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Are you brand new to the ecommerce scene? Maybe you’re building your first site and have not a clue on setting up a great online presence. Have no fear because Shopify is here to help you with all things related to ecommerce. You won’t be stuck up the creek without a paddle. Shopify is a stellar company serving over 60,000 stores worldwide. Do you have a physical retail store, but your inventory is a bit outdated and disorganized? No worries on that front, either. Why not check out Shopify’s P.O.S. system to directly link with your physical inventory? You’ll be able to tell right away where your inventory comes from, your sales, your stock, and more. Additionally, you’ll be able to see your contacts between the retail store and your ecommerce site. This is a solid way to keep track of your items. There’s also top notch Shopify Affiliate Software available that could help you encourage word of mouth from your customers, track commissions for influencers, blogs, and even make it easier for the people promoting your business to share your online store.

On hand for your troubleshooting, you’ll have a great staff on deck dedicated to helping you in your questions on building your web presence. Since 2006, the company holds a reputation of being a premier ecommerce site for small and large brands. It’s a great blend for your small or large presence. Instead of finding an ecommerce site with the things they needed, they built their brand around the services that weren’t fulfilled. With a huge online service aiding major brands and music groups such as General Electric, Amnesty International, CrossFit, Tesla Motors, Encyclopedia Britannica, Foo Fighters, you can expect some top notch deals. Instead of running a store by yourself, you’ll have a great team on deck to help make this a much easier process. You can customize your design, accept credit card orders, and viewing orders without sweating bullets. Here are some details to help you in your journey with Shopify.

If you have any questions about Shopify, please visit the Shopify Affiliate Software Knowledge Base.

Shopify Designers

If you are looking for unique designs, there are tons of designers that will provide you with great work. There are designers based out of New York, Los Angeles, Ottawa, Philly, and more for your choosing. Get a feel for designers closer to your tastes or a bit different from your normal proceedings. Here are four top web design agencies.

Zimidi, Inc. – Designer/ Developer; Key West; $100/hr; $500 per project
This a great company made just for starters in ecommerce. Zimidi, Inc is a great key developer especially when moving a site to a different platform. If you need assistance with SEO, product images, or schematics, you’ll have a great staff member behind you for one on one training. A good explanation of small details will definitely put your ideas on a different stage. You’ll build on even advanced SEO to reel in astonishing results with your web traffic. This is a real best buy; highly recommended!

Pixelated Arts – Irvine, California ; $75/hr; $1000 per project
If you need a killer design but don’t want to go overboard on your budget, this service is a great step up from your typical start-up package. You’ll get a great deal out of your money due to designing and great coding you’ll have on deck for whatever game plan you want to execute. This makes a lot of things externally and internally better for you in the developing stages of your ecommerce store. In other words, this means less headaches for you. To get a good gauge of a way to develop your site, you can get free consultation for solid assistance on how to achieve the best results for your site. You’ll get a solid head start on what you need for your brand.

Spicy Design – Montreal, Canada; $100/hr; $3,000 per project
If you have a project you need done in a pinch, this is absolutely perfect for your business. Sometimes, you’re in a major situation where you need to get your work done fast. Spicy Design is an incredibly creative design company that has 6 years of experience working directly with Shopify. Also, you’ll find full and professional service with this top tier company. They really provide an above and beyond service with amazing development to get your new site off the ground.

Barrel’s – New York, NY; $50,000 per project
Top shelf service with a premium price. This is what you call a top notch, front to back, customizable, Shopify based site. Creativity and experience will be on your side as you begin to take your business to a global online brand. You’ll have a high-end site that you can be proud of for years down the line. If you have deep pockets, invest your brand and build it to a top level with worldwide recognition. You’ll need to develop your online brand further with your own apps.

Apps That Work With Shopify

You need to enrich your online presence with a solid set of apps. It’ll make you and your customer’s experience much better. An app experience is all about making things and easy to pickup. You want to have a good read on all parts of your business even when you are out and about. Also, you want this same experience for your prospects. Here are some great apps you can use with Shopify:

Product Options – $9.99/month
This is an excellent service that helps you with hundreds of your products and puts them in order. Some of the features it offers include:

The ONLY Options app that allows you to Create Options, or Option Groups! Save them and apply them in Bulk. Later on update in bulk too!
– Add File Uploads, Radio Buttons, Checkbox & Checkbox Groups, Text Boxes Single & Multiple Line, Dropdown Single and Multiple Select and More!
– Add Style to your options! Customize EVERYTHING about how your option sets appear on your product page.

This is one of the better upsell products on the market.

Dropifi Contact Widget – Free
The perfect app to help with organizing your own list. You need this in your repertoire for conducting business in an orderly fashion. Why not see what’s exactly on your plate at the drop of a hat? You’ll engage with customers while on any page; no distractions. You’ll see demographics of social media profiles right on your app. Here are some incredible features of this incredibly useful app:
– Install in 60 seconds
– Customize everything; text on tab, colors, labels and templates for sending messages etc.
– Robust anti-spam filters
– Messaging inbox customized for just what you do
– Send automatic responses
– Sentiment Analysis and contact demographic information discovery
– Message re-routing based on business rules you set
– Advanced Analytics and Industry Comparison
– Team collaboration

With these features in your app, you’ll perform much better with your business.

Ship Station – $25-$65 a month
The apps of all apps for your shipping needs. You’ll have a good number of services and shipping companies available for your products to make your needs more accessible. Check out the great features of this app:

Print Shipping Labels and Packing Slips in Batch:
No more printing labels one-by-one on your thermal or desktop printer! With ShipStation, you can process and print up to 500 labels in a single batch. Print pick lists, packing slips, and labels easily and quickly to either your local printer or, with Google Cloud Print, to any printer in the world! ShipStation is packed with features such as Automation Rules, Order Tagging, and Product Defaults that allow you to eliminate manual data entry.

Consolidate Orders from Multiple Channels:
ShipStation is integrated with major marketplaces and shopping cart solutions including:
– Shopify (of course!)
– eBay
– Amazon
– PayPal
– Sears
– Etsy
– Newegg
– Google Wallet
– Stitch Labs

Not only does ShipStation download your orders automatically, but it also sends the tracking details back to your selling platform when labels are created.

No Software to Install:
ShipStation is a web-based solution that is hosted in the cloud. Never worry about installing software, upgrading, or backing up your data. Log into your account from any web browser to manage your orders, create shipping labels, and view reports.

Shipping Carriers:
ShipStation supports FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL Global Mail, Canada Post, OnTrac, UPS Mail Innovations and FedEx SmartPost.

Beetailer Social Widget – Free
Whether it’s social interaction, reviews, or just engaging on different platforms, you need this for your mobile situation. Pinterest, Facebook, Google plus, and Twitter provide excellent venues for this service. Find out why this is an incredible app you need for a mobile audience:

Socialize your products allowing your customers to add comments, create a tweet with your product info or like the product.
– The easier way to share your products improving your customers social experience.
– Keep synchronized the comments, number of likes or tweets with your Facebook shop (having a Facebook is optional)

This is one of the best ways to build viral traffic and awareness to your brand. This is particularly powerful when it comes to building prospects for a long term relationship.

Best Designed Store

Are you still a bit unsure you want to use Shopify’s designers? Maybe you need a few examples to see the range of design, functionality, and user experience that goes into a good site/ Here are few great sites that will show the creativity and professional work you could have by your side.

Made in Detroit
This is pretty nice merchandise site with hoodies, sweatshirts, and great accessories for a smartphone. The apparel is dedicated to men and women and there are some unique pieces by music star, Kid Rock. Overall, the site is very sharp looking and easy to navigate. The products are well displayed and easy to order.
A great site on info for the Donny and Marie show. Also, there’s merchandise on the site as well as tour dates available for appearances. The site has great flash images, easy to navigate, and it’s a bit interactive as well. This is something you need for a high profile online brand.

Laced Up
Quality laces for your skate, casual, and athletic sneakers. The logo is very creative having the letters in cursive with a cool looking shoelace design. It’s very colorful but nicely done. Also, you’ll be sure to attract a lot of customers.

Whether you are an expert looking to amplify your brand to a high level or a smaller brand catering to a specific audience, Shopify is an excellent asset to have for your customers and yourself. Ecommerce can be an avenue in marketing that’s difficult to grasp, but a great team will give you excellent tools to succeed. You should fully take advantage of your options in engaging with your followers via social media. Also, make sure to send out the right messages to your loyal customers via email. Whatever package you choose, you’ll have all the support you need for a long term online business.

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