How to Automatically Sign up Affiliate Users Through Bigcommerce

One of the things you should setup for your business is a great referral cause to help expand your brand. This could give your small or large business the edge it needs to smooth out different competitors. It takes a lot of creativity and personal interaction these days to really push your brand to another level. One of the best ways to do this is by using Bigcommerce. Bigcommerce is a great program to use to take your ecommerce store to new heights. We'll break down some details on how to use Bigcommerce with Omnistar.

What is Bigcommerce?

Bigcommerce is a solid cloud-based ecommerce software that allows you to build an incredible online store. Bigcommerce originally formed in Austin, Texas in 2009 starting out as a remix of Interspire Shopping Cart. It's become a $5 billion seller and has branches all over the world. The great thing about Bigcommerce is it has sleek designs and themes to help attract more people to your store. It creates an engaging environment to help you boost your audience retention rate and lower the bounce rate.

With different online solutions available, you'll grow your business in no time. Not to mention, you can use different apps to integrate other software to help you in terms of email marketing, affiliate products, checkout services, etc. This really comes in handy when you want to expand your store to new heights. Speaking of expanding, Omnistar is an easy code to help you create a better referral marketing plan. What's Omnistar? Below is a brief summary on the mission of Omnistar.

What's Omnistar Affiliate Software?

Can you think of a business that makes the affiliate process 10x easier with coding implementation that doesn't have you scattered for brains? That's Omnistar Affiliate Software (OSI). The brand started in the year 2000 and has gone to expand from the small business arena to Fortune 500 companies.

The purpose of OSI is to make it easier to do the affiliate process on a number of accounts for one particular program. You won’t have to worry about coding or any scientific method on your end to really cater to your clientele. OSI aims to make it easier for you to keep track of your affiliates as well as be a helping hand in that realm of your marketing department. The goal is to make sure that you’re a successful entity. Your success is their success.

By getting a great affiliate program together, you’ll expand your range as far as traffic, finding different demographics, and more to really enhance your business. Also, you’ll have time to focus on other aspects of your business while still building a great traffic and profit incentive. You’ll be able to easily track your new and current affiliates with simple codes that are easy to implement in your software. Also, you can tell who are your top referrals just from going to your admin panel. Omnistar is a great tool to use in conjunction with any online store system you set up for your revenue stream.

Here’s how to get started with integrating your code into Bigcommerce:

Login to your Omnistar Affiliate Software Admin Account and Get Code

This process is not too much different from doing the Shopify setup. However, there are a few changes.

What’s the same is logging into your Omnistar admin account and going to the "Landing and Thank You" Page from the "Settings" cursor.

As you can see, Omnistar does all of the coding for you to help you integrate your software. Here’s an example of the code setup that you would implement in your own Bigcommerce account. If you don’t have a Bigcommerce account, you can sign up for a free-trial for 14 days to test out this theory.

To get this code to work, you’ll have to do a couple of things to the middle of the coding section. Here are a few things you need to do:

First step: In the middle of the code shown above, you will see a section of code which represents the variable that you need to use from BigCommerce that stores the Email Address. The variable name for Bigcommerce is %%ORDER_EMAIL%%.

Second Step: In  the code shown above, replace the current variable shown which is Add_Email with%%ORDER_EMAIL%% along with the corresponding ID for the affiliate program that you you want your customers to join.

Third Step: To get the ID for the program, go to the Manage Referral Program section shown below and see the id in front of the program shown here

Look at the above image to see the ID right next to the ref page name. This ID you’ll implement into your program. From this point on, you’ll add your variable code to the %%ORDER_EMAIL%%:1197. You’ll replace the code previously put in BigCommerce. These couple of tweaks are all needed before you go to your Bigcommerce store and implement the new code in your “Affiliate Conversion Tracking” section.

Implement the Code in the Affiliate Conversion Tracking Section

Login to your Bigcommerce account and go to Settings. Click on the "Affiliate Conversion Tracking" link. You'll end up to a section called conversion tracking code:

Enter the variable %%ORDER _EMAIL%%:5365 (the code in the image above). This will help trigger the tracking code. This makes the process a lot easier to track your different affiliates and see how they impact your sales. Also, you’ll find different demographics that cater to your particular products. It’s a great way of creating segmentation in your market because those people tend to venture off and promote things they have an interest in.

Before you change the code it should look almost like this one:

Here’s a similar code to what it’ll look like after the change::

NOTICE: You change the "Add_Email" to "%%ORDER_EMAIL%%:5365". The 5365 is actually the referral ID. Please remember to include that because it’s a very integral part getting the code down correctly.

Now, you are all set for all of your customers to become an affiliate automatically. All they need to do is accept the email to go through full registration of the affiliate link. Next, you can set up the email and how it looks like when you send that automated message to your different customers. Here’s how to do it below:

After you’ve implemented the code, you can actually change your welcome email to all your potential affiliates. It’s a very simple process that requires you to go back to settings in the admin panel then back to “Manage System Email”.

From this point on, you’ll scroll down to "User Welcome Email (Auto Sign Up)" link:

This is a very easy method to implement a foolproof way of getting more people to automatically sign up to your affiliate. Remember, that initial purchase shows interest in your brand. For someone to get commission from your products, that’s an even sweeter deal. However, once you have those people in your circle, you need to learn how to best maximize this facet of your company. Here are some possible avenues you should consider after you’ve gotten some supporters to your brand:

Create an Email Campaign to Draw in Affiliates

Take your current way of automatically signing up affiliates then go a step further. Begin plugging in different email newsletters and even certain sales. You’ll really get their attention just like you would any other customer. Keep your supporters in the know regarding your new products and maybe new ways of making it easier to pitch their prospects into becoming a part of your brand. You’ll be able to get your audience together and be creative in the way you handle them as well.

One of the best things is knowing your demographics. Make specific emails just for target supports who sell particular niche items. You can also get creative by adding your own custom images and links for specific supporters. This is one of the best ways you can gauge your affiliates and how they work. Also, you’ll find who does the best regarding sales. This data is important because you'll have a clear cut way of promoting through email as well as your core audience who really brings in the traffic and sales.

Get creative with different promotional tools to get your affiliates working hard. Maybe you can embed a niche blog post link or a video link within the email for some daily motivation. It's about being aggressive yet creative enough to draw in their attention. This type of dedication goes beyond simply signing someone up to your page. Make sure you're consistent with your content from weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly posts. You want to keep your content all together in a cohesive manner. Keep their interesting after you've found they will support your brand.

Help Them Build a Social Media Following

What makes the referral process so much stronger is using a social platform to boot. Interaction is key because it allows the bridge between consumers and producers to become that much closer. This is important because you need that kind of raw feedback to improve your immediate stature and make plans for the future of your brand.

You can start by getting acquainted with Facebook. Combine your Bigcommerce store with Facebook to create a good social media site that will enable you to promote your products and pages. You should also encourage your supporters to do the same with their own Facebook fan or business pages. Make it easier to get them motivated to become more socially adept because therein lies the fan base. It's very important to keep this cohesive with the social site, website, and more. This kind of branding helps you keep your identity as well as show there's synergy with your overall brand mission.

Use Pinterest to get creative with marketing products. It's free to use Pinterest and is a great hub for a female demographic. If your store caters to a female audience, you can actually post a picture of the product with the price. It's easy to write a description under the pic as well as the direct link. Encourage your supporters to create quality content on their relevant boards to draw in traffic. While you can't post an affiliate link, you can surely create a relevant link to your pages. Make sure you're social as well. You don't want your content to be totally business based because people want entertainment value, too.

Create a Contest to Amp Up Results

Nothing motivates people more than friendly competition. Yes. Even in your own business, you should always create some kind of positive outlet to produce greater results. Why not set up a way to increase the incentive meter with your top notch affiliates? Whether it's a link to exclusive items, prize package, or an increase in commission, it's up to you on how you want to inspire others to increase their workload.

You can encourage them to promote projects via social media videos. Facebook is a good place to create a video directly on the page and it shows personality and flair to draw in lots of views. This is important because can't be too mysterious in the way you approach people in business. Interaction is very important because people want to taste, touch, hear, and see whatever you have to say.

YouTube is another good way to promote a contest because you can write descriptions under the video. Post affiliate links under them without having to worry about someone taking it down. Write a description in the actual video with pop-up links where you deem it appropriate. You and your supporters have creative freedom to draw in traffic and sales. See who your top 3 supporters are and reward them accordingly.

Omnistar can really help you take your Bigcommerce store to another level by setting you up with an easy affiliate system. However, it's important that you follow through with your own strategy to keep consistency on target. Use some of the tips above to help you in your affiliate/referral campaign. What are some tips you can use to draw in different affiliates? Drop a note below! If you have friends using Woocommerce you could also have them look into woocommerce affiliate plugin to help them grow their business. 

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