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What is The Best Referral Marketing Plugin For Your Shopify Store?

Want to have a referral marketing program with your Shopify website? Referral marketing is an effective way of driving traffic and sales in your website. It works by allowing your customers to refer their family and friends to your website. It operates through a simple referral form. In there, they can input the information of their family and friends so that you can have access to them. In some instances, they may ask them to sign up to your page. This way, the referrals are counted as members.

Why does referral marketing works? It works because of the reward. You use the reward to encourage your customers to refer more people to your site. If the reward is enticing enough, you’ll find that more and more customers will refer people to your site. And if they are loyal customers, referring will be easy for them. Since they already like your product or service, referring you to their family and friends is just natural. Getting rewarded for it is a bonus.

Having a Shopify website and merely promoting it the traditional way no longer works. You may have tried that already. You may have submitted your site into multiple directories, asked influencers for backlinks or promoted it through different forms of paid advertising. But none of this works fast. I am not saying that they don’t work. They do. But it will usually take months before you see any significant change traffic and sales in your website.

Referral marketing is fast. This is because instead of enlisting one person to do the marketing for you, you are enlisting all of your customers to promote your program for you. Let’s say that you have 100 customers. If these 100 customers know at least 1 person that they can refer your business to, you’ll instantly have 100 new customers from just 1 referral from each customer. Of course, this is just an estimate. The real number may be higher or lower. It all depends on your reward and how enticing your product or service really is.

As you can see, referral marketing has its benefits. Why does it work so well? This is because it operates with trust. Think about it. Would you use a product recommended by someone you don’t know? Or would you use it if a friend recommended it? I am sure that you will choose the latter. With your customer’s relationships, you no longer need to convince people to buy from you. They will use their relationship with other people in order to recommend people to your website. The result? You get more than just traffic. You get new people that has a higher chance of buying from you.

One of the referral softwares that I love to use is OSI Affiliate. It is known as one of the top referral marketing software online. Customers love it not only for its features but also for its awesome customer service team. Today, I’ll show you why it tops my list for a good Shopify referral plugin. 

Introducing - OSI Affiliate 

OSI Affiliate (also known as Omnistar Affiliate Software in the Shopify App Marketplace) is a software that automates referral marketing for you. With it, you can edit your referral marketing page with the information that you like and include your logo in it as well. You can choose whatever reward you want. On top of this, you can also edit your referral form with the information that you need. All of these can be done inside Shopify.

Why Choose OSI Affiliate

OSI Affiliate is the leader in referral marketing softwares because of its amazing features. Here are some of their customer’s most favorite features.

Administrative Managament Board

A referral program without a dashboard would be empty. You need a place where you can see all your referrers along with the referrals that they have made. You want their commissions to be automatically computed so that all you need to think about is how to pay them. You also need a page where you can customize your sign-up and thank you pages. All these should be done with detailed reports.

Exclusive Referrer Dashboard

But you're not the only one that needs a dashboard. Your referrer needs it as well. They don't only need to sign up, they also need a way to track how well they are doing. OSI Affiliate's dashboard includes statistics, profile management, creatives and other resources that may help your referrer promote your program.

Three Types of Commissions

OSI Affiliate is also one of those referral programs that offer three types of commissions. This means that you can pay your customers in three types. These are percentage commissions, fixed rate commissions and smart rewards. Smart rewards stands for things other than money. This can be a coupon, gift card and others.

Unbeatable Promotional Tools

OSI Affiliate also has an array of amazing promotional tools. This includes a contest manager, a social media sharing option and the auto-enroll system for customers.

The contest manager fosters healthy competition among referrers. It gives a higher reward aside from that specified in commissions. This means that referrers with the most number of referrals also get to win some prizes.

The social media sharing option also comes just in time for today’s modern times. We are in an age where everyone is online in their social media profiles. This option allows your customers to easily share your program to their family and friends through social media.

Lastly, you’ll love the auto-enroll system. This means that every customer instantly becomes an affiliate. With this system, you no longer need to convince your customer to become your affiliate. Instead, they are instantly signed up to your system once they buy something from you.

Dedicated Support

Omnistar is known for its amazing support. They have it in 4 types: phone, live chat, helpdesk and knowledge base. So no matter what type of person you are, they have a way to address your problem.

Customers have also commended the way that they talk to their customers. They are always ready to assist and go another mile and this is what customers love.

There is a reason why OSI Affiliate is one of the top referral or affiliate marketing softwares online. Once you have decided that it is for you, it is only a matter of setting it up.

How to Setup OSI Affiliate on Shopify

One of the problems with referral marketing softwares is the setup. Some softwares are just too complicated to understand. However, OSI Affiliate is nothing of that sort. In fact, you’ll find that the feel of its interface to be highly familiar for it is quite similar with Shopify itself.

Here is the simple setup process.

PART 1: Preparation

It is best to be prepared. So before we skip to the actual creation of your referral program, let us first ensure that everything is ready.

STEP 1: Sign Up on Shopify

This can only work if you have a Shopify account. So be sure that you are signed up. Signing up is easy. Plus, you don't have to pay for the monthly subscription right away. There is a 14-day trial period so that you can try the software before buying it.

STEP 2: Test Shopify

Once you're in, you don't have to be 100% decided on your website. Remember that you are just doing this for testing. This means that you will not make sales right away and that's okay. You first need to know how Shopify works. In here, feel free to fiddle with the navigation areas until you get to know the platform.

STEP 3: Search for Omnistar Affiliate Software in the Shopify App Store 

Now you'll get access to the Shopify app store. In here, you can start looking for Omnistar Affiliate Software. This has two versions: a free one and a paid one. You are free to test the free version until you find that it works for you.

PART 2: Create Your Referral Campaign

Now that everything is ready, it is time to launch your referral program. You can do that with the steps in this section.

STEP 1: Setup Your Referral Page

To do this, go to Setup and choose "I want to set up my sign up page to register new users".

This will take you a page where you can fully customize the referral program.

First, upload a logo.

Next, update the details of your program. This should include the specific reward that your prospect will get. If it is a discount, the percentage should be spelled out. You should also note if you want your referrers to reach certain milestones for them to unlock certain rewards.

STEP 2: Setup Your Referral Form

Then, you'll need to set up your referral form. This will include the details that you will need from your referrers. This can include the first name, last name, email, title, website and company. It is all up to you. Once that is done, click Update and you are finished.

It's easy, right? You can unlock more features if you use the paid version of the application.

How to Promote Your Referral Program

Now your referral program should not end with the set up. You'll hardly reap the benefits of referral marketing if you don't do any form of promotion. Today, I'll show you some promotion strategies that you can use.

The Cash Strategy

Since the topic is about promotional tactics, I cannot help but share the story of PayPal. Paypal started from the ground like any other website. The only difference is that its leader is willing to lose money for future gains.

So what they did is that they gave away $50 for each signup in their website. It's simple but the customer feedback was immense. That simple idea led them to an influx of members which is the reason why they had more than a million today.

The secret is two things. First, they chose the perfect reward for their customers. They thought about what they wanted and did that. Next, they have a vision for the longterm. What they did could have lost the company massive amounts of money. But that's okay because of the benefits that they got in the long run.

The Viral Contest

Another way to get an influx of sign-ups in your referral program is to host a contest. Contests often wakes up the competitive spirit within your customers. With this, they will promote your website not only because of the reward. They will also do it because they want to win the contest.

With this, Omnistar can help you with its contest manager. This is somewhat like a leaderboard where you can track how many referrals a certain referrer has made. From here, all you need are some enticing prizes. Hopefully, it is something that will encourage most of your customers to promote your website for you.

Basic Social Marketing

Facebook has 1 billion members for a reason. Social media has become integrated with people's lives. If you are still not promoting your business on social media in 2018, you are clearly missing out.

Thankfully, Omnistar Affiliate Software also has a social share widget in their application. This allows customers to do more than refer their family and friends' email addresses. They can also just share the referral program to the people that they know.

Currently, the software is integrated with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

So if you are looking for a good referral marketing software for your Shopify website, try OSI Affiliate. It has all the basic features that you’ll need for a working referral system plus it has some exclusive features that can make promotion extremely easy. All of these are done with the assistance of their customer service team that is available in different platforms. Now you no longer have a reason not to have a referral program in your Shopify website. Try OSI Affiliate. It’s easy to set up and it is 100% Shopify-compatible. 

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  1. Comment From Carlie Simons

    I have tried Omnistar on Shopify and it’s more than what I expected. I don’t really expect much from Shopify apps but as I tried it I was surprised to see it filled with useful features.

  2. Comment From James Carter

    The support team of Omnistar is amazing! I have tried different apps and it’s given that some minor questions or problems might arise but never have I gotten a response and help as fast as Omnistar. Kudos to that!

  3. Comment From Allyson Rodman

    Referral marketing is really effective in bringing sales into your store because your customer’s recommendation to people they know would be more trustworthy. I love your articles; there are new things to learn every day!

  4. Comment From John Smith

    So many benefits you can get from referral programs, and Omnistar makes you realize the resources you already have which makes it easier to get started.

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    I came across this as was looking for a Shopify referral marketing app that has social media integrations. This was a good read and eye opener!

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