How to Do Influencer Marketing for Your Shopify Store

Influencer marketing can be one of the key components in order to get your store into another level. It’s one of the better tactics to help you gain promotion not only for an organic perspective, but developing a good brand within your own circle that loyal people tend to follow. However, it’s important to come up with a great game plan so that things go off without a hitch. We’ve come up with a small guide on not only setting things up, but developing a promo code. This is a good way to not only keep things in good order, but it’ll help you see what customers are actually buying. Here’s a step-by-step guide below:

Step 1: Get the Right Affiliate Software and Log In


While creating an influencer marketing program might be difficult at first, make sure that you find a quality affiliate software. OSI Affiliate Software would be a great way to help you get things in order in a more manageable way. Next, go ahead in put in your login details in the admin section.

At this point, you can begin setting up the software.

Step 2: Software Set Up

 Head to the Dashboard section to help start things off by going to “Get Thank You Page Code.”

Step 3: Click Get Thank You Page Code

Now, here’s where you go to the “Get Thank You Page Code.” You can see your choices by taking a look at the drop down list. 

Step 4: Select the Shopping Cart

 At this point, select a quality shopping cart that will go with your online store. In this case, we'll choose Shopify. Simply scroll through the choices and select the one that fits the purpose. 

In case, you needed the code it'll be easy to just copy and paste it as it comes up here. You'll find a box that has the exact code to help you make the integration process a lot easier with your software. You'll want to open the follow step 1 in the image that says: 

To integrate sale tracking with Shopify, you should do the following steps.

  • 1. Login to your Shopify admin panel.
  • 2. Now to add the sales tracking code, click the "Settings" link on the left navigation and then click "Checkout"
  • 3. Now scroll down and Go to the "Additional Content & Scripts" section and copy & paste the following code.

Here's the full code:

function hideIF() {
document.getElementById('IF').style.display = 'none';
function getSaleInfo() {
document.getElementById('st_code').innerHTML='<iframe src="{{subtotal_price|money_without_currency}}/transaction:{{order.order_number}}/Email:Add_Email/PromoCode:{{order.discounts[0].code}}" alt="" id=IF width=50 height=50 border="0" frameborder="0" onload="hideIF()">';
window.onload = getSaleInfo;
<div id="st_code"></div>

By entering this in, you can now test the integration. Go ahead and open new browser in Incognito mode. Click the link to create a test user. Login as the test user. Click on the referral link once you sign-in and make a test purchase through your online store. Log into the admin section and make sure you see the reward for that user. Next, we will start tracking your referrals. This is a good way to see how effective the influencers are for your brand. This creates long-term longevity in your business.

Step 5: Go to Referral Programs

Here you’ll go to the referral programs section. Now, head to the Promotional settings. You’ll click on the tab that says “Promo Code Tracking.”

Step 6: Head to Promotional Settings

This is the point where you’ll see the different users that are already subscribed to your referral program. You can label them by name, and use their first name as a promo code itself.

Step 7: Enter the Promotional Code

This is great, because not only do they have their own promo code to use, but it’ll be good to help with your site. They can send out an email or some type of social media post saying, “Hey, use my promo code to get 20% off your next purchase on this site.” It’ll be a great way to use the influencer’s authority to help you monetize your brand even further. As a result, the customer gets a discount from using the promo code. The influencer gets a commission from the referral sale, and you’ll be able to build a stronger customer base due to their co-sign.

Influencer Marketing Overview

Even though you are just starting up a business or you have an established business already, having an influencer program as part of an integrated marketing plan can yield great benefits. Although influencer marketing is not a new concept in the industry today, it has become wildly relevant in the past few years. As the world around us advances technologically, influencer marketing has made its way to the forefront and companies are putting in more time and effort to this program than ever before.

What is an Influencer Program?

An influencer program (which is also known as influencer marketing) is a form of marketing in which much focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole on the social media. It is simply a relationship between a brand and an influencer. It finds out those individuals who have influence over potential customers, and structures its marketing activities around these influencers. This is different from celebrity endorsements, because an influencer program does more than just attach a popular celebrity to a brand. Influencers are usually trusted figures within a niche community and also maintain a loyal following. They would also possess information or experience about what they are actually advertising. Influencers mostly operate independently, and will create their own content and align a company’s advertising specifications into it. The influencer is in control of the brand’s message, deciding how they would like to portray it. Influencer marketing offers brands the opportunity to unify their marketing, product, PR, digital marketing, sales and social media through strong and relevant relationship-based communication. Both the marketing potential and ROI of influencer marketing are extremely profound.

Example of an influencer program

Here are some examples of influencer program that made waves all over the world

  • Subaru’s #MeetAnOwner campaign: they had help from three influencers for their video enterprise.
  • They used the video format to advertise the brand’s cars to millions and positively reinforce Subraru’s association with adventure.
  • Motorola’s launch of the Moto Z family and Moto Mods: Motorola marketed these phones to the young demographic, and they used YouTube as a tool to get to their target audience. They worked with 13 influencers across multiple verticals and target audiences to reach a broad range of consumers.
  • Pepsi emoji product-line at Walgreens store
  • Stella Artois teamed up with influencers for cause marketing at the Oscars.
  • M&M’s 2016 Flavor Note
  • The Rare Country Awards
  • Walmart’s #FightHunger social campaign: It was a charitable initiative. They partnered with seven instagram influencers to raise funds for Feeding America. And it was a very productive campaign.
  • BMW’s #RoadToCoachella festival campaign.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts on National Donut Day
  • American Express #AmexAmbassador campaign.
  • “Sickhouse” SnapChat film.
  • Anthem of Us campaign for Bedrock Real Estate, Detroit
  • Target’s 30-day Instagram Influencer Blitz for @TargetStyle: this brand worked with two influencers in particular to advertise their Easter candy and decorations.
  • Chase Sponsoring the US Open

And many others.

What is an influencer marketing strategy?

To have a successful influencer campaign, there are three general elements you need to prepare.
Firstly, you need to have a clearly defined objective. Secondly, you need the right influencers to deliver content that can achieve the first objective. Lastly, (which is very essential) effectively measure the campaign performances with relevant KPIs.

To make this simpler, to create wonderful influencer marketing strategies ask yourself these questions; what is your goal? Who are the right partners for your brand? How can you optimize and integrate your goals with the influencer content? How much are you willing to spend? How do you intend to maintain transparency? How do you measure the success of your partnership?

While answering these questions, keep it in mind that the influencer marketing strategy should be in sync with the rest of your marketing strategy, this is to create a cohesive campaign, and scheduling is also important to having a consistent stream of content with an army of influencers.

Examples of influencer marketing strategies you need to know

  • Coupon codes
  • Branded blog post
  • Challenge your influencer
  • Brand mentions
  • Guest posting
  • Giveaways and prizes
  • Takeovers
  • Ambassador programs or long-term partnerships with influencers
    Company Events
  • Free products

These are the most common strategies used in influencer marketing today.

Why is influencer marketing so vital

Long before technological advancements was made, television was virtually the only mass media consumers had access to and was the major platforms marketers used to advertise to the populace. But with the invention of the internet and the popularity of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, consumers have unlimited choice and freedom over the content they wish to view. And these days, customers are becoming more skeptical of brands and their marketing idea, and to build trust is very crucial. So advertising through influencers allows brands to promote someone that a niche community respect so much, engages with and trust on a daily basis.

The three major things influencer marketing can do for your brands are;

  • Drives brand awareness: You can have a nice product, a good website, and all other fancy things, but what is the usefulness if customers don’t know about it. Building exposure is one of the greatest values of influencer marketing. Influencers can build your brand awareness by
    • Introducing the brand name and products to audience new to your product.
    • Showcasing your products in action to potential customers.
    • Building trust through consumer-created content and reviews.

  • Increasing your brand follower’s strength on your social platforms. And many other ways.
    They create authentic engagement: The greatest value of influencer marketing is the potential to generate a golden commodity of authenticity. To create authentic content that stimulates engagement is quite a challenge for most brands, regardless of their advertising budget. In influencer marketing, authenticity is highly valued as it is the main factor that separates it from other traditional marketing methods. Authentic content engages your target audience. This audience will want to interact with the content and even share with family and friends.
  • They generate strong ROI even for smaller budgets: Studies have shown that influencer marketing return as much as $6.50 for every $1 spent. This may not apply to all influencer campaigns, but there have been a general consensus that influencers are cost-effective. You do not have cause to go wide for a successful campaign. A narrow niche audience can have a high engagement rate by even micro influencers.

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