20 Best Review Management Software – Updated May 2023

A review management software helps you to monitor your customers’ satisfaction, their comments and get positive feedback and reviews for your business. The software can be easily added to your website and provide all the necessary functionality to gain insight into customer’s trends. In this article, we are going to tell you about the 20 best review management software. You can also take on the best affiliate marketing course to help you.

1. OSI Affiliate Software

Positive reviews are required to get your business more customers. And to get more reviews, the best software out in the market is OSI Affiliate. This product helps you to respond to all the reviews that are posted proactively, and it also encourages customers to leave a review after any interaction. Another reason why this particular software is at the top of our list is the fact that it offers many other features that will help you get more traffic and ultimately more customers to your website. You can also set up your own referral program and get more leads turned into customers. Plus, OSI Affiliate will also help you to do the online marketing of your website.

2. BirdEye

This review management software comes with a whole lot of great and useful features. If you want to increase the number of reviews on your website, then this software helps you to send review requests via various channels, which will help you to boost your reviews count. With BirdEye, you can now track and monitor reports from over 150 websites on one platform. Plus, you can easily track and respond to any review right after it has been posted. And as you know, good reviews are great tools for marketing purposes, and this is why BirdEye enables you to share and display your best reviews on your website pages.  

3. Review Trackers

Another excellent review management tool on our list is Review Trackers. With this product, you can now track reviews from a hundred different websites all at once. The moment any review is posted, you will be able to read it and dynamically respond to it on the same platform. Another great feature this product gives is that you can convert feedback from different reviews into data, which will help you understand the new trends and what the customers want from you. In this way, you will be able to discover critical customer insight, which will help you better your services.  

4. Podium

The podium is one of the best review management platforms out it the market, and it specializes in the review management of local businesses. To get more positive reviews, the software allows you to send text review requests to the customers right after any sale or any interaction. You will also find some review request templates which will help you to create a request more quickly and easily. Plus, it also helps you to track, monitor, and respond to reviews across various websites, all in one place. The best thing about this software is the fact that it is very responsive and easy to use.  

5. Yotpo

Another excellent review management software out in the market is Yotpo. This product allows you to interact with your customers in multiple ways to urge them to get reviews; you can send your customers to review encouragement email, or you can also feature on-site review widgets on your websites. Plus, with this software, you can now customize your review form and encourage the customers to pay focus on a particular aspect of your product. This product also helps you share your good reviews for marketing purposes.  

6. Broadly

In addition to review management software, Broadly can also be called a review generation platform, whose focus is to get right and positive online reviews from customers, thus improving your online reputation. This software will provide automation options to get reviews from customers. It will give you options of auto-generated emails and texts to get on-click feedback from customers. It will also help your website to get more traffic. How? Well, when your product or service will review on any third-party website, this software will allow you to add those reviews to your website and help you get more customers.  

7. Grade.US

Grade.Us is another dynamic review management software that helps you to get right and positive reviews from your customers. By using this product, you can arrange your campaigns to get proactive reviews from your customers; this enables you to deal with unhappy customers well before they end up leaving bad reviews. Plus, you can encourage your happy customers to leave good feedback. Like any other good review management software, Grade.US also enables you to send review requests to your customers. Plus, it can also migrate your reviews on a third-party website. With Grade.US, you can easily share your positive reviews on your website and social media platforms.  

8. Yext

Yext review management software is another perfect tool that will help you manage your reviews from different websites in a straightforward and disciplined manner. You can share your reviews, migrate reviews from a third-party website to your website, and can show reviews on your website using on-site review widgets. As most of the other products let you send review requests to the customers, Yext also provides automated options to encourage your customers to leave website feedback. You can track and monitor any review that is posted and a proactive response to it. To feature top reviews on your website, Yext provides on-site review widgets.  

9. Shopper Approved

With Shopper Approved, managing your reviews across various platforms has become very easy. Sharing reviews to your websites and social media platforms is not a problem, and getting reviews from a third-party website to your website is like a piece of cake. You can also request for reviews from customers via different automated options and then syndicate them to various websites and social media sites. Do you have an online store? Great, with Shopper Approved, you can now feature reviews right next to your products. Plus, whenever you are going to get a bad review, this product will give you a chance to fix things before the review is publicly posted.  

10. ReviewBox

If you have a website on which you sell products from Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. then this is a software made for you. It will help you to keep track of the reviews and respond to them proactively right after they are published. ReviewBox also converts feedbacks into data, thus giving you an insight about what customers feel and what they need from you.  

11. Trustpilot

As the name suggests, Trustpilot helps your business to build trust among your clients. With its on-click review encouragement automation, you can now get more reviews on your website. Sharing reviews on your website or any social platform is as easy as it can get. Another feature this product has is that you can share your average ratings as well, which will help your business to gain trust among customers, and your conversion rate will go up. The software notifies when a new review comes and helps you to respond to that review dynamically.  

12. Nearby Now

Nearby Now is a very efficient review management system developed especially for local businesses and service professionals. This product will help you to flock in customers to a particular review platform like Google, My Business, or Facebook. Nearby Now will also allow you to share reviews with different social media websites. Plus, it also sends the review request via emails and text messages to encourage your customers to leave positive feedback. This product also helps you to damage control in case any bad review is going to be published. The software will give you a chance to fix your shortcomings and provide better service to that customer.  

13. ReviewBuzz

Similar to other review management softwares, ReviewBuss also automates the review generation process. It helps local businesses as well as service professionals to automatically send a request for reviews after a service is provided to a customer. It also encourages companies to give rewards to their employees if they get customers to post reviews on popular social media platforms. The software will provide a dashboard that will keep track of your companies progress as in terms of services provided. Plus, it will send negative reviews straight to you so that you can solve the issues that the customer is facing and get a better review. 

14. Customer Lobby

The customer lobby is a review and repute management tool that helps an organization to get reviews on Facebook, Yelp, Google, and other websites. The whole process is automated, and reviews are collected by syncing to the company’s invoice system. The software also enables the user to have their own review page. It also lets you send review requests to customers in order to get a review from them. If you have any reviews on a third-party website, this software will enable you to feature those reviews on your site. 

15. Future Solutions

A very versatile and powerful tool, “Future Solutions,” provides you all the solutions you would require to manage reviews for your business. It has an outstanding program which helps you to get rid of negative reviews. So, if you want any bad reviews to be removed, then Future Solutions will provide you adequate solutions that will encourage your customer to leave positive feedback. Suitable for both small- and large-scale businesses, Future Solutions will give you the necessary tools to put up an energetic show online and get more customers to visit your website. 

16. LocalClarity

Local Clarity is among the top software when it comes to more functionality at less price. It comes will all the necessary tools that you would require to make your local or multi-location business grow. With this software, you can build a stronger relationship with your clients with the help of direct review responses. Even if you have got a lousy review, LocalClarity could help you rectify it. To get better at your services, you need to know what your customers think about your product or service. For this reason, LocalClarity has a feature where it presents feedback in the form of data so that you can have insight into your customers’ feedback trends. 

17. NiceJob

As top-rated businesses tend to make more profit, this is why NiceJob offer its services to get you good and positive feedback so that your business can grow beyond limits. It helps you get more reviews, and as a result, your website’s ranking in the searching engines climb up. In addition, to review management, it also helps you to manage social media marketing and help you achieve more leads. 

18. Thryv

Thryv is not only a review management system, but in fact, it is a complete management software that is developed particularly for small businesses. It is a comprehensive software that touches all the aspects of business required to grow it. As far as review management is concerned, just like any other software, Thryv comes with all the functionality, which will help get more positive reviews and help your business take off. It has the features of contact management, can generate automated review request texts and emails. All in all, it is a complete package, which will make sure that you get everything that your business needs to get more leads and sales. 

19. Elevatie

Elevatie is an online review management solution that is designed for small as well as large scale businesses. The integration is straightforward, and it provides a perfect and practical solution to interreact with your customers efficiently. With this software, you can manage your customers’ queries, comments, and you can dynamically respond to the reviews posted in real-time. Elevatie is not only about review management, but it also allows you to manage online marketing and do on-site SEO to your website.

20. Retently

An elite tool that enables its users to efficiently measure and improve their client’s satisfaction and loyalty via Net Promoter Score Surveys and review collection. The software has the ability to collect reviews, apply analytics, and present it in the form of data so that you can have insight into the customer’s trend and take measures accordingly. It helps you to respond to the customers’ reviews in real-time. It also encourages customers to leave positive feedback.

21. Mageplaza Review Reminder

Review Reminder by Mageplaza will be an excellent software for your Magento 2 store to boost conversion rates and rocket sales. The extension supports sending automatic notifications to customers who have bought products from your online store, reminding them to leave some comments on their orders. Thereby, you can get more reviews from your buyers without making any efforts. The more reviews you gain, the more reliable your store becomes in the customer’s eyes. The number of reviews on your products can be the important factor in the process of making purchase decisions of potential customers.

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