How To Reduce Website Bounce Rates With The Help Of Popups

Bounce rate is one of the worst things that may refer to a website, especially when the index is high.

What’s bounce rate? It is the percentage of visitors who land on your website and leave without checking additional pages on your website, without making any action. What can be worse for a website owner rather than knowing that the visitors are spending too little time on your site? This means they are not interested and you can’t even dream about their conversion.

And if you check your website statistics on any analytics tool like Google Analytics, you will see a percentage. If your average bounce rate is i.e. 75%, this means shows that 75% of the people who come to your website leave after viewing just the page they entered on, no matter which one it was. This can be real crucial for your website and you got to do something to resolve this.

The point is to assure that once visitors come to a page on your site, they are engaged to visiting more pages on your site.

Include only high quality content with unique texts and something to shout out from the crowd.

The design of your site is also very important for the bounce rates of your website. It should be well-organized, attractive and stylish to entice the visitor from the first sight.

So many factors may be affecting the bounce rate of a website, but there’s some list you can check for the actions that may be predicting bounce rates of your website.

Here’s a list offered by Google Analytics, showing visitor actions that may result in a bounce:

  • If the visitor clicks the back button

  • If the visitor closes the browser

  • If the visitor types a new URL in the browser

  • If the visitor clicks an external link on your site

  • If the visitor doesn’t click to another page for about 30 minutes

There are so many ways to reduce the bounce rate on a website, and one of the most effective ones is the usage of website popups. Yes, popups! These sometimes annoying tools can be a life saver for your website when it comes to decreasing the bounce rate on your site and improving the conversion.

So let’s check some handy ways of popup usage on a website to decrease the bounce rates and improve the conversion bringing your website back to life.

Analyzing With Feedbacks

Customers’ feedback is one of the most powerful component of any website building and developing. This component has the most huge effect on any website success. It can be both, cruisial or beneficial for the website, depends on how you control and use it.

It’s extra important to

The best way to find what your site visitors don’t like about your website is simply to ask them. 

Collect feedback about your service and your website asking your visitors to comment about their experience on your site. This is a proven way to improve website ratings in many reasons.

First, you build a connection with the visitor, showing your care with a fair feedback from them. They will definitely appreciate your efforts in using means to connect, considering their opinion.

Second, you collect the feedbacks and improve your website according to the notes your visitors have left for you. What could be clearer? You literally get to know what is there to be changed to gain more visitors to the site.

Here comes the Exit Intent popup technology.

What’s Exit Intent? It’s one of the most effective popup triggering events, improving the bounce rates of a website in the easiest way.

A popup with exit intent triggering event appears on the page just as soon as the visitor navigates the mouse cursor to close the tab, or clicks a link to leave the page. Tricky, isn’t it?!

Popups generally, are the most attractive elements on any website, as they appear from nowhere and accidently catch the viewer’s attention. What can be a better means of offering something to your users, being sure they will notice your offer?

This event catches the users’ attention in any way, and decreases the bounce rate eventually, even just for a couple of seconds. The rest of the story comes to you. If you include something engaging in your popup, like the review box for visitors’ feedback, you’ll not only gain more seconds on your site, but will also have a chance to convert the departing visitor into your customer. Let your visitors share their thoughts about your website and you won’t lose in any ways.

Accurate Contact Means

Every website owner knows that the construction of the website is one of the most important key points in the SEO of the site. The whole content of the website should be well-organized. The navigation on the site should be maximally simplified so it will be clear where all the stuff is situated. All the sections should be easy to find, meaning, you should clearly point out the navigation on your site.

Every section on your site should be optimized and categorized, if necessary. In short, you should tidy up your website to make it as clear and organized as possible.

As a professional (or striving) website owner you should know that the Contact section is one of the essential parts of the site. Websites without a contact section are considered not trustful and people often escape such sites. So the lack of the Contact section on your site may also result in the bounce rates of your website.

When it comes to contact means on the website, you should acknowledge that too many means and huge and complicated contact forms are not welcomed from the SEO point.

Don’t ever forget about clever minimalism. No need to place massive contact forms on the page, that will take so much space. CTA buttons are the ultimate helpers in this case!

This makes your website look more compact, without any huge forms, occupying too much space on the page. Add your contact form on a CTA button, and include more useful content on the page, instead of the form. This way, the form will be shown as a popup window, which will be closed after filling it in.

Simply create a “Contact us” or just “Contact” or “We’re happy to hear your thoughts”, etc. CTA button on your Contact section and add a simple and clear contact form popup that will open upon click of the button. This will perfectly optimize your page and the users will definitely like it a lot more rather than those huge forms occupying unnecessary space on the page.

Convert With Sales

Sales are one of the most powerful weapons to push more sales on any store, be that an online one or real life. This is a proven fact that the majority of the users are more likely to make purchases on the store when they are offered some discounts rather than without any discounts.

Enter any online store now and you’ll see a variety of different sales on the store to motivate you for more shopping. Such sales are often offered to the users visiting the store for the first time. The visitors are asked to add their email address in order to receive a discount code.

This practice is effective in any way. But you can double the effectiveness of sales offer if you show your offer in an accurate exit intent popup. The sales will be offered just the moment the user attempts to leave the page. About 75% of the customers come back to the site after seeing an offer inside an exit intent popup, trying to leave the site.

An attractive offer, like sales, can’t leave anyone indifferent and will most likely push them for more shopping on your website.

Researches have approved that exit intent technology is the most efficient means of popup triggering when it comes to bounce rates’ improvement. There’s no other more forceful means of hooking one’s attention rather than exit intent. Hardly anyone may not notice a popup window opening when they try to leave the site. 

So just keep this in mind and create a beautiful popup offering a coupon code to convince users to stay on your site and continue shopping. This way you will not only decrease the bounce rates on your site, but also increase your revenue promoting more sales.


Having this sum of super helpful information including the popup tricks on your website, you won’t have to worry about any bounce rates.

Make the promotion of your website a lot more productive and make the development process go faster.

Make researches to learn the weak and strong points of your website development. Collect feedback from your customers to get more certain statistics about the growth of your website and your online business.

With popup solutions like exit popup triggering or onclick popup options, you will not only decrease the bounce rates on your site but also increase the conversion boosting your sales.

The best thing about the implementation of these methods is that they are easy to achieve for anyone, if they have the right popup tool, of course.

This isn’t a hard task to find a good popup tool, as there are thousands of worthy ones available for any website. You can pick a popup service, or a plugin, whatever suits your website and needs the most. Pay attention to the pricing and the amount of features offered accordingly. Make sure it’s easy to use, customizable and flexible to have popups all fitting on your site.

Let’s start improving website rates today! 

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