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Best Recurring-Billing Software Platforms

Well, I’m sure that it’s not every day that you see milkmen and newspaper boys going around your neighborhood anymore, but when it comes to subscription delivery services they are still as popular as they were before, or even more. And that fact isn’t made up or something just read somewhere because we are stating that from our experience. A lot of our referral software customers actually offer different type of subscription service. As time went by, more and more businesses online have been starting to embrace recurring services to help in the services or products they offer. Subscription commerce has been starting to become a popular trend  because of the consistent income, customer retention, and also customer loyalty.

But if you’re trying to be a one man business then it could get a little difficult for you. The day will come when you would need a little help from friends in the online recurring billing software industry, and to help you choose a friend we have listed 10 great online billing software programs:

1. Braintree

If what you need is an API coupled with a reasonable pricing and is easy to manage then you should try Braintree. Their platform has the ability to store credit card data from a merchant system on a secure server, and whenever there would be a need for a refund, you don’t have to worry about getting bogged down by having to put all of the information. If you are planning to go global, don’t worry because Braintree supports you. Their pricing is  a flat 2.9% + 30 cents for every transaction and there’s no commitment needed for service length.

With the integration of Braintree, you won’t have to worry about accessing the global market because you already have access to it and as much as 40 countries is already covered with more than 130 currencies supported too. You can also enjoy their benefits such as fraud protection and settlement. But there’s more to that, there’s no need to worry about cross-border fees or foreign exchange fees because there’s none! And they use a drop in UI which makes starting to accept payments very quick. This is a sleek UI, it’s also ready made for accepting cards, as well as PayPal when used in apps or sites.

When you use this platform, you also have the ability to tailor your checkout flows in a way that you want as long as you are still in compliance with the PCI SAQ A through Braintree’s payment APIs for use in websites and applications which provide an unrestricted and more secure system that still comply with the standard needed to be followed. They have a security feature, Hosted Fields, that let users maintain control over their web checkout while you create needed iframes to heighten security concerns that PCI requirements bring.

Lastly, users can bring their data in or out of the system anytime they would want to, but if you’re a user and you want to, you can keep your sensitive data in the Braintree vault because they are a secure platform that allows your business to stay compliant to PCI. This also makes it more hassle free to type in your clients information every time they want to buy something from you.

2. Chargebee

In businesses today, every customer would rather go for something user friendly, especially with payment systems. Chargebee is cloud based, it’s comprehensive, but at the same time it looks elegant and it’s trustworthy. The interface is intuitive, so your sales team would easily handle customer billing effectively. Chargebee is still a business emerging but has a clear sign for success. They allow you to automate recurring billing while still allowing you to be on top by allowing you to have a snapshot of your revenue and your user base.

Charge bee also comes with flexibility since it’s feature allows you to change pricing, give discounts, and even run promotions without needing the help of a developer. Yes, this SaaS plug and play software is delivered on the cloud. And for people with multiple businesses, there’s no need to worry because they have numerous gateway partners. Every data you give them is highly secured on a hosted data service. They even provide different security protections to prevent infrastructure issues like DDOS attacks.

3. Recurly

If you need an enterprise level platform that would handle your recurring billing management, then Recurly is for you. This platform was made for subscription based businesses, some well-known company that uses this is Hubspot, LinkedIn, and DISH Digital, given that they are trusted by big companies makes it more reassuring for your enterprise.

When you use this platform, you can process payments transversely with various channels used for paying. Their platform was also designed and built to make sure that they deliver support and security that is top class. Basically, if you want something high end for your subscription billing then Recurly is the one, but it’s definitely known to give you management solutions that would boast of premium functionality but still remains to have simplicity. As this software was designed, subscription commerce was the ideal users in mind.

4. Wave

WAVE is a solution that you could get for free. You won’t worry about undeclared charges or hidden fees. So, if you’re a startup, a small business, or maybe just someone who wants to test the waters, Wave is a good solution to check out. They have a clean and friendly dashboard, where you can access everything with a click of a mouse. They can create invoices that look professional, receipts, and estimates. You can even monitor your payments and invoices with them. When you use Wave, your users would also be able to pay through credit cards to make things more convenient.

They make expense and income tracking simplified. They offer a scanning tool for receipts, and even bank tools too. And to make sure everything is hassle free for you, they also prepare your business for tax season. Both you and your customers would save more time with Wave through their automatic billing and invoicing. 

5. Zuora

As much as 500 customers across different eCommerce industries uses and trusts Zuora. They have also helped start ups turn into huge enterprises. Their tool allows subscription businesses to gain more customers, increase the flow of cash, while minimizing the churn. Organization that uses Zuora can choose creative pricing packages to help their business earn more shares, while being able to monitor important things.

If your business is enterprise level then you might want to check out Zuora to give you comprehensive metrics, tax automation, and to allow you to support multiple currencies. What else is good with Zuora? They are integrated with NetSuite and Salesforce, in other words you can replace your outdated ERP systems! If you’re worried they aren’t good enough for your business then maybe letting you know that Pandora and Marketo are just few of their high profile customers. Still not convinced? If you want your subscription to be successul, you need a leading commerce, finance, and billing platform, and that is what Zuora exactly is. They are also growing right before your eyes, they are also available in a cloud solution that is maintaining the highest standard when it comes to compliance and security.

As much as 500 customers across different eCommerce industries uses and trusts Zuora. They have also helped start ups turn into huge enterprises. Their tool allows subscription businesses to gain more customers, increase the flow of cash, while minimizing the churn. Organization that uses Zuora can choose creative pricing packages to help their business earn more shares, while being able to monitor important things.

6. Zoho subscriptions

Zoho subscriptions is a cloud bases subscription billing solution that was made to handle different parts of your business that is subscription based. This simple app would be helping you to address the failures in payments and chase after payments that are overdue fro your clients that re using the “dunning” feature for management. They also provide different currency invoicing for those who have global stores, trials, online and even offline payment methods, and discounts between other useful features.

So, you might be wondering what makes Zoho different? They are integrated with a lot of apps and tools that could also be compatible to the other software of Zoho like the accounting one also known as Zoho Books. Everything that would relate to new subscriptions would be available in Zoho books instantly, that would be a very good time saver. You might be wondering why they’re integrated with a lot of tools and apps? Well aside form it’s always better to have a wide variety of choices, it could help you in streamlining your corporate operations. They also have a RESTful API feature, Webhooks, Powerful tools for reporting, payment methods that are integrated, and a few more amazing features. And when it comes to their pricing scheme they are very flexible. So, don’t worry if you still don’t have the budget because they have a free test package to make you check out Zoho and see if it would really be able to help your business.

7. Wild Apricot

Wild apricot is a bit more different than the others listed above. Wild Apricot is a membership software used by associations, clubs, and non profits. Wild Apricot can automate every administrative task that you would need to run an organization. Yes, it doesn’t just manages inline payments but event registrations, management of members, emails, and even your website too. Basically it’s an all in one management solution that is very easy to use and has been trusted by more that 16,363 associations, clubs, and non profits from everywhere.

8. ChargeOver

Are you in need of an affordable recurring billing program that’s loaded with features? Go ahead and check out ChargeOver. They can store payment data for you, finally you don’t have to worry about PCI compliance. All you have to do is connect it to your apps or site so it could capture new customer infos automatically.


PaySimple supports as much as 17,000 companies from all over the country. They enable businesses to market their services, accept payments from their customers, and also retain the customers through their end to end solution that could handle everything you need from payments, apointments, to sales online and management of customers.

They are all in one and they are known to provide rates that are lower than others for ACH payments processing and credit cards. They also have a best in class invoice that would allow you to spend less time in billing. Everything gets sped up by a click to pay email invoice, an automated billing for recurring customers, and enabling payments from different websites, computer, or even from a mobile phone.


Fusebill makes subscription billing management simple by automating workflows, manual accounting, and financial process. They give the companies the freedom to grow their business but still identifying their lost revenue. No matter how complex your billing needs are, may it be a simple one time deal, pre rotation, or a usage based pricing they have your back. They can also integrate your system into their very secure platform to make sure that you have the power to manage the way your products are prices, sold, marketed, or respond to changes that happens in the competitive field. Their pricing would depend on what you need them to help you with but they assure you that they could give your everything you would need at affair price that can deliver what you need in your ROI.


Every solution has their own specialty, pros, and cons. When it comes to deciding which would work for you it would depend on the needs of your business.

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  1. Comment From Natasha

    I agree every business have different needs, these platforms are pretty good places to start with though. I have tried all of these and can vouch that they are really helpful and has some features others don’t but I haven’t tried stripe. Any feedback for stripe?

  2. Comment From Anthony

    What would we do without these software? Imagine doing all those billing related things manually? Especially if your company has been growing, these type of platforms are really a necessity.

  3. Comment From Jordan

    Has anyone tried PaySimple? What do they mean they “enable businesses to market their services”? how true is this? Has anyone else tried?

  4. Comment From Jonathan

    Recurly has been my favorite ever since, but I see there are new ones here. I’ll try to check them out one of these days and maybe go back here to let you guys know how it works.

  5. Comment From Mark

    All of these listed on your list has different specialties/ features. This would definitely help newbies like myself shorten the list of tools to check out!

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