SEO Roundup: Top Articles for SEO (May – June 2021)

eCommerce marketing evolves fast, and keeping up can be overwhelming. Trying to find new and advanced marketing strategies worth your time is even harder. That’s why we have scoured the internet for eCommerce marketing articles that you might not have seen.

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1.  How to Rank in the Age of Mobile and Local Search, a 12-Step SEO Guide by Rhiza Oyos

In recent years, many businesses have focused more effort (and budget) on Content Marketing, with little effort on the technical aspects of SEO. But smart digital marketers know that one can’t just set aside technical SEO, focus on Content Marketing, and immediately assume better rankings. SEO is foundational, especially as Google algorithm continues to evolve to meet constantly changing technological trends and user behaviors. Get ready to do some serious technical SEO moves and rank better in search by following this 12-step SEO guide.

2. Is Your Site’s Navigation SEO Friendly? by Nick Jakubowski

An effective site navigation menu is one of the most important factors of a successful website. The menu helps guide users through the website, allowing them to jump to specific pages as they feel necessary. Additionally, a well-built navigation menu can also help search engines crawl new pages and determine a hierarchy of the pages on the site. Read this post to get secrets to optimize your navigation.

3.  11 Trends That Will Shape Southeast Asian eCommerce in 2017 by Sheji Ho

When it comes to eCommerce, the other part of the world has a significant place in marketing. Ho sets up a slideshow of what’s to come regarding the world of ecommerce in Asia. Some of the things talked about include: Alibaba, how things will provide direct competition in even search engines, and brands going in more of a direct-to-consumer or multi-channel approach. It’s a good advantage to see how this plays out because it can seriously help you with globalizing your brand.

4. 5 Predictions to Guide Your Marketing Plan in 2017 by Ellie Martin

Martin does a great job breaking down 5 predictions of what’s to happen this year in terms of marketing. She makes a solid point that more consumers prefer online transactions based on convenience due to the youth. However, there’s still the baby boomer and 50s generation that like television. An online campaign isn’t enough to sustain a bigger business. It’s all about trust. Additionally, all good marketing helps to increase the lifetime customer value instead of just getting a new customer. You’ll build more long term business that way.

5.  5 Basics to Success When You’re Starting an Ecommerce Business by Ayodeji Onibalusi 

It’s always good to have foundation in order to really breakthrough the business in a better manner. You need to develop a course of action to help ensure that things go well for the long term. Onibalusi points out some of the things like a good checkout process through Paypal, SEO should still be a top notch priority, manage your social media well, and even being simple in your business name. All of these basics you should learn well and execute in order to help you create something that’s valuable.

6.  How Can Digital Localization Help You Go Global? by Al Gomez

Localization is a marketing strategy that is tailored specifically to the preference of consumers in different business locations. In today’s online industry, one of the best ways for localization strategy and go global is to digitally transform your business. The digital world is very diverse. In this vast global marketplace, you need an effective campaign to deliver your message across. This post has some tips to start your digital localization strategies.

7.  Ecommerce 101: Get’ Em in With Content Marketing by Kyle Buzzell 

I love the way this article draws you in just with the title alone. It’s very surefire and no nonsense when it comes to the way things are done. Buzzell goes through things like questioning your authority on the blog, making the path easier for you to go through by having a specific set of steps, and learning your homework. All of these are great common sense things in order to help you execute a great source of action. Use this to your advantage in order to be competitive in the market.

8.  Easy Marketing Investments to Improve Your E-Commerce Store by Kane Jamison 

With any good business, you need to be able to invest in your own business plan. Even the most simple things take time and you need to prepare for that in order to help you make the next move. Jamison makes a good point to say that you need to review your site from the weak to the strong aspects. Sometimes it’s not just the money, but how you do things like product descriptions, better photography for aesthetics, video content, and more. Other things might be to invest in a lightbox so you can get better quality pictures and even a camera to create your vlogs.

9.  For E-Commerce Success: SEO > Aesthetics by Julian Connors

Even though this article is more on the SEO kind of notion, it still all adds up in ecommerce. Connors gives great advice is far as creating a site that’s easy to navigate with the right product descriptions so that people don’t get lost in the sauce. Additionally, he points out that having product reviews will increase traffic and create more legitimacy to your brand. Don’t just cram keywords for your product pages, but make them useful.

10. 2017 Google Consumer Confidence Report by Cobhan Phillipson

The number of search queries conducted on Google each month is now north of 30 billion per month. These figures dwarf their competitors and leave Google virtually unchallenged as the World’s foremost information provider. However, do people trust Google? In this post, Cobhan ran a survey that focused on the level of trust people have in Google to deliver accurate information. Read the post to see the findings.

11.  5 Trends That WIll Change The Way Your Customers Will Shop in 2017 by Harley Finkelstein

Everything in the world of business is on an evolutionary point of view. This includes the way technology evolves and even how your customers shop. Change is inevitable; it’s a part of life. For one thing, sometimes people don’t want to go to a physical mall to get something. They might want to hit up a vending machine or a small pop-up. It’s much more about the experience of something unique that draws attention. Also, a direct connection instead of going to middleman is becoming more powerful. That’s why on demand services are getting more popular because you can view things at your own time without having to go to a channel and wait for it.

12. 11 Tips to Improve Your Online Store Sales via Social Media by Aleh Barysevich

Social media has become a way of not only connecting with people but drawing in a direct audience to help you achieve your goals. Barysevich gives sound details on how you can utilize social media as a gateway to create more sales. A few key points given include: knowing what platform your audience likes to use, create an identity to gain better traffic, using messaging apps for your customer service, and making sure you interact with your people by getting on a live video format.

13. Fake News and SEO: Winning the Battle with Content by Denise Konkol

Fake news was real news for SEO in the 2016 Election, and it put a thorn in the side of Google to readjust search criteria. Happily, content remains king. Read this post to understand the changing landscape that fake news has plowed, which leads searchers on a quest for authenticity and accuracy.

14.  How Ecommerce Brands Can Drive Qualified Leads From Social Media by Annaliese Henwood

A great lead can help you gain traffic, subscribers, and sales. Henwood does a good job in breaking this down in the most simple manner. It’s all about knowing your audience and nurturing it to a point of creating a persona specifically for each one’s type. You need to optimize each and every social media profile you use so that there are less questions and more answers. Also, she makes a point that value is the most important asset.

15.  Ecommerce Marketing Trends to Watch Out for In 2017 by Irfan Ahmad

While you should always have your own identity when it comes to your business, never knock how certain trends can enhance your name in the marketplace. Ahmad goes through a great infographic that discusses everything from email marketing, content marketing, customer behavior, mobile advertising, and more. This is a great infographic to show you what aspects of marketing you might want to put a little more focus on as the year goes by to stay ahead of the curve.

16. 9 Ecommerce Trends that Will Be Prevalent in 2017 by Brian Zeng 

Keep in touch with the recent trends while keeping a great identity within your own. Zeng goes through 9 basic trends to keep an eye out for this year. Some of the moments prevalent trends include: more personalized content, more frequent buying, and even collaborative efforts between brands. These things you should always keep in mind for the future.

17.  5 Ways to Improve Your Ecommerce Website by Chris Dunne

While this isn’t an out of the box article, these tips really need to be reviewed. Dunno reviews a few key points you should never forget such as: making sure you have great pictures for your brand, giving good payment option, and quality shipping. Never forget these basics because the quality of your site determines how much you sell and whether or not someone will come back to your site. Remember, you need a beginning, middle, and end in order to help move things along for your bottom line.

18.  Essential List of PPC Tips to Boost Your Ecommerce Website by Xenia Volynchuk 

The attention is all in the details because you need that to create a more well rounded site. Don’t forget things like good descriptions, specifying your location, putting in the right price points, modifying your keywords and adding a call-to-action to the headline. It’s important because you want to make sure PPC campaign comes out well. This is still a relevant portion of your brand and by putting in the extra work to ensure your site moves ahead, you can keep a couple levels above the competition.

19.  6 Simple Design Tips to Improve Your Ecommerce Sales by Alex Jasin 

Design is just as important as the word itself. Even though these are simple tips, it does expand your mind in order to get more creative. Tips like showing different uses/views of your product, add a good background to your images, use closeups so they can get more of an added detail, and put video descriptions when necessary. All of this helps to really make this clearer on your site. It’s all about the small things that can separate yourself from the pack.

20.  4 Tips to Optimize Your Ecommerce Referral Program by Dinesh Raju

Referral programs are great for really putting yourself out there and creating a huge brand. Daju gives 4 good tips to help you optimize things such as: participation rate, share rate, referral link clickthroughs, and conversions. These are all valuable because you need each element to help you as far as sharing content, knowing how many people actually click through the referral links, and how many of those people actually buy something. Referral marketing can be a gem with the right business so be clear in how it impacts your business model.

21.  5 Fab Social Media Tips to Improve Your Ecommerce Sales by Matthew

It’s becoming more important to have a good social media brand with your business. Social media allows you to interact with the people and become more relevant. Some of the tips covered include: more blogging, influenced marketing, tasteful use of hashtags, selling through your social media platforms, and even social media advertising. You’ll find that these 5 tips keep you relevant and it adds more to your social media marketing besides just promotion and talking directly to the people.

22.  9 Ecommerce Conversion Optimization Tactics That’ll Earn You Bags of Money by William Harris

At the end of the day, your site needs to make money. Without being able to make profit, it’s hard to upkeep things. A lot of stuff you may not know actually helps you to create more income. For example, you can keep down the choices so that easier to decide on a particular product. Create a more concise page for your checkout to reduce the abandonment rate, and even making sure you have a customer review page to draw in the prospective buyer.

23.  7 Tips for Killer Conversion and Ecommerce Optimization by BlogAdmin 

It’s always good to know how you can optimize and convert your Ecommerce site in a great manner. Keep an eye for things such as: developing your homepage, giving your categories the right name, multiple payment method, and solid video content. It’s important to make sure you never leave out the basics when creating any website especially if you plan to monetize the platform. Keep it simple but carry out the execution well.

24.  Ecommerce Landing Pages: The Good, Bad, and Terrible by Aaron Orendorff 

It’s always good to be realistic when it comes to knowing from good to bad to worse even in the landing pages. This article shows examples of what to do and what not to do regarding landing pages. Everything from the placement of content, how it’s worded and how it looks should all be considered. This way you’ll find yourself in a better position to make better landing pages that convert more.

25.  4 Ways Copywriting Can Boost Your Ecommerce Conversion Rates by Khalid Saleh

Copywriting is a useful way to really target the core audience. With the right information and how it’s all presented, it can amp up your conversion rates. Learn how to write from different perspectives, making sure you use powerful and actionable words, and even format things well. It’s crucial that all of the content bodes well so that the continuity keeps everything together.

26. SEO Tips for Newbies: Ranking Your Blog Content by Raelyn Tan

Creating blog content is great for any business owner to get organic traffic to your website. In this article, you learn simple but effective tips to optimize your blog content for Google. Here are some simple but very essential SEO blog tips you can implement right now to up-level your search engine game. As your website matures, your blog starts having more authority in Google’s eyes – and you get even more visitors than the month before to your blog.. and the cycle goes on and on!

What are some tips you use to help create a better Ecommerce site? Please post a note below.

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  1. Comment From Ann Sturman

    What I have consistently heard this year from the experts is that content is now more important than link building. It is good to know what to focus on so that I don’t waste time. I have now implemented a content creation strategy so that I continually add fresh content to my site.

  2. Comment From Jeff Timpton

    What I have come to realize is that the small things really do matter when it comes to optimizing your ecommerce presence. There are a lot os small tweaks that you can make that will go a long way.

  3. Comment From Karen Lewis

    I recently started accepting Paypal as an additional payment method and I see that this has increased my sales. I never realized that by opening up more payment options, that it would make difference in my sales.

  4. Comment From Josh Ricardo

    With my Adwords campaigns I have just started creating unique landing pages that are all tied to the content of the ad. I see that it is better to do this than to just send everyone to the home page.

  5. Comment From Ben Mack

    The optimization of my PPC campaigns really takes time and effort, otherwise I was simply throwing away cash. This is really easy to do with Adwords if you are not careful.

  6. Comment From Nick Raymond

    I keep hearing about other ecommerce businesses that do great promoting on social media. I really just wonder what strategy they are using. I have lots of social followers, so I would really like to leverage this.

  7. Comment From Debraj

    Your blog was really helpful and thanks for sharing!

  8. Comment From Madhushalini

    We agree. Google has a long way to go to get the local results more relevant for certain terms. One thing that a bigger emphasis on local will lead to is reviews. Within the local pack reviews definitely make your brand stand out. So when faced with making a purchasing decision/research – (Trip Advisor reviews kill it here). There are quite a few good pieces of software focusing on online reputation management and these can only benefit from above.

  9. Comment From Madhushalini

    Hey man, I enjoyed the read alot! It was a great way to be reminded which technology is just about to kick in when we’re talking about search engines. The rules of SEO are ever changing. Not in the “panic” way, but it’s steadily turning in another direction with voice search, VR etc that we’ll have to adabt our SEO effort to 😉

  10. Comment From shreelatha

    Great year for SEO from my perspective, especially now Penguin is real-time which will (hopefully) eliminate some of the scrubs and their pesky link building tools. I beleive SEO is developing into a more technical role, as I work for a fairly large eCommerce company as an SEO Analyst, I don’t find myself doing the day-to-day tasks as I would have done agency-side, instead I’m starting to become involved in the more technical stuff, crawls, log file analysis, using XPath extractions with Screaming frog etc.

    The mobile-first transition is also going to be a very interesting one, I’m hoping some industry experts will talk about this next year at conferences.

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