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How to Sell More Using Chargify and Omnistar Affiliate Software

If you are selling using Chargify as your payment gateway, you can create a referral program to help you increase your traffic and sales.

A referral program makes it easy for your customers to promote you to their family and friends. Additionally, you can work with influencers and partners and have them promote you.

At Omnistar, we strive to make it easy for you to create and manage your referral program.

You can integrate Omnistar and Chargify to help you boost sales. Please follow these instructions to integrate Omnistar and Chargify.

Create new Chargify account. If you already have a Chargify account and you’ve already set it up, then skip this step.

Type your email and follow the rest of the instructions to set up your Chargify account.

Click ‘Integrations’ after login and add ‘New API v1 Key’

Note down ‘Your API v1 Key

Click ‘Setup’

Create ‘Public Signup Page’

Add ‘Return URL after successful signup’ i.e YOUR-SALES/THANK-YOU-PAGE.html and ‘Return Parameters’ as

‘customer_id={customer_id}&signup_payment_id={signup_payment_id}’. Fill the remaining form as per the instructions.

Add ‘Webhook Endpoints’ as ‘YOUR-OSI-URL/sales/chargify_recurring’, tick ‘Renewal Success’ and ‘Save/Update’

Now create YOUR-SALES/THANK-YOU-PAGE.html page on your website

Add this code after your page body starting tag

<script>var subdomain = ‘YOUR-OSI-SUBDOMAIN’;</script>
<script src=”https:///YOUR-OSI-URL/js/chargify-sale.js” async></script>”

Next, you need to add your API and subdomain information in Omnistar.

First, click on Settings in Omnistar.

Next, click on the Third Party Integration button.

Next, click on the Chargify integration button.

Next, enter your API Key and Subdomain from your Chargify account.

Omnistar Affiliate Software is now integrated with Chargify. You can now sell more by creating an affiliate program for your Chargify store.

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2 Response to "How to Sell More Using Chargify and Omnistar Affiliate Software"

  1. Comment From Glenn Pasco

    This integration now allows me to offer a recurring commission instead of a one time. This really makes my referral program a lot more attractive.

  2. Comment From Julie Randall

    This overview was really straight forward. I was able to follow all the steps and get this going in short amount of time.

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