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Introducing CartStack

Looking for an amazing alternative for Rejoiner? Let me introduce to you CartStack, this is a re marketing service for eCommerce and other reservation systems online for abandoned carts. The technology that CartStack do is stay behind your eCommerce solution and track the users who have abandoned their shopping carts, CartStack would then send those users an optimized email in order to remind them so that you could get back those sales that you were about to lose. Their integration is also easy and simple to use, in 15 mins you can get it up and running.

What is Rejoiner ?

If you need a web-based system to help you make your email marketing campaign better then Rejoiner is exactly that. It enables you to identify customer through the email campaign and make conversions happen faster by making a connection. It targets the buying attitude of your audiences. When you personalize your campaigns you are making it possible to recover revenue that has been lost. There are customers that abandon their carts, thus not going through the purchase and you will lose revenue. With Rejoiner, they will make your campaigns personalized and follow up with your customers. That would then help in turning customers who have abandoned their carts into customers. The more customers you have, the more your revenue increases.

How is different? What are their Values?

CartStack is not your typical software because unlike others, they really put their customer’s satisfaction first. Their values even include:

  • Make sure to treat people amazingly
    They put themselves in the shoe of others. They make sure they give their customers a WOW factor by making more than what their customers would expect. And even if it’s hard, they always do what’s right.
  • Less, better
    They offer less than others because they focus more on what they do best, and that is converting abandoned carts. And since that is their area of expertise they focus on that and make sure they are the best in the world.
  • Customer’s always first.
    Their team and technology is built to make sure that their customers would earn more. They are obsess on how their customers performance is on a daily basis. They believe that when their customers see that they provide awesome results, they would earn the trust of their customers.

What are the features of rejoiner?

  • It Has Lead scoring.
  • It offers A/B testing.
  • It also offers funnel tracking.
  • You can segment.
  • You can cap frequency.
  • You can pre-submit.
  • You have email analytics available.
  • You have customizable templates for emails.
  • They have campaigns for abandonment.

What is the Price of CartStack

CartStack’s price starts from as low as $39 per month to $349 per month

What is the price of rejoiner?

They have different plans available:

Recover: $1000 per month

  • You Have Funnel tracking
  • You Can Segment
  • You can cap the Frequency
  • You are enabled to pre-submit capture
  • There’s An Available Email analytics
  • They offer Customizable email templates
  • They have campaigns for cart abandonment
  • They have campaigns for wishlist abandonment
  • You can go ahead and browse abandonment campaigns
  • You are enabled to tracks 1 site

Retain : $2000 per month

  • There’s a feedback request campaigns
  • There are also VIP customers campaigns
  • You can win back campaigns that were lost
  • There are also welcome campaigns
  • Don’t worry because there are also replenishment campaigns
  • You also have Retention email triggers
  • Tracks only 1 site.
  • It also has all the other plan recover has.

Retain/ Recover plan: $500 per month

  • You can hold out testing when you are in a hurry
  • There is available lead scoring
  • You can also A/B test
  • Agency – by quote
  • It has all the other features of Recover, Retain, and Optimize.
  • You can track unlimited sites.
  • You can manage multiple sites
  • You can customize the user permissions.

More Features to Why CartStack Is Better

If you aren’t impressed with what CartStack has to offer, we have more for you. Here’s how it works.

They have a recovery which is automated

If you set up and forget it, there’s no problem. As I have mentioned earlier this tool runs on your sites background and it would bring back your customer automatically. With little to no effort they also promise to add revenue into your button line even if they put in effort.

Their email design is professional

On your trial period, you will receive an email campaign customized based on your sites branding. They also have an expert team that would create email templates

They also have A/B Testing

Even the marketers that are well known know that it’s important to test. Your campaigns would turn into a breeze with their split testing feature. You can even test your content with different users.

You can take action on reports

You can take the reposts to a whole lot of different level that would make you happy. On your dashboard, you will find reports that would be able to tell you whichever would need to be changed or made better.

You also have insights on your campaign

As mentioned earlier, they are obsessed into making your business better and serving you better. So their features are all real-time unless stated otherwise. Their features are always the type that would hold information that important and relevant to your campaign.

They offer a safe and fast tracking code

Your privacy and security is taken seriously by CartStack. Their javascript could load fast ,

Validate your emails in real time

You have the ability to validate your customers emails real time with one of their features. It will make email bounces you get decrease. If you are still confuse on what you can benefit from here, you could get less bounces, you will received more orders because you are actually sending emails to real emails and not some random one.  


CartStack is a very good alternative for Rejoiner, especially since you can customize its price and get features that are found in more expensive tools. Aside from that, Carstack has proven themselves to think more about their customers satisfaction more than anything else, so it’s totally a good tool to try.

4 Response to "Best Alternative For Rejoiner"

  1. Comment From Keana Andrews

    I read a lot of good reviews about CartStack. I’m on Rejoiner now and looking for something that’s as good or even better. Has anyone else tried Cartstack?

  2. Comment From Mark

    Wow! CartStack validate emails real time? I guess it’s worth a try then. Rejoiner could get a bit too pricey, especially for small businesses.

  3. Comment From Caryl Carter

    I’m not really a fan of Rejoiner but I’m using CartStack. CartStack has always provided all of my needs so I don’t think I would be switching anytime soon.

  4. Comment From Alexa Dion

    Is it true that you could customize your price on CartStack? That’s would be nice for small businesses who are not yet really established and doesn’t need much yet.

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