How to Set up an Affiliate Program for Your WishList Member Membership Software

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get your website visitors and customers to promote your WordPress website? Have you ever considered having your own wordpress affiliate software?

How cool would it be if you can increase your memberships and subscriptions from referrals?

Well, guess what?

It is actually really easy to get this going. All you need is an affiliate tracking software.

In this post, we are going to walk you through setting up your membership website using WishList. Then, we’ll show you how to integrate affiliate tracking software to your WordPress website. If you have Etsy, you may use an Etsy affiliate software.

Before we jump in it, why don’t we explain to you why this integration is important and beneficial.

It is great you already have a WordPress website. However, wouldn’t it be awesome to get people to promote your website. This will increase your traffic, leads, subscriptions, and sales.

An affiliate marketing program will provide this for your website. It will allow you to give all your website visitors and customers a unique link. This unique link can be used to promote your business. For every successful referral, you will reward the customers who promoted you.

Basically, an affiliate marketing program uses the oldest and most successful form of marketing. Word of mouth marketing.

By using a WishList Member affiliate software, you will be encouraging customers to promote you and get you more subscriptions and sales.

Awesome, right?

Great, let’s jump into it.

Step 1 – Install WishList

To get started, you will need to install WishList into your WordPress.

If you don’t have WishList installed, please follow these instructions.

1: Download WishList. You can download WishList by loggin in to your account. Go here

As shown here

And then from the Support dropdown, click on Customer Login.

2: Now, login to your WordPress. Go to Plugins.

Next, click on Add New.

You can now upload your WishList Member zip file and follow the instructions to activate it.

After following these instructions, you should have WishList member installed.

Next, it is now time to install your affiliate tracking software to WordPress. For this example, we are going to be installing Omnistar Affiliate Software.

Step 2 – Install Affiliate Tracking Software

Again, we are going to be using Omnistar Affiliate Software for this example. Omnistar Affiliate Software is an affiliate and referral tracking software. You can use Omnistar Affiliate to create an affiliate program for your WordPress. It is very easy to integrate. Just follow these instructions.

To integrate WordPress with OSI Affiliate Software, just follow these instructions.

1: Download the Free Omnistar Affiliate WordPress Plugin.

2:  Unzip `` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory via FTP. Alternatively, you can get to this section in your WordPress by going here

And uploading the zip file from here

3: Activate the Omnistar Affiliate Software WordPress plugin.

4: Click on the “Omnistar Affiliate” link below the settings and add the Omnistar Affiliate software URL. It should be url of affiliate application url. For example:

That’s it. Omnistar Affiliate Software should now be integrated with WordPress.

Step 3 – Create Your Affiliate Program

1: In your Omnistar Affiliate Admin control panel, go to Manage Referral Programs.

2: Add your referral program.

That’s it. You have now integrated Omnistar Affiliate Software with your WordPress and WishList member.

You can start adding customers and affiliates to promote you by following one of the four ways you can add affiliates into Omnistar Affiliate Software.

Lastly, follow these tips to market your new WordPress affiliate program.

Hopefully, these instructions have how you how an affiliate program will help your WishList Member WordPress website. If you have any questions about these instructions, please let us know if the comments below.

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