Best Salon Marketing Software – Updated – May 2023

Do you run a salon and look for the perfect salon management software for your business? Then you have come to the right place. There are many management software management systems available, and choosing the right one for you can be tricky, which is why in this article we are going to list the ten best salon management software which will hopefully help you choose the best one for you.

1. OSI Affiliate Software

The number one salon management software on our list is It is a complete sale software product that can be used by any business. And if you run a salon, and are looking for a management system then OSIAffiliate is the top contender, and there are many reasons for it. But the main reason is the fact that in addition to being a management software, OSIAffiliate offers dozens of other features that will not only help you get more clients, but it also enables you to grow your business. With this software, you can run your referral program and can manage your reviews dynamically. All in all, OSIAffiliate is a complete package if you want to manage and grow your salon business.

2. Fresha

Fresha is a cloud-based salon and spa appointment booking software accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime. It helps clients book directly through your own website, Facebook, or Insta page, and auto send personalized appointment messages. Nonetheless, Fresha helps boost your sales and fill your calendar with intelligent tools to grow and retain clients. Creativity is not the only strength of this fantastic software. Via this software one can securely process client payments via pay by link, saved card, and Fresha card terminals for a seamless checkout experience.

3. is incredible general-purpose software that is not only great for your spa, but you can use it for other businesses like gyms, spas, shops, etc as well. It comes with great features, and it allows you to manage your time table, bookings, and appointments efficiently. This software is built for responsive purposes; you can use it on your smartphones, computers, and even as a web-based application. Since this software is management software, it comes with an excellent and responsive booking page that you can also add to your website and social media business pages. Plus, it will help you manage all your reviews and enable you to respond to those reviews proactively. 

4. Square Appointments

Square Appointments is a very dynamic appointment scheduler, and the best part about this software is the fact that it is free. Square Appointments is designed for both small- and large-scale businesses, so if at any time you want to expand, Square Appointment will shape in perfectly. Square Appointments is not only an appointment scheduler, but it is an all in one solution for your salon. By using Square Appointments, you can process your payments, can use their POS system and their team management features, thus making this software a complete solution for managing your Salon business. 

5. Salonist 

A complete business management software that can be used for a salon, Salonist is a responsive software that you can handle on PC, smartphone, or can be used as a web-based application. It is a very user-interactive software that provides dynamic business reports for your salon business. If you want to have a complete management solution for your salon, then Salonist is one of the best options out there. It enables you to create profiles for your customers, manage your inventory, manage your employees, and it can be used as a POS system as well. 

6. SimpleSpa 

Another excellent salon management system on our list is SimpleSpa, which offers a complete management system to its users. With SympleSpa, you can place a responsive online booking appointment manager, which will allow your users to book their appointments with ease. The best part about this software is that it provides multiple location management per business and multiple employee support for every location. The software is user friendly, and you can also create your Loyalty program. Plus, SimpleSpa can be used for payroll management as well as a POS system. 

7. Baxus 

Baxus is another salon management system that is developed for small businesses. It is a web-based application that will allow you to manage your appointment, your employees, your inventory as well as employee payrolls. This software also offers a feature that uses the information obtained through reviews, applies analytics on it, and then represents in the form of data to get insight on customers’ trends. It also allows its users to generate their own loyalty program. You can now create webinars and user communities where you can answer your customers’ queries. 

8. Acuity 

Acuity is one of the best salon management software in the market. The reason is that Acuity gives its user the power of customization. It allows you to customize your appointment scheduler personally, and you will be getting all the features that you can ever need to manage your salon, which make Acuity a very advanced salon management software. Another great feature of this software is that you can add it to other websites, business pages, and software. With easy to use interface, Acuity makes sure that you manage your business without any hassle. You will get a notification whenever you are requested for an appointment. 

9. Versum 

Versum is one of the most used and trusted salon management software. It is a user-friendly web-based application that will help you manage your business to perfection and save you your precious time. It is a complete software to automate your salon business. It is based on cloud technology, and you can use it responsively on your smartphones and personal computers. Versum offers very friendly monthly packages and you can get started with a free trial period. 

10. Chidesk 

When the business is fast, then you need a quick and efficient salon management system to help you cope up with the environment. Chidesk is a complete solution for managing your salon in a proactive way. From managing and scheduling appointments to the point of sale, from managing your employee to managing your inventory, Chidesk makes sure you get a complete and fast management solution for your business. With this software, you can create your customers’ profiles and keep track of your customers. You can also arrange a loyalty program for your business with Chidesk. The interface is easy to understand and use, and the features are self-explanatory. 

11. Zenoti 

Another great salon management system on our list is Zenoti, which is a cloud-based software that provides a complete management solution for small or big scale businesses. Zenoti is developed in a way that is super easy to use if you are a small business, but if in the future, you feel the need to scale up, you can do it easily with Zenoti. It is one of the most popular and most used salon management software in the world. Whether you want to use it on your computer, or your smartphone, Zenoti will make sure that you have a super smooth and responsive experience. It can be used to manage your appointments, employees, and can be used as POS software as well.

12. Booksy

Booksy is an app that is taking the world by storm—both in terms of their well-populated marketplace of salons, and the sheer number of clients. Booksy’s app is a complete solution for all kinds of beauty salons, as well as psychotherapists, tutors, personal trainers, and dieticians. The platform features inventory, scheduling, and employee management, a calendar, point of sale, payment processing, extensive sales reporting, email and SMS marketing, and many more features. Booksy also integrates its book button with Instagram, Facebook, and Google.

13. Appointy

Appointy is one of the best salon software that caters to both small and large-scale salon businesses. It works as a 24*7 online assistant, allows your clients to schedule an appointment with you at their own convenience, and eliminates any scheduling hassles. You can also accept online payments, send automated email/ text reminders, manage staff and resources, automate your salon marketing, and more with Appointy. Salon chains can easily manage multiple locations and employees from this single platform. It also helps you attract new clients and retain the existing ones with features like Facebook & Instagram booking integrations, Reserve with Google listing, gift certificates, discounts, review management, forms, and more for no extra charges! You can also run your salon from the palm of your hand, even when you’re away with Appointy’s mobile app for Android & iOS. With all these features (and more!) packed in an easy-to-use interface, Appointy is the one-stop solution you need to grow and manage your salon business.

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