Roundup Best Ecommerce Marketing Articles For October 2019

It’s good to have some inspiration to help you move forward in any business that you’re pursuing. Here are some sources to give you tips and different trends to look for in the market. All of this data is useful, especially as we move into 2020. Take a look at some of these articles in this month’s roundup.

1.What’s the Best Ecommerce Platform for Your Business

Each platform offers different takes to help you in your business. Stubbings gives a good breakdown of what things you should be looking for to promote your brand. The main thing he talks about is converting visitors. Even if you have good traffic, it means nothing if they don’t take any action. It’s essential to monitor their activity to see how you can turn a visitor into a customer.

2. 5 Content Marketing Ideas for October 2019

Content marketing is still a part of building a great eCommerce site. Roggio states that it’s not about knowing how content works, but finding the right way to present it. He goes through some ways that you can be creative with your content. Some of the examples he chooses include a class, a pop culture reference, and a special holiday toward a specific demographic.

3. 12 New Ecommerce Books for Fall 2019

Ueland gives quality advice on the type of books you should read to further your knowledge in eCommerce. Some of the topics covered are website planning, finding leads, building passive income with Amazon, and gaining sales. These are helpful tools that can take your brand to another level. Additionally, you’ll be able to use some of the tactics to see what things work for your brand or ones to discard.

4. 6 Types of Content That Help SEO (and Shoppers)

It’s all about catering to the user’s experience. SEO is still valuable in these times. Blogs are still relevant to help find a different way of promoting a product. Also, you can humanize the brand, so that people don’t feel like you’re selling something all the time. How-to guides are great as well. You can also turn these into video content, which gives a visual and an audio element. That’ll give your brand a bit of edge. For a better content, use the best online form builder.

5. How to Write Amazon Product Titles That Drive Clicks

Not only is it essential to have excellent titles for your posts and videos, make sure they fit the products you’re promoting. As of 2019, Amazon calls for good titles to rank on their search engine. Also, the title gives valuable information. You want a good description in that limited space so people understand what they’re looking at right at the moment. Roggio makes a good point by saying it’s essential to be concise and clear with what you’re trying to release to your target audience.

6. Three E-Commerce Channels Every Retailer Should Consider

When it comes to diagnosing different problems in terms of giving customers what they need, there’s a simple criterion to meet. Grosman talked about awareness, consideration, and acquisition. It’s important to notice what channels give the best results for you personally. Whether it’s categorizing items or creating an inventory that caters to a search engine, you need to find out how you can be successful in your niche.

7. 11 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce Websites

Having some key strategies can help you make the most of your brand. Social media can be an essential tool if used in the right manner. Crowe discusses some great strategies to help you flourish on social networks. One of the things she talks about is going live. You’ll get a pleasant interaction with your customer base, and you can promote right on a live feed. Another tactic is growing your following. When it comes to Instagram, you get the added perk to post a direct link to your website in your stories.

8. 7 Upcoming Conferences E-Commerce Pros Won’t Want To Miss

While it’s nice to read a book or watch a webinar, going to a conference is more valuable. Not only do you become educated by going to different events hosted by experts, but you can also network. It’ll help you promote your business and scope the market to see what other brands do. Hall gives some details on some eCommerce conferences for this month and early 2020.

9. How to Choose Your First E-Commerce Product

Before building a huge brand, it’s crucial to create the prototype product that will help you establish your income. Tariq shows why it’s essential to have a detailed plan for your first product release. She mentions that it’s crucial to find your nice early. Also, you should address a need. Why is the product you creating needed on the market? Additionally, you want to see if it’s trendy or more evergreen.

10. Three Tips On How to Compete in a Crowded Social Media Space

It’s safe to say that there are a lot of people using social media to help their business. You don’t want to be another run-of-the-mill brand that goes into a social site with no strategy. You want your brand to stand out from the rest. Welsh gives some pointers on how you can compete even with the limited legroom. Knowing how to cater to your audience and spend the right dollars will help your business sustain for the long haul.

11. How To Add The Subscription Model To Your Business

It’s not only essential to getting visitors to your site, but you want them to subscribe. That helps to build a long-lasting relationship instead of a one-off. Borghese gives different methods to add a subscriber model to your business.

12. Top 5 ecommerce tips: Staying productive in the run up to Black Friday 2019

One of the most important things to know is navigating during the holiday season. When it comes to any commerce, the last quarter of the year can often make or break your brand. Langford gives excellent advice on how to maneuver during Black Friday. Some of his tips include: adding more personal service, giving gratification, and learning from the data.

13. Emerging eCommerce Trends for 2020

With 2019 coming to a close, it’s essential to start thinking about what you’ll do for 2020. Rojas helps to break down what trends will be popular for the new year. One of the things you should do is be on Amazon. It’s a necessity to not only check for going prices in the market, but it can help you increase your visibility. Fast and cheap shipping will also help you beat our competitors who do not offer this convenience. Make sure also to have a mobile presence because it’ll account for 70% of eCommerce sales.

14. Ecommerce SEO: The Definitive Guide [2019]

Dean shows why SEO is vital for your eCommerce site. Keyword research still provides you with what ranking specific phrases get on the search engine. Also, it tells you what’s currently trending in the market. The right on-page optimization can help decrease your site’s bounce rate. Also, it’ll help make it easier to find out where your products are located and even how to interact with you.

15. 5 Ways to Improve Ecommerce SEO and Increase Rankings

Ranking on the search engine is not only useful for getting that first-page placement, but it shows you’re an authority on whatever niche you intend to pursue. Fabregas goes through some strategies to help you get on the right path. Knowing how to research for keywords is essential. When you have that skill, you’ll be able to get better results out of your content marketing. Also, you can write more concise descriptions of any products you’re promoting.

16. 12 Advanced SEO Tips for E-commerce Websites in 2019 by

Bhattacharya gives a more advanced look into SEO for your eCommerce site. Some of these include the small details that often get neglected for more of a cosmetic appeal. One of the things mentioned is fixing any web crawl errors. Without proper crawling, you’ll miss out on a lot of organic traffic. It’ll eventually hurt your revenue stream. Also, there are tips on improving your site speed. When your site speed isn’t up to par, people will go to another site to get what they need. Your competitors will flourish off this new traffic.

17.  Ecommerce SEO (September 2019): 50 Fantastic and Unusual Link Building Techniques

Zorzini talks about why link building is still an essential aspect of SEO. Not only does she provide useful content, but she goes a bit left field to things you might not think about off the top of your brain. When you sponsor local events for the community, it’s a more attractive way of promoting your product. Also, creating a resource page and telling a story can get people interested in the more human side of your brand.

18. Ecommerce Marketing Trends to Expect in 2020 & Beyond

Even in the last few months of the year, it’s good to be prepared and find out what’s going to trend at the start of the next quarter. This blog from Ringing the Register Unchained shows why product personalization, subscription-based eCommerce, video content, big data, and micro-moment are all things to target for 2020.

19. The Time Is Now: Preparing for Holiday E-Commerce Season

Abadi recognizes the importance of setting yourself up for success when it comes to the holiday season. Brands can experience tremendous growth leading to 2020 by preparing for excess buyers. Some of the SEO tips to improve include: email marketing, paid media, and content marketing.

20. 3 Predictions for the 2019 Holiday Shopping Season

Roggio helps to give eCommerce marketers a leg up on this holiday season by predicting what may happen towards the end of the year. Collect and click will get the last-minute impulse buyers to take action and create more sales. More than half of eCommerce sales will come from a mobile device. Also, 45% of those sales will come from Amazon. There is a massive push for mobile eCommerce to dominate.

These are some articles that will help you increase traffic and revenue well into 2020. Are there any articles that we missed? Please drop a comment below!

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