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Push notification software is a marketing software that supports the development of mobile applications that contain push notifications. It also allows sending push notifications to app users with the aim of creating more engagement and probability of revisiting a site or an application. A push notification will deliver information from the app to the mobile device without a demand from the user. It is a great tool for anyone with a mobile app as it will help you stay in contact with your users. Did you know that there are best affiliate marketing courses to show you a lot more about what you can benefit? There’s a lot more to learn but lets start with knowing the Best Push Notification Software


This is a market leader in powering mobile push, customer engagement, email, in-app messages and web push for over five hundred thousand businesses across the world. You can be the first notification customers see when they pick their phones (this is a mobile push), and even after they leave your site (this is a web push). Your customers get messages that brings delight to them, with cool pop-ups, and design banners that onesignal provides, to save you the stress of doing it on your own. You can easily customize onesignal free email templates to match your brand which will also look good on any device. Features like easy scalability, real-time reporting, automated messaging, A/B Testing, intelligent delivery, and superior segmentation is also available here on this platform.

With pushcrew you can easily reengage your visitors to bring them back to your website anywhere from your browser. It is one of the best browser push notification software for mobile and web. You can build customer lifecycle marketing campaigns to target them at various phase of their journey here on this platform. Pushcrew also compose contextual messages for your subscribers to increase their engagement, and also add custom attributes to build rich profiles of your subscribers based on geo-location, website behavior, and other key factors. This software works perfectly on android, safari, chrome, opera, firefox, and other popularly used browsers.

Zo Web push notifications helps you boost your mobile and web engagement to achieve greater conversions. Features like personalization, real-time tracking, segmentation and so much more are provided on Zo Web all to brighten up customer engagement. You do not need to wait for web and mobile visitors to visit your site or read your mails, you can reach out to visitors on their browsers in real-time to boost engagement levels with Zo Web. This software supports PWAs and works fine on Android and iOS making it much easier to reach your target audience. Over ten thousand people from around the world trust Zo Web Push, this platform is simply web push made easy.

Amazon simple notification service (SNS) makes use of cross availability zone message storage to give maximum message durability. All messages sent to Amazon SNS are kept redundantly across various geographically separated data centers and servers, and available whenever your applications need them. They also leverage on AWS cloud to extensively scale with your application. Any heavy lifting related to provisioning, patching, capacity planning and monitoring is thoroughly taken care of by Amazon SNS. As an Amazon SNS topic owner, you can keep any sensitive data safe by using topic policies that restrict who can subscribe and publish to a certain topic. Message filtering and fan-out to large number of subscribers, queues, distributed systems, and server-less functions are features you can find on Amazon SNS.

You can send personalized and targeted push notifications to drive traffic, sales and engagement for your ecommerce businesses with iZooto. They help you retain your loyal buyers with targeted push notifications, building a direct relationship with every user through personalized push notifications is how they do this. iZooto also automatically triggers push notifications for recovering abandoned carts so they get reactivated. Converting window shoppers, building customer loyalty, and winning back dormant users is the summary of what iZooto can do for your business. Trust them to speed up conversions, boost your revenue and drive lifetime value for you.

Large enterprises and even startups have succeeded massively with Pushwoosh software. With new digital strategies they will engage customers and raise conversion rates for you. They combine push notifications with other communication channels to increase your user engagement level. Poshwoosh build your brand for you with email, in-app messaging, mobile and web pushes. They also allow segmentation and integration across various platforms. Notifications with cool contents such as embedded videos, images, and CTAs are offered here. Poshwoosh offers this great service at a very reasonable price, with packages divided into startup, developer, marketing, and enterprise respectively, depending on your requirement.

Taplytics is an omnichannel customer engagement software for modern businesses and enterprises. You can create engaging marketing campaigns, build better products, and organize a personalized journey that intrigues your customers to turn first time customers into lifelong customers. They offer awesome in-app experiences for your customers which changes and adapts over time to meet up with their preferences. Taplytics also designs complex product launch sequence that brings together in-app feature releases and marketing campaigns. Since marketing messages are much more efficient when they are connected to in-product experiences, Taplytics then makes use of in-app behavior and customer preferences to compose push campaigns and personalized emails. This has been proven over time to automatically engage and convert users.

This is an AI driven marketing platform that tremendously engages users across all channels. Visualizing, creating and deploying omnichannel lifecycle campaigns to define your customers’ journey has been made easy here on this platform. Moengage makes use of a powerful machine learning engine to send and predict the perfect message at the perfect timing for maximum campaign performance. They offer world class solution for push notification delivery issues and also increase delivery rate up to a margin of 20%.

Pushbots gives you the opportunity to reach out to all your customers on mobile or desktop. You can send and manage push notification, polls, or in-app messages with Pushbots. They also help you understand customer behavior, create engagement and retention of customers also. They deal with messaging and engagement for you, so you can focus on other important aspect of your business. Pushbots is one of the top push notifications service providers today.

This is a 5-in-1 platform that offers various channels of communication with customers through web push notifications, SMS, email, viber, and Facebook messenger. You can create a responsive email without any knowledge of coding by using the ready-made template sendpulse offers. With the automation 360 on sendpulse, you can create trigger chains of messages, web push notifications and emails, depending on your customer variables, events or actions to deliver the right message at the right time. You can also create a subscription form, customize the fields, add an image, and so much more on the editor sendpulse provides.

Zendesk helps you to manage proactive customer communication across various channels to give you better customer experiences than any other contemporary platform in the push notification software industry. Zendesk leverages on trusted information to design the journey that is perfect for each user. It provides better communication across all channels and gives them little or no reason to ask for help, and more ways for you to render help.

This is a messaging software that has a variety of communication tools in order to reply to messages, interact and engage with customers. This platform also has push notification system that support marketers to reach out users even outside an app. Intercom comes with three types of packages; inbox, messages and articles. Messages is the package that includes push notification service and its price begins at $49 per month, any increase to this price is depending on the amount of users.

13. Swrve

Swrve has real-time marketing automation that produces higher customer engagement. Through effective campaigns it delivers relevant and personalized messages at the right time across web, mobile, email, and other mostly used digital channels today. Swrve are in collaboration with a number of relevant organizations across different industries to overcome frequently faced challenges in push notification service, and meet your specific requirements.

At every stage of the customer cycle you can deliver meaningful messages with Airship automatic push notification. They send messages that explains what a customer needs at the right time, to build lasting and loyal customer relationship. Airship uses real-time data to predict customer behavior. They also constantly increase campaign performance for you and offer new opportunities for growth. Airship have been tested and trusted by great brands, they do not fall short of expectations.

This platform helps you to automatically send and segment web push notifications. Pushengage will send series of automatic push notifications to entice your customers, as well as create drip campaigns in web push notification. They send notifications based on user action and other key demographics, and review campaigns and cart abandonment using push notifications. The knowledge that push notifications has greater click rates than emails is what Pushengage makes use of to increase your repeat users quickly. You can manage multiple websites in a single account here on this platform. Pushengage is supported on firefox, chrome, edge, safari, and android.  Are you new to ecommerce? Are you still starting? Well, you better read about how to increase online sales fast.

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