42 Best Shopify Social Media Apps

Are you using social media to market your products in Shopify? Did you know that a Shopify Affiliate Software is very effective in driving more sales, conversions, and traffic to your store? It’s one of the most effective strategy today because its core is word of mouth marketing. It’s a smart thing to use social media to your benefit in every chance you get. Here are 40 social media apps that would be great to use with Shopify, take note of the Shopify Affiliate Softwares they are the bomb today! 

1. OSI Affiliate Software

Starting a referral program is one of the best things that you can do to grow your sales and increase traffic to your shopify store. A referral program is when you get other people to promote your product and service on social media. If they send you a successful sale, then OSI Affiliate Software will track and reward them.

2. Facebook Product Feed by Flexify

Want to sell products on Facebook? You can do that with you own Facebook Product Catalog. The best part? You can now sync it with your Shopify shop. With this, you no longer need to create two different shops for your website and Facebook page. Just create a Shopify shop and it will instantly be synced with your Facebook page.

Why should you post your products on Facebook? For advertising of course! Facebook allows product ads. This will allow you to easily reach your target market on Facebook. Facebook is the easiest platform to post ads in. It is not that expensive and you get a maximum return for your investment.

3. Shoppable Instagram Galleries

Instagram is one of the fastest growing mobile app. Not only are its userbase growing, it seems that engagement is growing significantly as well. If you are not yet tapping this market for your business, you are clearly losing out. 

Here’s how Shoppable Instagram Galleries work. It allows you to connect your Shopify shop to your instagram account. From here, you can create your own gallery with your own unique hashtags. From here, you can get any of your product images and turn into your own unique shoppable gallery. It is like transferring the products in your Shopify store directly to your Instagram account. You get to sell products right from the platform.

4. Instafeed

Want to use your Instagram photos for your Shopify Store? There is a solution. This is called Instafeed and it allows you to easily add your Instagram images to your online store.

Adding it is easy. First, you just need to add your Instagram details. Then, you can set the number of pictures that the app will fetch from your feed. Once you have done this, the app will get the pictures that you want and include it in your store.

You’ll love this app because it is free. Plus, you don’t even need to know any form of coding. You can simply activate the app in your store and that’s it.

5. Outfy

Social media is powerful. It allows you to reach a larger audience in a few clicks. But it will be hard to do if you do it manually.

This is where Outfy can help you. Outfy is a tool that instantly integrates your Shopify store with 12 social networks. What this does is give you the freedom to do social media product postings on the fly. Aside from this, there is also an auto-syncing feature that allows you to post products automatically. And if you want to plan an advance, the tool also has you covered. It has an autopilot planner that helps you to schedule your future promotions.

6. Social Sharing Buttons

Marketing is essential for every online store. It is not enough to post your products in it. You also need to promote it.

But to do that, you need the help of sharing buttons. Social Sharing Buttons gives you access to as much as 25 social media networks. This allows you to connect your online store through sharing, contact forms and even Facebook messenger.

You’ll love this tool because it helps you in your marketing. There is also some premium features which include popups, countdown timers, store locators and others.

7. Instagram Shop by Snappt

Instagram is growing. From an app that is known to provide filters for photos, it is now a community of creatives. This means that there is a market of creatives for just about any niche. From fashion, art, design and jewelry, you can market your products on Instagram and have a massive amount of sales.

Instagram Shop is a tool that will help you sell the products in your Instagram profile to your Shopify store. You can then refer your Instagram followers to your store so that they can buy your products straight away. No need to talk to them manually about the ordering process and prices. Shopify will have you covered.

8. Social Autopilot

Managing your social network profiles can be a chore. Not only do you need to log in each of your profiles, you also need to setup your post description and images and post them manually in all networks. This can take a lot of time.

Fortunately, there is a tool that can help you. This is Social Autopilot. This allows you to automate your social media process by scraping your products and posting it into your social media profiles. Now, you can finally share in all of your profiles with a click of a button.

9. Showcase – Shop Instagram

Have a lot of followers on Instagram? Why not market to that traffic by featuring your shop right in your Instagram profile. With Showcase, you can have a gallery that acts more than just an Instagram feed. Now you can have an online store right in your Instagram profile.

Here’s how it works. It leverages your followers on Instagram by referring your traffic to your online store. Now, you can do more than post images. You can now also sell related products with your images. It is just a matter of sharing your online store with your followers. With a ready market, you can start earning in no time.

10. Covet.Pics

Fashion is becoming a bigger niche. Not only is its demand growing, its revenues are also growing. With this, you can use image-oriented social networks to promote your fashion-related products. You can do this with an app called Covet.pics.

Covet.pics is unique because it does more than let your gallery become shoppable. It also instantly curates images so that you can instantly have a beautiful gallery. With this, you no longer have to manually search for images. The app can search for pictures through hashtags and usernames.

With this, you can leverage the power of two of the most popular communities online: Lookbook and Instagram.

11. Trust My Store Social

Now, you can use your social media channels to promote your products and services. With over 13+ services, TrustMyStore Social allows you to sync the products in your online store with your social media posts.

A service like this came just in time when promotion is crucial for the sucess of an online business. It is not enough to create an online store. If you will not promote it, you will not make any money. Promoting your online store on social media is one of the easiest ways to get people to your website.

12. KudoBuzz

These days, customers don’t just buy a product because it appeals to their needs. With the Internet, they now search for online reviews to support the seller’s claims. If they found another person referring the product, they will buy. If not, they will look for something else.

With this, you need to have some customer reviews and testimonials in your website. With KudoBuzz, you can have a variety of reviews in your website.

KudoBuzz collects all of your user testimonials in one place. It doesn’t matter if they have left their review on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp or Google Plus. This tool will collect all reviews in your website.

13. WhatShare

Whatshare is more than just your ordinary social sharing app. Other social sharing apps provide you a button to share your products. It also allows you to schedule your updates or synchronize your social channels with your online store. But Whatshare does a lot more. It also tracks your conversion rate.

Whatshare knows that sharing means nothing unless it converts. With this, it tracks the link open rate. And you can do this without knowing anything about coding. Isn’t that neat?

You’ll love this tool because of its free demo. You can see how it works right before you buy it.

14. One Click Social Login

Logging in your social network profiles can be a chore. It becomes harder if you have more than 10 of them. But if you input your profile details in One Click, you only need to log in once and you can automatically sign in all of your social network profiles.

Also, this can act as an outreach tool. Aside from logging you in automatically, you can also get your customer profiles in the premium version. After logging in, you’ll immediately see the social profiles of your customers.

15. InstaShop

Instashop is one of the most downloaded Instagram store Shopify app. It uses the power of Instagram by transforming the gallery into an online shop that customers can browse and buy.

With InstaShop, customers can now shop right from your Instagram profile. If they see a photo of the product that they like, they can click to your Shopify page and buy.

More than the product gallery, it also have other features such as a picture carousel and smart pins. This allows you to reach more of your target market.

16. Cartback

Cartback contacts the social media profiles of your customers who abandoned their carts. This allows you to lower your cart abandonment rate and ultimately get more sales.

Here’s how it works. Cartback is a Facebook Messenger remarketing tool. This means that it allows you to reach out to the market that is already interested in your product. You just reach out to them to help them get over the barrier of buying.

With the personalized approach, you can instantly reach out to your customers and have a higher conversion rate for your website.

17. Social Login by Oxi Apps

If you ever wanted to communicate with your customers via social media channels, you may have wanted to log into multiple social networks in a click of a button. However, this is not possible if you don’t use a tool. Social Login by Oxi Apps allows you to do this.

With this, you can instantly collect social information on your customers. You can also tag them and reach out to them based on what they did in your online shop.

18. Instagram Feed

Instagram is a popular social media channel. This allows sellers to showcase their products as photos and get more followers and sales. Some brands are able to sell more by using Instagram alone.

However, having an Instagram feed can be quite a chore. Fortunately, there is Instagram Feed. It is a solution that allows you to sync your online shop with Instagram. With this, you no longer need to edit photos and reupload them. Everything is done for you.

19. Growave

Growave is an all-in-one social media tool that is designed to boost your online store’s traffic and sales. It has a variety of features including visitor reviews, conversions, wishlists and tracking. This allows you to track all the data that you need for your ecommerce business.

This tool has 9 different apps in one. It is a social login app, a wishlist app, a social reviews app, a social sharing app, an Instagram app, a community feed app, an automated emails app, a questions and answers app and a notifications app. No need to download external apps. You have everything you need in one single app.

20. Instashow

Instagram is an amazing app. It allows you to showcase a series of pictures in one location. The way it gets followers is based on creativity – on how well you are able to take pictures of your products and how well you organize your feed.

However, creating your feed from scratch can be quite a chore. Not only do you need to take pictures, you also need to organize them. With Instashow, you don’t need to do anything. Just watch as your Instagram feed grows with the products in your Shopify store. It is that easy.

21. Shop by Instagram

Selling products on Instagram has become more common than before. In fact, there are people who search for products through Instagram hashtags. With this, there is a need for a tool that can help online sellers on Instagram to easily sell their products.

The normal method of posting products on Instagram is far from attractive. It often entails taking pictures and painstakingly organizing products on the platform. All these can be done easily if you have a tool that can help you scrape product photos and descriptions from your store to your site.

This is what Shop by Instagram does. It gives you a gallery that sells. It instantly transfers photos from one place to another. It is that effective.

22. AddThis Sharing Tool

AddThis is quite a popular name for WordPress or blogging enthusiasts. In fact, it is a brand that is well recognized as a social sharing plugin for blogs.

But today, they have a Shopify tool that allows sellers to add this spiffy sharing button in their products. This is not bulky. It only has a plus sign that reveals all the different social media networks that you can share to.

This makes AddThis the perfect tool if you are looking for a simple social sharing button. It is a button without the frills and it is minimalistic and will not take much space in your website.

23. Social Media Stream

Are you looking for a tool that can stream social media content to your website? This is it. Social Media Stream removes the barriers between your website and your social media channels. With this, you can get content from your Facebook pages, your Twitter profile, your Instagram feed, your Youtube channel, your Pinterest board or your Tumblr blog and immediately stream it to your website. The best part is the refresh rate. You’ll find that it can instantly stream content to your website in real time. On top of these, it also has full mobile support so you can use the tool even if you are just on your mobile phone.

24. Tweet Auto Posting

Twitter is the second largest social network online. If you are not tapping this market, you are really losing money. Fortunately, it is easy to integrate your Shopify store with Twitter. With Tweet Auto Posting, your followers can receive instant updates from your online store. No composition required.

With this, you can feature some of your products regularly on social media. This will work better if your followers are primarily interested in your products. From here, you can schedule your posts and have Twitter promote your shop on autopilot.

25. Checkout Boost

Are your checkout pages still boring? Does it contain the classic welcome message or is it so bland that your customers end up skipping it? Don’t do that. Your checkout page can be an avenue for you to promote your business.

This is what Checkout Boost can do for you. It allows you to promote your website through three tools: social sharing, countdown timers and upsells. It understands the power of social sharing as well as the fear of missing out. It used these tools to encourage customers to not only share the shop but also purchase more from the website.

26. Smart Social Login

Have you ever wanted to get to know your customers more? You can do that with Smart Social Login. This tool allows you to give your customers the option to log in their social media accounts giving you access to their personal information. With this, you can promote products that are highly relevant to their interests and needs.

Smart Social Login is fully integrated with 4 social networks: Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn. With this, you no longer need to ask your customers to register to your website. They can easily log in as long as they use one of these social networks.

27. Smart Cart Recovery

There is nothing more devastating to an online seller than an abandoned cart. With Smart Cart Recovery, you can go out of your way and contact the customer who have just abandoned your cart. This is also the perfect time to give them a discount code to encourage them to come back.

This tool is powerful because of its integration with Facebook and email. This allows you to communicate with your prospect when they have decided to leave their carts. This gives them a chance to finish their orders. What can this do for your business? It can drastically increase your conversion rates and lower your cart abandonment rate.

28. Mobile Messaging Social Share Bar

Mobile Messaging Social Share Bar takes communication to the next level by allowing ecommerce sellers to communicate personally with their customers. How? They use apps like Skype, Messenger, SMS and phone calls. All of these can be done in one click as long as the customer has signed up to the website.

And that’s not all. This tool also has a variety of features that you can use. These are contact forms, popup forms, promo bars, slide boxes and social buttons. There are also social integrations for up to 10 social accounts and have mail service integration with MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor and GetResponse.

29. Autopost by Posting.ly

Tending to your social media accounts can be a chore. Not only do you need to log into all of your social media accounts. You also need to create posts for them every sday. But what if you can just set the products to be featured and it is ready to go?

You can do that with Autopost by Posting.ly. This tool imports all of your products along with their photos, descriptions and link to your dashboard. From here, you can set some posting rules. This will tell the app how to post your products on social media.

The best part is that you can fully customize and add as many rules as yu want. You can select them to be random or you can set it so that the app gets products from a particular collection. You can also choose to include the photo or the link. You can also choose products by SKU or quantity. The choices are endless.

30. Easy Social Shop for Facebook

Facebook is a great platform to market your products. Not only can you get access to millions of people from all over the world, you can also instantly target them by their demographics and interests, With this, it is better to have your online store with Facebook (or at least you should integrate it).

Facebook Easy Social Shop allows you to do this. If you already have an online store on Shopify, don’t fret. You can still have your very own Facebook shop. In just 3 clicks, you can already import your Shopify store on Facebook. Plus, it will update as your shop updates.

And that’s not all. This shop also has a social factor in it. It allows customers to share products in different social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

31. Yottie

Videos are more effective in marketing products. Not only can it showcase a product’s features, it can also demonstrate how it works. In fact, videos are more effective when it comes to making sales.

Yottie is an app that allows you to display your Youtube videos in your Shopify store. Instead of describing your products in text, you can now show them a video on how the product is used.

32. Shareable Cart

We are in a sharing economy. We share not only our lives but our houses and cars as well. Also, we can share the products that we have purchased. This is possible with Shareable Cart.

This is a way for customers to show others what they are buying. It also allows them to transfer their carts across devices so that they can continue their purchase no matter where they are.

33. Customer Insights

Insights are very important. Not only will this show you what your customer needs, it also allows you to easily adjust your strategy as needed. This is great in building market personas. You’ll be able to see your makrt data and build a full picture of your customers in a matter of seconds.

34. BestSellers

When your customer visits your site and he doesn’t know what to buy, he will often look for your bestsellers list. He will look at it and look for the products that sell the most.

You can also have this in your online store through this app. With this, you can have a bestseller category and have a chance to share it on Twitter. In the future, other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram will also be included.

35. AuthentiPix

Have your customers follow your Instagram account with Authentipix. This tool instantly displays your Instagram feed to your online store. Not only does this look good, it also encourages your customers to follow you.

36. TagTray

User generated content is good for your website. And it is not just for online reviews but also for SEO and website updates. With TagTray, you can include a customer generated content in your website. This doesn’t only help promote your site, it can also increase your credibility.

37. Happy Checkout

The checkout page is a very important page in your ecommerce selling process. Don’t let it go to waste with a simple Thank you. You can also ask them to share your page or personalize your order confirmation. You can do all these with Happy Checkout.

38. Botified

You can now communicate directly with your customers. Botified allows you to have access to your prospects and automatically email them with your new products. The best part is that clickthroughs are amazingly high in this app. I guess it comes with the personalized approach that it gives to its customers.

39. Credibly

If you have 10 people raving about your products or brand on Facebook, you can get 10 more people to buy from you. This is the concept of Credibly that operates on the power of social proof. This allows you to have Facebook comments in your Shopify store.

40. FB Shop Alerts

Do you want to have a personal assistant that will inform you once items have run our or you need to fix something in your website? FB Shop alerts do that for you. It gives you notifications in certain events in your shop such as customer registrations, new orders,. new payments, low inventory and shopping cart updates.

41. OsiAffiliate

Want to have a referral program in your website? Now you can with OsiAffiliate. This helps you to create your very own referral or affiliate marketing program where your customers can share products across different platforms.

With this, OsiAffiliate is more than just a social media tool. Instead, it takes the word ‘social’ seriously by allowing your customers to promote your website and rewarding them for it.

42. Gatsby

Looking to add customers to your OSI affiliate program, but not sure where to start? Use one of our favorite apps, Gatsby, to filter for your customers who are influential & active on Instagram. This is the best cohort of your customers to work with on spreading the word. They have a powerful and trusted follower base and know how to create engaging content.

Gatsby looks up profile data on your customers and does the influencer email outreach for you. It makes building your micro-influencer and affiliate programs a breeze.

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