Social Networking Websites As An Affiliate Software Tool


The world of affiliate software and marketing has been constantly expanding. Even though the concept of affiliate marketing is only just about 15 years old, a lot of changes have taken place in this field during this relatively short period. Many changes were in fact forced changes – as a result of rapidly shifting search engine algorithms, the emergence of new web platforms, and the development of new marketing strategies.

The Evolution Of Affiliate Websites

The basic purpose of an affiliate website is to act as a “booster” for online traffic to another website. These websites are a medium of online advertisement and marketing. The affiliate website uses affiliate software and affiliate tracking software for many purposes including search engine optimization, tracking the visitor profile, and getting feedbacks from the visitors.

In the beginning, affiliate websites were simple in form and structure, with no predatory marketing tactics incorporated. They provided no other function than promoting the products or services of the target websites. However, in time these websites began to utilize other services like e-mail newsletters and mailing groups for reaching out to the potential customers. There were specialized affiliate software and affiliate tracking software available for this purpose. When article directories and blogs became popular, affiliate websites embraced them for promoting their products. The same happened when the internet witnessed yet another phenomenon: social networking websites. The affiliate websites were quick to pounce on the opportunity the social networking websites provided for improving the online marketing process with the help of affiliate program software.

Social Networking And Affiliated Websites

Social networking has made considerable changes in the internet-usage habits of people. A majority of internet users at present are members of at least one social networking website. There are several such websites available, with many existing portals offering a social networking platform, as well. Social networking allows a kind of personalized public space for the users where one can make friends, create new communities, discuss social and political topics with others, and generally provide a good account of oneself using videos, photos, and other activities.

As it is easy to understand the profile and social outlook of the individuals from social networking websites, affiliate programs can find out the target customers for their niche products. There are many communities as well – for example, a community of people who use Nokia N70. An affiliate website that promotes a website that in turn sells a similar product like N70 or an advanced gadget can find a number of potential buyers from among these communities.

But an affiliate marketer has to be careful in dealing with social networking websites. Different websites have different rules and regulations regarding the use of affiliate software and affiliate tracking software on their websites. Some websites have stringent rules about marketing and advertisement, while some other websites have a welcoming approach towards affiliate marketing. One has to respect the rules and regulations of individual websites in this regard.

In short, social networking is the most popular face of Web 2.0. It provides excellent opportunities for developing new kinds of affiliate software and affiliate tracking software for online marketing purposes. But the marketer has to be respectful of the rules and regulations of individual social networking websites.

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