Best SEO Tools – Updated Jan 2020

1. KWFinder

Ever tired of looking for long-tailed keywords and end up without finding results? Not a problem!  This tool is designed to search for keywords in an ultra-fast pace setting with high-quality results. More importantly, most of its competitors will take too long to search for a keyword, but not KWFinder, for it’s the best SEO tool that you’ll ever find today!

By the way, when we say long-tailed keywords, what does it exactly mean? Well, to give you a brief one, long-tail keywords are those three and four key phrases that are very, very specific to what you are selling. You see, every time a customer uses a particular search phrase, they tend to look for precisely what they are actually going to buy. 

In almost all cases, such specific keyword searches are very likely to turn into sales than general generic research, which tends to be more geared towards the type of research that consumers usually do before making a purchase decision.

But don’t worry, for the KWFinder has got you covered. It’s simply the best keyword research tool that you’ll ever need in the universe, and we’re not kidding!

Aside from its high-quality performance, it also has a unique interface that is 10x cooler than other keyword searching tools in the market. Beat that!

What’s even more impressive? Well, the KWFinder is the most trusted keyword searching tool by some of the biggest corporations and brands all over the world, like Airbnb, Alexa, Skyscanner, Adidas, RetailMeNot, Deloitte and many more!

2. SERPChecker  

Need a solid and reliable SERP analyisis tool for your business? Well, worry no more! For the SERPChecker is the best one that you can find right now in the market! And we’re not kidding!

But what exactly is SERP analysis? Well, SERP analysis is a process of looking at the best-ranked websites on the SERP (search engine results page) to assess whether the keyword you want to rank is relevant and the ability to get ahead of your competitors. This is an essential part of keyword research.

Not only that, a SERP analysis tool will help you in two-major ways:

  1. Make sure that you have picked relevant keywords for your niche, which is very important!
  2. It helps you find out whether you’re able to “outrank” your competitors.

But really, you don’t have to worry, for the SERPChecker is the only tool that you’ll need in your life, why? Simply because it has everything that you need!

Two – Tips to help you use SERPChecker and find the best relevant keywords for your niche.

Number 1: During your search, make sure that you’re being specific.

This applies to people who have a lot of experience in their field and are looking for new keyword ideas, as well as affiliate marketers looking for their new niche.

It can easily happen that a keyword that seems super relevant ends up as a bad option because it is not semantically correct. This simply does not reflect the intention behind the user’s search query.

Number 2: Make sure that you’ll find out whether you are able to outrank your competitors.

As soon as you find the SERP in which you wish to qualify, you will automatically start comparative evaluations with your competitors. The trick is to assess the difficulty of overcoming them.

This can be done in 3 ways:

  • Google search
  • Keyword research tools
  • SERP analysis tools

And that’s about it! Now, you’re more than ready to outrank your competitors by using the best SERP search tool in the world, SERPChecker!

3. SERPWatcher

SERPWatcher is an SEO tool to track keyword positions in Google SERP. It comes with a compelling overview of all critical data on a screen. 

Instead of just individual tracking of keyword positions, SERPWatcher provides a critical metric based on current rankings, their search volumes, and considering a different weight for each keyword. The reports are based on an innovative feature to share the board. All essential classification tracking functions are included, such as daily updates, desktop vs. mobile segmentation. 

Also, SERPWatcher is a new tool from the same company that supports KWFinder and SERPChecker. It was created to meet the needs of the website to track your position in search engines. 

But what exactly is SERP? And how does it work? 

SERP plays a vital role in how websites attract traffic to their pages and how companies convert that traffic and generate sales. Associated with the KWFinder tool that makes it possible to conduct active keyword research, the use of SERPWatcher is a valuable addition that can help you understand how your keyword research is worth following your SERP while on the move. In the ranking positions of several keywords. 

Who is it for?

SERPWatcher is for people or companies that have implemented some type of keyword strategy on their website and who want a way to manage and track the progress of their SERP. SERP plays an important role in search engine optimization (SEO) and helps demonstrate where your website traffic comes from, the volume it receives, and, in general, how your strategy works. 

More importantly, SERPWatcher allows you to track and measure your progress, which is useful for people or businesses that want data to support their efforts.


SERPWatcher is a super-convenient tool that provides insightful feedback that can help you understand where your traffic comes from or track the progress of your SERP for different keywords. 

4. LinkMiner

Imagine, working very hard while digging through rocks and earth in search of precious minerals. Once you’d finally find them, the rewards are ENDLESS. Well, the same can be said about link mining (also known as link building). 

It is a type of hard work that you don’t want to do all by yourself, because of the difficulty and the work. But with the proper tool to help you do it, the possibilities of getting precious results is absolutely ENDLESS. That’s why LinkMiner is built!

LinkMiner is an easy-to-use backlink verification tool that focuses on important backlinks. Take advantage of your competitors’ most powerful backlinks thanks to Link Strength, a new mango metric, which assesses the overall power of the link.

With this powerful SEO tool, you’ll be able to preview the website that contains the backlink directly in the tool, save the URL with backlink opportunities for later, browse categories such as blogs, social media, questions and answers, and forums. In addition, you can use an easy-to-configure filter to get the links you want.


LinkMiner is an excellent introductory tool for beginners who want to enter the technical world of SEO without the mumbo-jumbo. Not to mention that its price is perfect since it also includes three other tools as part of an all-inclusive SEO package.

5. SiteProfiler

A lot of top-tier or premium SEO tools come with their own expensive prices, from the 100s onwards from $, which may be too high for many people who are just starting or not working in active economic markets. This is where Mangools comes in, it is the best SEO tool making company that corresponds to the gap between weak free tools and premium tools. Luckily, one of the best SEO tools that they made is the SiteProfiler.

The SiteProfiler is a powerful SEO-based software analysis solution that monitors website traffic, backlinks, competitors, and much more. It verifies authority and identifies the content that generates traffic. It will also help you manage your competitors or opportunities for your marketing activities. 

Who are using this type of software?

SEO professionals, small, medium, and large companies use the software. 

What Makes SiteProfiler the Best?

With SiteProfiler, you can view all vital domain authority metrics such as domain authority, page authority, appointment flow, and trust flow in one place. Also, you can get detailed graphs on Alexa Rank, IP, and Facebook benchmarks.

Not only that, the best part of this tool is the anchor text box. It shows you exactly which anchor text your competitors are using. This allows you to create strategies for your anchor text. With this tool, you can find out what type of anchor text is shared within your specific niche. 

More importantly, with SiteProfiler, you can view the content of your competitors sorted by Facebook stocks and referral domains.

15 Response to "Best SEO Tools – Updated Jan 2020"

  1. Comment From Samuel Nevins

    SEO is still an important part to getting your site out there on the search engine. To this day, I have a few SEO tools that I use to keep my business ready for organic search traffic and to help me see what void to fill that my local competitors haven’t touched.

  2. Comment From Jon Russo

    KWFinder has been a great tool to help enhance my keyword research. Whether I’m searching for long-tail or short-tail keywords, I can meet in the middle to see how to rank well so people see my brand when they search for my niche.

  3. Comment From Serge Randolph

    Quality links still help to give you authority for the type of business you run. I found that LinkMiner helped me focus more on the important backlinks. I was able to weed through all of the low-quality links and get a handle on the big fish out there.

  4. Comment From Mike Aaron

    I think we all need an ace-in-the-hole in case of stiff competition. SiteProfiler helped me see my domain authority, the anchor text my competition used, and how this impacted my brand over time.

  5. Comment From Talib Frank

    I think quality keyword research can help reduce your costs greatly. When you’re able to find that healthy balance between what works for your site and keywords that get solid traction, you come up with a better budget to help you rank well.

  6. Comment From Erin Amos

    Not enough time is placed on good SEO. Sure, social media is a good way to gain ground for your niche. However, SEO has a more thorough plan to help you see what types of links and keywords people inquire.

  7. Comment From Roy Connors

    Having a combination of a powerful Google search, keyword research tools, and SERP can help you see how your site performs across the board. When you have these details, you can adjust your SEO plan accordingly.

  8. Comment From Gary White

    Not enough time is spent on building a proper SEO campaign. This is still a great marketing strategy for my online brand.

  9. Comment From Joanna Marx

    I also used LinkMiner to help me with cosmetics website. I found some valuable links to makeup forums that helped me see what my core audience needed. It helped me gain a leg up against my competition.

  10. Comment From Otis Williams

    I find that SEO is a bit more reliable than other forms of marketing. Each time I needed a more detailed analysis of my site’s performance, I used SEO tools to clean up my site from top to bottom.

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