How to Setup and Manage a Recurring Affiliate Program

When it comes to building a brand, there are several ways to create an income. Of course, one of the best methods is to develop a recurring commission system. This is solid, because people will do things from a subscription point of view. It’ll enable them to pay for things on a monthly or yearly basis. As a business owner, you can set up a commission system that benefits your affiliates. Here is a step by step guide to get things in order with your program.

Step 1: Add Referral Program

First of all, go to the dashboard and select “Manage Referral Programs”. From there, you’ll go to the add button.

Once you get to the add button, it’ll come to this screen. For the referral program name, you can put “Recurring Program”. Also, think of what kind of description or text you want. Then choose how you want to pay your users. Money will probably be the most convenient way. Also, start putting in the numbers of what to place as far as how much your affiliates will get  in the percentage of the sales. This backend information is good in guiding things for the betterment of the business. From there, set up the recurring features.

Step 2: Set Up Recurring

Go to the advanced features section to get everything situated. Make it available to all users. You can set it up to where you keep track of all sales through the referral program by approving it. Also, set up recurring commission at this point. Make sure that it matches the email as well. Now, you’ll want to go back to manage referral programs and make sure that you get the URL landing page.

Step 3: URL Landing Page

Choose the right landing page you intend to send to your affiliates. You’ll want to get the store set up in a good manner to ensure that any supporter to get to your store. This will help attract more people to the page. Now head back to the set up software and get the code all together.

Step 4: Get Thank You Page

Click on the Get Thank You Page Code.section. From this point, you want to choose the right shopping cart to align things for your new recurring commission. Take a look at the options below.

Step 5: Select Your Shopping Cart

From the shopping cart, you’re going to scroll down to the recurring commissions section. Choose the option that says email match. There’s a specific manner in helping to set up your code in the right manner.

They’ll give you some good direction in order to get your commissions running well. Remember, that a lot of the information may be placeholders and you’ll have to change some of the variables yourself in order for it to fit your store.

Step 6: Input Thank You Code

As noted, you have to populate the fields for the amount, transactions, and customer_email with real data. The text in the code shown below are just placeholders. Here’s the basic code below:

<script async>   function hideIF() {           document.getElementById(‘IF’).style.visibility = ”;   }   function getSaleInfo() {       document.getElementById(‘st_code’).style.visibility = ‘hidden’;       document.getElementById(‘st_code’).innerHTML='<iframe src=”
CustomerEmailVariable” alt=”” id=IF width=50 height=50 border=”0″ frameborder=”0″ onload=”hideIF()”>’;  }
window.onload = getSaleInfo;</script><div id=”st_code”></div>

Once you get this basic information, go ahead to the dashboard on the left again. Scroll under your username and select the option  that says “Modify Profile.”

Step 7: Modify Profile

At this point, it’s about time to head to the page and to select the API code. This is key for getting the new system to work.

Step 8: Get the API Code

Go to the settings section in the dashboard and you’ll select generate API Key. Here are have an example of what part of the code looks like. Simply go the API User Token and pick up the key code right there. You’ll go back to the set up software section to get directions on what to do to help setup the code correctly.

Step 9: Generate API Key

As you can see on number 4 of this page, this is the general code. You’re going to chance a few things depending on your settings and your API code. When you get this element situated in the right manner, then you’ll be done with building a good recurring system.

Here’s the basic line:

Next, you’re going to make some slight alterations in order to fit the code perfectly for the specific campaign you’re running.

1.Change the section of “Your APIKeyHERE” to the API Key you copied earlier. In case you don’t need it right away, have it saved somewhere that’s easy to get to.

2. Enter customer email variable that you generated earlier from the “Get Thank You Code Page.”

3. Enter the amount for the amount variable total.

4. Input variable from the transaction ID.

5. Update software location where it says “

After that’s complete, copied the full line into your web hook section of the recurring billing system or membership system.

This is how you setup a recurring commission program for your store.

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