Best Shopify Sales Channel Apps

1. OSI Affiliate

Every seller’s goal is to see their Shopify store go viral and increase sales. OSI Affiliate Software is known for being able to help brands increase engagement, increase sales, and reduce bounce rates. With this software you can create and manage your referral and affiliate campaign in one dashboard. OSI Affiliate Software will support you until the very end because it’s their goal to see their clients reach the top. If you are new to this industry, don’t worry because they have a support team ready to help you via phone or live chat from Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 7PM ET.

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2. Point of Sale

All the benefits from the Shopify eCommerce platform could be found in this Shopify POS. there’s no need to worry about third-party fees and other restrictions because you can instantly accept payments from different channels. While you are managing your retail business with a unified interface, you are also saving yourself a lot of time. Shopify POS is offered at a good price, plus an amazing customer support system. It’s mostly used by small businesses, it’s an app that even those who have no experience could use with ease because it’s really easy to set up. This can work well with free affiliate software.

But remember that this app is made for retail so don’t expect it to have all the function a premium POS would have. But when it comes to inventory processes, you could still handle it in the cloud. If you need something good to work with and you don’t have the luxury to take time to learn the Shopify POS is the one for you because there isn’t any learning curve you have to stress about.

3. Facebook with Shopify

Facebook can create a shop tab on your Facebook page when you set up a Facebook sales channel. You can check if you are eligible to use the checkout of Facebook, and if you are then your customers could check out right from Facebook. From Shopify, you can fulfill orders, make changes with your producats and review your sales.

4. Wish

Google and Yahoo engineers founded Wish. It’s a bargain hunting website straight from Chine and it features a lot of different stores and millions of products from all over the world. With wish, you can personalize your shopping experience because of their algorithm that would base the recommended products on your previous purchases. They also have a wishlist where you can save your favorite products in order to find it when you decide to buy it in the future, you can also share your wishlist on Facebook. Wish could also be used on your Tabs, iPad, or smart phone because it has iOS, Windows, Amazon, and Android apps.

5. Wanelo

Wanelo is a shopping application that also has a website version to connect their users to different styles, products, brands, and people on Wanelo that share the same preferences with them. They also allow teens and adults to post their favorite items like clothes, cosmetics, home goods, etc. You could then browse through them by brands, items, and lists that users create. If you’re wondering why Wanelo, it stands for want, need, love. Their motto is all stores in one app and so far they are achieving their motto.

6. SiBi

SiBi allows you to buy and match items that are similar to those posted by fashion bloggers on Instagram. They also have a shop by photo and color feature to make searching for what you want very easy to do, and they even update posts on a daily basis. Their latest update made the user interface easier than ever. Users can now click on tags to quickly be able to see matches.

They also have new SiBi shops that allow the users to click on store icons and see the available items from a single merchant.  They even have shops filled with products inspired by Instagrammer’s fashion influencers. See it, Buy it (SiBi) makes shopping for what you need easier than ever before.

7. Messenger with Shopify

With the messenger sales channel you can now have real time conversations with the customers in a similar manner when you talk to the sales person in the physical shop. From the messenger menu “Shop Now” purchasing an item becomes more easier than ever. Customers could look for the products, pick, and purchase items that they have selected through the buy now button, that’s all found in messenger. As a seller, answering questions about availability, details, confirmation, shipping notifications, and everything else becomes an easier job. Now, checking your inventory, checkout, and done on Shopify. You can simply do this all by adding the message Us button to any of your Shopify store.

8. Buy Button

If you already have an existing website, you can use the buy button to sell there. you can even add it on your email campaign or blogs if you want to. Shopify will be the none to manage  all the other hassles of ecommerce, this one is perfect for those who are still starting and even experts. This button provides you with a snippet code that has all the needed product information and the secure checkout of Shopify. If you are thinking it wont match your blog, don’t worry because you can customize the button and change the font, color, text, style to make sure that it fits your brand.

9. Ebay

On a daily basis, eBay, is the marketplace where people are trading. There are buyers, sellers, and even both. But eBay is different from the others out there because on eBay, an item is worth how much a person is willing to pay for it. If you have something that people are looking for, like collectibles, discontinued items, vintage, unusual, then you sure will get a high price for it. Do you remember when Hostess was shut down temporarily and Twinkies weren’t being produced? eBay sellers bought them and sold them on eBay for a premium.

10. Pinterest with Shopify

You can use your Pinterest sales channel to allow pins with links to your products on Shopify so it would turn into a buyable pin. Your customers won’t have to go to your store on Shopify because they can buy from Buyable pins right from Pinterest and the orders would be created in your Shopify Admin.

11. Amazon with Shopify

Shopify has finally integrated with Amazon and it makes it so much easier to list products into the largest marketplace in the world, as well as become more visible. Your online store would showcase your brand and offer most of the control over the experience of customers but you will do even more as you expand. When you have the right business, your sales will definitely increase as you reach more shoppers from Amazon.

12. Buzzfeed with Shopify

Right now, the BuzzFeed channel is only available in US, basically just to those who are buying and selling from the US and paying in USD. If you are the you better check this out by installing the BuzzFeed channel into your Shopify account and choose the products that you would want BuzzFeed’s editor to discover and also, set your rate for commissions. When a creator chooses to feature your product, a link would be created to embed it into the product listing ads which would be promoted on Facebook. When customers click on the link, it would lead them directly into your store and track everything while organizing payout of commissions when you receive the payment from the customer.

13. Houzz

Are you looking for an online community or a website about architecture, decorating, interior designing, landscape, home improvement, and the like? The Houzz is one of the best and is also integrated with Shopify to make the search for the amazing product easier. They have product recommendations, articles, photos, and a user forum.

14. KiK

Kik and Kik’s developer partnered with Shopify and CONVRG to make a GiftGuru. It’s a bot to find gifts and provides recommendations to users of Kik from across merchants from Shopify. Serires of questions were answered by teens just so they could find the best gifts.  CONVRG created a checkout flow especially for this to allow teens to checkout via “Send to a parent/ Friend” so they could complete the purchase without a credit card. Teenagers became more engaged and aware.

15. Lyst

Lyst was launched in London in 2010, it’s a search engine for fashion that would be connecting shoppers from all over the world with items from different stores and designers. Name it, they got it, Burberry,Valentino, J.Crew, Lane Crawfors, etc. etc. by 2013 they also launched an integrated check out that would be allowing shoppers to buy products from different retailers right from lyst.

16. Curate

If you are looking for the marketplace where shoppers would find best fashion, homeware, and products for lifestyle then you should check out Curate. This is the newest shopping experience of New Zealand and they allow customers to engage with companies an a more exciting way. If you want to improve your brand presence, get more engaged customers, and increase more conversions, you should check this out.

17. Ebates

This is Shopify’s THE BIG DEAL, sales channel that was creates to get merchants from Shopify to be part of their members using their iOS app. When they partner with the merchants of Shopify, they offer their members a single flash deal at a time which are also limited. It was mainly created in order to incentivize buying from a new retailer.

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