitor Your Competitors

To effectively promote your business, you must learn to scout your competitors and know what they are doing. Numerous tools can help you understand what your competitors are doing, thereby giving you an edge to overtake them. Tools like SEMrush can expose the number of backlinks, and their most popular keywords. Information about your competitors would help you formulate a better promotional strategy that would turn your online store around. The aim is to discover their weaknesses and flaws, then leverage it to make your Magento store better. That is the trick to beating your competitors and promoting your business online.

16. Long-Tail Keywords

SEO is the backbone of every eCommerce store, which is why you need to pay special attention to it. After learning how to do keyword research, the next line of action is to use long-tail keywords that have low competition. In other words, keywords that have little SEO difficulty. That way, you have more chances of ranking. Not only do you need to use long-tail keywords, but also ensure that you optimize your pages for those keywords for the best result. Also, make sure that the title and meta description carries the keywords. Do this well, and you will be ranking pretty high on any search engine.

17. Get Featured On Youtube Videos

YouTube is another excellent platform that you can use to promote your Magento store and double sales. There are lots of influencers on YouTube, and they are ready to review your products for a small token. If you have a sample, you can offer them one for free for a review in return. You will be able to get a link to your store through the description section. Also, promote your brand to a new audience that has the potential of becoming customers.

18. Have A Blog Section

You have probably heard this numerous times, that a website with a blog section tends to perform higher in terms of SEO. Due to the frequent blog posts, it sends a strong signal to Google that your store is always fresh with contents and as thus, must rank it compared to sites that rarely update. A blog section would not only get you more traffic; it establishes you as an authority in your industry. Through your blog section, educating your visitors about a specific subject becomes possible and easy.

19. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is like killing two birds with one stone. It is because you will be getting both a backlink and traffic. Not just that, you will be exposing your business to a new audience who might be interested in what you offer. Although many are of the notion that guest blogging is dying, it is still useful if you guest blog for a high-quality website with a strong domain, you will immediately feel the impact in terms of traffic and your domain strength.

20. Never Give Up

Whatever strategies that you’re using to promote your Magento store, never stop doing them. By being consistent and not giving up, you will be able to make tremendous progress that would blow you away. Discover the technique that works best for your website, and work more on them. That way, amassing tons of customers to your eCommerce store becomes easy peasy.

In conclusion, you should never stop doing whatever you’re doing, especially if the results are impressive. The difference between a successful business and a failed business lies in its approach. Some eCommerce tycoons will always give up in the face of a defect, while some will keep pushing forward even when it is hard.

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