Shopping Cart Abandonment Optimization

Shopping cart abandonment is every ecommerce website owner’s nightmare. Not only does it lower the overall conversions of the website. It also dismisses all of the website owner’s hard work in promoting the site and securing leads.

Fortunately, cart abandonment can be prevented. You just need to make some minor tweaks to your website. Today, you’ll learn about the different ways on how you can optimize your website to prevent cart abandonment.

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STEP 1: Make the Ordering Process Easy for Your Customers

Did you know that 12% of online store buyers abandon their carts because the ordering process is just way too complicated? You may not realize it but you may be the one promoting cart abandonment in your website. An ordering process that is too long or just way to complicated will often push customers away.

Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to make the ordering process easier for your customers.

Make the ‘Checkout’ Buttons Easy to See

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Once they find a product that they want to buy, they would want the ordering process to be fast and easy. However, if you put multiple processes in between the purchase and the act of adding a product to the cart, then your customer may just leave the cart to save himself the effort.

With this, it is very important that the checkout button can be easily seen right from the cart. Don’t create multiple steps and bury it in the third or fourth page. Put beside the items in the cart and put it above the fold. This way, your customers don’t even have to scroll down or click ‘Next’ just to find a ‘Checkout’ button.

Automatically Key in Discount Codes

Don’t you just hate it when you see a discount code on the front page of an online store but it is inside an image. It requires you to do more than just copying and pasting the code. It even requires you to memorize it. This can be a pain to customers that some would just skip the input of the discount code and just proceed with buying.

But if you’re a smart ecommerce website owner, you’ll help them. You already know that they are ready to buy. Giving them easy access to the discount code by automatically keying in some will save your customers some headaches. The best part? They’ll thank you for the free discount code and will be more encouraged to complete their order.

Have a One-Step Checkout Process

As I have said earlier, nothing drives a customer crazy than a multi-step checkout process. Sure, you may argue that you need multiple pages in order to gather all the relevant information about your customers. But if you can put all the needed information in one page, do it. It will lower your cart abandonment rate as a result.

Don’t Ask for Too Much Information

According to the study by Invescpro, 12% of online store buyers abandon their carts because the form asked for too much information. But it is completely understandable. Some order forms can seem more like slam books than just a simple order form.

Aside from the basic information such as the buyer’s name, shipping address and the likes, website owners usually take this opportunity to have them fill out a survey for their website. Please don’t do that. It will only make the ordering process more complicated. If you do that, your customers will just click ‘back’ and dismiss the idea of buying anything from your site.

These are just some ways on how you can make your online ordering process easier. But this is just the first strategy in cart abandonment optimization. In the next step, you’ll learn the technique that will encourage customers to buy now.

STEP 2:  Implement Scarcity

Scarcity is a technique that has been used by marketers in different fields. It is useful not just for ecommerce websites but for any product or service that you like to sell immediately. Scarcity is different because it doesn’t focus on the benefits of a product or service. Instead, it operates on fear – It manages to sell products or services because it scares the customers that they have something to lose if they don’t act immediately.

There are a few ways on how you can implement this.

Implement Limited-Time Discounts

Ecommerce websites are known for their discounts. These are often listed on the front page and is available to first-time buyers. Special discounts may also be implemented in special occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. These discounts are often implemented on a limited timeframe.

For the scarcity technique to work, you should always implement a limited-time discount. If you strategically put this on your cart just when your customer is about to checkout, they’ll be less likely to leave their carts. And if you indicated that the discount is only available while they are on the site, then they’ll more likely take the bait.

However, be sure to follow up on your promise. Don’t say that a discount code is implemented for a limited time then keep using it over and over again. Change discount codes. It is not that hard.

Implement Limited-Time Freebies

If discount codes are not your ‘thing’, you can always give out some freebies with every purchase. In here, you can set a required purchase amount before your customer can have the freebie. Then, indicate that the freebie is only available ‘while supplies last’. This would often get your customers to add items to their cart and proceed with their purchase.

In my experience, I find that freebies are more effective than discount codes. This may be because freebies offer a tangible item while discount codes are not. It may depend on the market but I found that freebies work quite well with mine. You may need to try one the two to see the one that will work for your niche.

Are you currently implementing scarcity in your online store? It is rare but it’s a must. There are so many people abandoning their carts. It is about time that you give them a reason to stay.

STEP 3: Catch Them When They Exit

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can catch your customer in the moment that they are clicking ‘back’ or ‘close’ from your shopping cart? This way, you can convince them to stay and continue shopping.

The good news is that you can actually do that and you don’t have to do it manually. This means that you don’t need to visit your customer’s homes, watch them buy products from your store and stop them when they are about to leave. You just need to setup this so-called ‘Exit Intent’ Technology and you are ready to go.

What is Exit Intent Technology?

Exit Intent Technology is like a detecting mechanism that knows when your customer is about to leave your page. When it feels that the customer has clicked the ‘back’ or ‘close’ button or if he has wandered to another tab, this technology is immediately triggered. From here, a pop-up may come out.

Now you can do different things with this pop-up. First you can use it to display a message convincing your customers to stay on the page. Next, you can even use it to capture their emails. This way, even if they have decided to leave the page, you can still keep in touch. Another way to use it is to display the scarcity tactics that I have highlighted in Step 2. With this technology, you can present a limited-time discount code or freebie and this would convince your customer to continue with their purchase.

How to Implement Exit Intent in Your Website

You can implement exit intent in 4 ways.

First, you can code it. If you are a programmer, you can code your website in a way that it can trigger an exit pop-up every time a customer leaves your site.

Second, you can install a plugin if you are working with WordPress. There are plenty of free exit intent plugins such as Optimonk and Yeloni Exit Pop-up.

Third, you can install an add-on if you are running a Shopify website. Shopify has add-ons called Privy and Exit Popup Plugin that you can use.

Fourth, you can also use standalone exit intent codes such as what you can see in Code Canyon.

Exit Intent Technology let you catch your customers in the act of leaving your site. In this moment, you’ll be able to convince them to come back and to keep buying from your website.

STEP 4: Check the Prices of Your Products

Out of all of the reasons why customers abandon their carts, price comes on top. And it is not just about the cost of the product but also the cost of the shipping. According to Invescpro, as much as 69% of customers leave their carts just because of pricing issues. Now, that is a pretty high number.

Because of this, you may need to go back and review the prices of your product and your shipping. Here are some steps on how you can do that.

1 – Do Some Product Price Benchmarking

Instead of sticking to your desired price, you may want to look around and see how other website owners are pricing their products. This will allow you to benchmark your customer’s preferred price.

NOTE: If you have a ton of products, you may need to hire an assistant to do the benchmarking for you.

2 – Ask Your Customers

With some data on hand, it is time to do some qualitative research on your customers. This can be done with a simple survey or interview. Ask them if the price is reasonable and if they are willing to pay for it. This will help you choose a price range that is both profitable and attractive to your customers.

3 – Lower (or Eliminate) Shipping Costs

Lastly, consider if you can eliminate shipping costs. One of the downsides of buying online is having to shoulder the monstrous shipping costs. If you can ship items for free (or if you can deduct it from your profits), it will make your customer very happy and less likely to leave their carts.

It is about achieving a balance between profitability and making your customers happy. Sure, you want them to stop leaving their carts. But you still need to make a living. Be sure to choose a price that will still be profitable for you but will not discourage your customers from buying.

BONUS: Email Them When They Leave

I saw this from one of the online shops I visited. When I added some items to the cart and left, I immediately received an email asking me why I left. They then included a discount code in the email to encourage me to complete my purchase.

I think that this was brilliant. Not only does it make me feel special (because they went out of their way to reach out to me when I left), I was also attracted to go back because of the exclusive discount code. I think that this is a great way to get people back to your site.

Don’t Let Your Customers Leave You

There is nothing more devastating than seeing customers change their minds. You know that feeling. They added a product to their carts and are on the verge of purchasing. When suddenly, they change their minds and go MIA.

If you are watching them making the purchase, the scene would be enough for you to hold your breath and then pull your hairs out after.

The best way to counter this behavior is to do some of the shopping cart abandonment methods that I have listed above. It is about targeting their minds and the psychology at work. It is about the art of convincing and getting them to come back. So if they leave, don’t worry. Just know that you have more than enough power to lure them back.

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