30 Shopify Marketing Tactics

Marketing is the fuel of any online business. Shopify is the same. While it is a platform that can create amazing online stores. You still need some marketing knowledge to really make money out of it.

Today, I am going to show you 30 Shopify marketing tactics that can help you do this.

Here’s the list.

1 - Have a Referral Program

One of the easiest ways to increase traffic in your website is to have a referral program. This is where you allow your customers to refer their family and friends to your website. All it needs is a simple form where they can enter the details of the people that they know. In return, you can give them a freebie or discount coupon or code. Discounts can be percentage or cash discounts. For you to do this, you’ll need a referral software like OSI Affiliate.

2 - Offer a Discount Code to New Buyers

There is one reason why new buyers are wary of buying from you. It is because they don’t know you. You can lessen the friction by offering them a ‘bribe’. It can be a simple discount code that is exclusive to new buyers. You can ask them to sign up for an account and send the discount code to their email.

3 - Message People Who Abandoned Their Carts

One the greatest nightmares for ecommerce sellers are abandoned carts. It is devastating to see a customer who is on the verge of buying only to cancel at the last minute. With this, you should implement a system where you can contact those who have abandoned their carts. This way, you can get them back to your checkout page and convince them to buy. 

Cohort analysis will help you to understand the abandonment rate of your online payment process. If necessary, Shopify now offers a portable credit card reader for taking offline payments.

4 - Promote on Facebook

Promoting on Facebook is not exclusive to advertising. You can also promote on Facebook by creating a page and an online store. Yes, you read it right. You can create your own online store right from your page. What can this do to your customers? It gives them the convenience of buying straight from Facebook - they don’t even need to leave it to buy.

5 - Promote on Google Shopping

Another promising website is Google Shopping. I like this because listings in this platform usually comes in the search engines. The best part is that you can easily integrate it with your Shopify account as long as you know the right add-on to use.

6 - Get All Buyers into your List

One of the most fatal mistakes you can make in an ecommerce business is to fail to get your prospects’ emails. Aside from getting them to buy from you, you’ll want to follow up with them on their experience as well as introduce other products to them. But you can only do that if they are on your list. So make it a habit to get your existing and potential buyers to sign up to your list. It will make it easier to market to them.

7 - Offer Seasonal Discounts

You may have seen those limited-time discount in other ecommerce websites. These discounts are often implemented if there is an event such as Christmas, Valentines and others. But you don’t need to have an event in order to have these. You can implement these discounts on a regular basis. Just limit the time span of each discount and renew it with another offer.

8 - Choose Unique Products

One of the reasons why ecommerce websites fail is the lack of unique products. If your online store is just similar to other online stores in your niche, you’ll surely fail. You need to do something that will make you stand out from the crowd and having unique products is one of them. For this, you can join some exclusive communities that updates you with high-selling unique products on a regular basis. This way, you only list products that are unique and are designed to sell.

9 - Promote on Google Adwords or Pay-Per-Click

Look at the statistics of some of the highest performing ecommerce websites and you’ll find out that they are using pay-per-click marketing. Here’s the problem. Most marketers are afraid of using this. They fear that they’ll just lose money when they do it. But really, it is all about testing. Don’t put all of your money and advertise blindly. Test the waters. Put in around $10 first and see how much traffic that can give you. Then, increase it to $50. Keep increasing the amount until you find that sweet spot where you manage to get more conversions than the money that you put in.

10 - Create YouTube Product Reviews

Here’s the sad truth about content marketing. Nobody reads blogs anymore. If someone wants to buy a particular product, they will not search for it on Google. Most of the people today will head to Youtube for a review. Why do youtube reviews work? Well, for one, it allows the prospect to see the products. And with that, they’ll have an idea on how it will look once they buy it.

11 - Create a Product Upsell

Another way to make more sales with your website is to create an upsell. Don’t be contented with merely closing a sale. You should include some recommended products and add a bundle with some extra freebies. If your customer likes it, he will buy. This will allow you to get more money for each sale.

12 - Enable Wishlists

Some ecommerce websites have wishlists activated. This allows the customer to add a particular item to their wishlist. Having these in your site will allow you to contact the customer to proceed with ordering the items in their wishlist. This will allow you to send purchase reminders which can increase your sales.

13 - Have Exit Offers

The dreaded ‘Back’ button is the reason why ecommerce websites have tons of abandoned carts. Prevent this with an exit offer. This is a pop-up or a page that only comes up when your customer is about to leave your site. This will allow you to give them a discounted price or a freebie for simply returning to your site and continuing with the purchase.

14 - Promote on Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media websites on the Internet. And the reason is because of its active community. Showcase your products through photos or videos in Instagram. Since it is shown inside an app and it is personal, conversions are often higher.

15 - Include User-Generated Content

We live in an age where reviews are no longer written formally. Instead, they are shared all across different social channels. These ‘stories’ or ‘testimonials’ are also known as user generated content. You can include this in your online store if you have a way to crawl the Internet when someone mentions your product. The best part is that it gives your site a solid social proof.

16 - Do Influencer Marketing

Building backlinks is dead. Instead, you should reach out to influencers and ask them to promote you. This way, the promotion is authentic rather than rehearsed. The best part is the reach of the influencers. One promotion will allow you to reach hundreds and thousands of people with a single broadcast. That’s how powerful influencer marketing is.

17 - Launch Collaborative Contests

Similarly, you can get people to talk about you through contests. But I am not talking about ordinary contests. I am talking about collaborative contests. This is where you work together with other brands in your industry and pool a set of prizes for your customers. The result is that you get to cross promote your brands as well as get more sales for your website.

18 - Have a Giveaway

Similarly, you can have a giveaway. You can do this by yourself or you can work with other brands as well. Giveaways are great because of its tendency to go viral. Often, giveaways are shared all across social media especially if it’s part of the mechanics. This means more exposure for your site.

19 - Tap Emotions in Selling

There is a reason why some commercials are going viral. They are being shared because of the emotion that it evokes. Don’t let your online store become a boring entity. Let your prospects know about your story by injecting emotion into your content. This doesn’t only apply on video. You can also use this in your promotional content.

20 - Have a Pop-up Store

Sometimes, you need to go outside the bounds of your website to really get more people into your store. For this, you can have a pop-up store. A pop-up store is a limited-time store. It can be found in bazaars or just some place in the mall. What this does is it introduces your products to your customer in real life. They get to see, touch and feel your products. Plus, this is a nice way to reach out to your existing customers who want to pick up products in your pop-up store.

21 - Create a Blog

Don’t focus too much on your online store. You should always supplement your store with other content. To do that, you should have a blog. This blog can include top lists of your products as well as in-depth product reviews. Product reviews should be more than a rundown of the features. It should also include photos of real users using your products.

22 - Use a Sales Funnel

Sales funnels are popular because they are so effective. This means that you don’t stop by making that first sale. You offer an upsell, cross sell and downsell products as well. Upsell allows your customer to upgrade to a better version of your product. Cross sells allow your customer to buy complementing products. And downsell are cheaper versions of your products for those who want to give it a try but doesn’t have the budget to do so.

23 - Tap Pay-Per-View

Marketing should not be limited to pay-per-click or social media. There is another type of marketing that allows you to get more traffic for a smaller spend. This is PPV or pay-per-view. You only need to pay a few cents and you get real traffic to your online store.

24 - Contact Youtubers

More than influencers, Youtubers have a regular, steady following that you can tap. The best part is that lifestyle Youtubers are often looking for the next thing to review. So contact them and ask if them if they are interested in reviewing one of your products.

25 - Create Influencer Coupons

Once you have contacted an influencer, it may be best to ask for more than just a link. Instead, you should create a coupon that’s designed just for them. Why do they like this? Well, they love it because it contains their brand. Plus, it allows them to help their followers. So win-win!

26 - Promote in Coupon or Deals Websites

If you are offering limited-time discounts in your website, you may want to post in coupon or deals websites. These website often have a list of deals. Just add your deal and you may find more people discovering your site.

27 - Create Infographics

We now live in a visual age of infographics. More than blog content, you should aim to create image-focused content like infographics. The best part is that you can also share them in infographic websites afterwards.

28 - Create Story Videos

Stories sell. Your customers want to know you and they want to know what makes you stand out from the rest. Open your online store with a story video. It will have a better impact to your customers.

29 - ‘Sold Out’ is a Good Thing

Don’t delete sold out products. Show them off and show your customer how much they have missed for not buying the item when it was available. It creates a feeling of scarcity and it will encourage them to buy from you the next time an item becomes available.

30 - Open Your Site to Affiliates

Also, you can’t promote your site alone. So enlist an army of affiliates. Open an affiliate program in your site and allow other people to promote your site for you.

So that ends the giant list of 30 Shopify marketing tactics. Which did you like the best? Which will you use? Tell me all about it below. 

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  1. Comment From Jasmine Edwards

    50 percent of these are really good ones, 15% are common ones, and the rest I have not yet tried. I’ll give them a go once I get the chance. Good write-up!

  2. Comment From Kayla Brede

    Ha! Never understood why some people say sold out is a good thing! Now I now. Your article was very fun to read. Kudos!

  3. Comment From Keyden Cardwell

    You must have a really good online shop because your tips and tactics are really good.

  4. Comment From Marta Carhart

    Is it okay to save this for when I need it? I’m starting my store and I’m sure I would need this list someday. Thanks for giving me so many ideas, they are helpful for us newbies

  5. Comment From Jordan Parra

    I’m not on Shopify but I always read and apply most of your tips and tricks to my site. So far, all that I have learned from you helped me grow my business. Thank you is not enough.

  6. Comment From Robert Ferrel

    Good list of tactics, must try it when I get the chance.

  7. Comment From Anton Burnett

    I don’t know about offering a discount to new buyers but the rest are amazing ideas. Anyway, your articles are inspiring.

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