Best Shopify marketing analytics Apps

Get the attention and dedication of customers through contests, social media, loyalty programs, and more. Shopify is widely known as an excellent e-commerce platform for any business of any size to grow. A lot of people who use Shopify know that there are a lot of ways to grow your business so aside from the apps we have here they also check out best affiliate marketing courses to maximize their business potential. They offer the opportunity to millions of people to boost sales in an easy and fast way online. Here are some marketing analytics software you can use on Shopify to market your product more effectively.

1. Justuno

Justuno conversion optimization suite makes use of predictive analytics to give you actionable insights to help personalize every step of your customers’ journey. They leverage on advanced visitor intelligence data to deliver targeted messages and to gather deeper insights to convert your visitors into loyal and dedicated customers. You can use their layer-based design to create refined and professional promotions made to engage. You can select a pre-built template or black canvas, any one you desire you have total control. With justuno, you can integrate your e-commerce platform email service provider, or any other tools you are familiar with to synchronize your data across your marketing stack. The power to maximize campaign efficiency with incremental and consistent optimizations is yours with Justuno.

If you need any information, Hubspot will help you find it through phone call, tweet, reference document, or email. Any support you need would be given once you click their in-app button. The core values of serving and delighting their customers is what they Hubspot is known for. For them to keep their free products truly free, email support are restricted to only paying customers. Nevertheless, if you are a free user, you can still get help on Hubspot community, which comprises of Hubspot partners, employees and users. Paying customers have access to options like ask the community, developer support, tweet at us, technical consulting, submit a ticket, outages and reliability, LogMeIn support, and call-in support.

3. NS8

With NS8 you can protect and defend your shop from advertising fraud, order fraud, and low performance. They use what they call a staylive alert service to enable you to get speedy alerts when your infrastructure is having issues. NS8 has a TrueStats feature that automatically tracks geolocation, demographic, over twenty thousand devices, ecommerce attributes and campaigns. With a single call, TrueStats events can track any amount of custom data. They also have powerful data sets, the EQ8 Scoring engine, and a simple REST API to power your application or service.  

This is a trusted Facebook marketing toolkit for Shopify storeowners. Your profit depends on how optimized your ad campaigns is on your Shopify store. In lieu of this, Trackify gives you an all-in-one Facebook pixel app, so you can easily install your Facebook pixel into your store and use amazing pixel features to start highly targeted, optimized ad campaigns. Connecting your Facebook Pixel with your Shopify store is a thing of ease with Trackify. They offer Pixel Backup, so you can protect your optimized data by delegating another pixel with event data that imitates your primary pixel. It comes with a 7-day free trial and other flexible plans that would suit your needs.

Thousands of fast-growing ecommerce merchants worldwide trust LoyaltyLion today. They are verified to increase customer retention tremendously by thousands of people around the world. You can create a data-driven engagement and loyalty program as unique as your brand with LoyaltyLion. Increase the value of your current customers and admonish them to act as advocates by offering seamless loyalty experience across various channels and devices through LoyaltyLion. Also, access the technology stack that surpasses even the biggest retailers as LoyaltyLion integrates with major ecommerce platforms and is compatible with custom-built stores. They work with popular agencies and integrate with the marketing tools you are familiar with.  

You can easily connect Shopify with sumall by; logging into your sumall account, then you click on connect at the top of your page, then you find Shopify in the menu and click on connect, it will redirect you to Shopify app store. Thereafter, you click the install button right there in the marketplace, and select the authorize app option to authorize sumall to use your account. Benchmarks, email digest, product post for Twitter and Facebook are the features compatible with Shopify here on sumall. There are things to note; once connected to sumall they refer a Shopify store as a Shopify profile, your store name is found in your URL as your store handle, taxes and shipping paid by customers and all shop orders makes up the total revenue.

You can boost sales on your Shopify store with Pixel Bay, this is adjudged the best Facebook pixel optimization app that tracks your perfect audience. To create products and niche specific custom audience and custom conversions on Pixel Bay and synchronizing them to your Facebook ad account has been made stress-free.  You can also track sales based on niches or specific product so Facebook can properly optimize your ads to your perfect audience with Pixel Bay. Promoting any item from your store dynamically and directing the right product to the right person is a benefit that pixel bay offers.

These ones are changing the rapport between vendor brands and retailers. They assist brands and retailers to find the right people at every aspect of the customer journey and also sell their products and services across the world. Vantage offers great scalable, professional ecommerce advertising, insights solutions and promotion to enterprise retailers and brands. They also have a powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to provide highly targeted, automated abilities at scale. Vantage has been proven to increase sales and integrates seamlessly with any ecommerce platform.

With AdScale you can scale your Ad performance significantly. AdScale is an advertising optimization platform for agencies and enterprises. They help over six thousand businesses of various sizes to boost their advertising performance and saving cost and time. They manage, optimize and automate your digital advertising across Facebook, Google, and other social media platform. AdScale is the ultimate solution for the various challenges faced in ecommerce advertising today.

They do the work of analyzing your data for you, saving you the stress that you may encounter doing it on your own. Over five thousand online stores worldwide trust Conversific. They provide insights for you on the go. They help you with product analytics, showing you which product needs improvement, and which product need to be promoted in PPC and so on. Conversific also help you monetize your customer base batter.

OptinMonster is one of the powerful lead generation software today for ecommerce websites, marketing agencies, bloggers, and small businesses likewise. OptinMonster can help you improve your website conversions, grow your email list and reduce cart abandonment. OptinMonster can be installed on almost all website platform on the internet and they integrate with major email marketing service. All you need is to have a website where you can add custom JavaScriptin the body of your website. You can also use OptinMonster on your client website, so you can deliver an amazing experience to them.

This google analytics app majors on your benchmark performance and tracking. Tracking of your online marketing and sales such as marketing attribution for sales, order f volumes, ecommerce details, and other useful parameters. Littledata shopify connection ensures complete and accurate data. This reporting app is none like any other out there today, you can trust your data generated from them and watch your business grow. No details slip through your finger with littledata, they are tested and trusted.

With Getsocial, you can track dark social of your most viral content, and automate their social distribution. This publishing and social analytics platform uses dark social to improve your clicks and your reach significantly on the social media. You get full knowledge with their social analytics to understand how your audience share your content in the dark social space and across all devices.

You can increase your sales by helping your customers locate where your products are sold offline with this next generation store location app. Introducing a rich and beautiful feature store locator to your website is what lifterlocator can do for you. This feature is a very nice idea if you have a network of dealers, sell products offline, or run multiple stores offline. Their store locator app is none like any you have seen. Guiding your customers with lifterlocator to where your products are sold can tremendously increase your offline sales. They also provide valuable insights about your customers such as where they search for your products offline. It is responsive and optimized for mobile also.  

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