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How to Find Product Ideas for Your Store

Let’s start with a list of 8 types of opportunities where you can find product ideas.

  • Did you know that you can find opportunities with the help of keywords? Yes you can.
  • By building a captivating and interesting brand.
  • By addressing and identifying what customers need that most stores don’t have.
  • By addressing what top consumers passions are.
  • Turning your passion into your business.
  • By identifying gaps for opportunity.
  • By making use of your own expertise and experiences.
  • By capitalizing on trends as early as possible.

1.Start with solving your problems or with identifying what you have.

A good way to start is from what you have, the internet is wide and there are different niches that you could try, but doing what you love would be more ideal. Most entrepreneurs already have an idea of what they’ll be selling, so try to brainstorm and think of all your past thoughts or solutions that you have to do because it’s unavailable elsewhere.

To start, you can ask yourself some questions.

  • What products do I love to use and would proudly share to others? 
  • What are my friends interested in? Do they follow some niche or products?
  • What do I think is so frustrating because it’s always unavailable when I need it?

2. Start searching within your local community

Don’t look to far, most of the time you can find an ideal product to sell that’s just within your local community. Most of the time, entrepreneurs start with physical shops before going into e-commerce, but most of them don’t have an online shop at all. You can pay attention to physical shops and study the trends to create ideas of what you can sell online. Go around your local community and take note of the trend and interesting products that they sell. And another place where you can find ideas for your products is from your local newspaper, they sometimes feature what’s in and some local products that you can sell. And you can surely trust them because they won’t really take the time to publish it if it wasn’t really popular.

3. Start checking out trend publications on online consumer related topics

Well, this one is obvious, where else could you find a list of interesting products that are in this season? Of course from publications. That’s their job and you know that their opinions could be trusted. You can use them to figure the trends that are in, products that are followed by consumers and all the other new things.

Here are two popular publications that could inspire you.

  • Trend Watching – this one is a trend firm that runs independently to look for consumer trends that are worthy. They all report worldwide trends from their teams in NY, London, Singapore, and even Lagos. A lot of aspiring business men and women check them when they hunt for ideas regarding their products.
  • Springwise - a very helpful company for entrepreneurial, they travel the world to give you the best ideas, stories and even trends. They have newsletters that you could subscribe to gain more knowledge about the worlds trends for entrepreneurial. With them, you won’t have to do the travelling to grow your business.

4. Grab ideas from the leaders in the industry

There are times when you don’t know what to sell but you know what industry you want to be in, so focus on that industry. Follow top influencers in that industry and get ideas and learn with them, there are various platforms to follow them. When you follow the right ones you get to be inspired with what’s in and learn from carefully created content of people who are known in that industry.

There are platforms where you can follow people from specific industries; Topsy, FollowerWonk and LittleBird are just some of those.

5. With the help of product review blogs

Review blogs is one place where you can collect ideas about what’s really good based on experience and what products you should stay away from. But you have to careful here, some review blogs are paid, we’d want to stay away from them. When looking at review blogs, don’t concentrate on the very popular ones, include the small niches because they sometimes have a product that’s just about to be trending. And by looking at both, you get to have a sneak-peek on what different type of people think about those products.

6. Make use of social curation sites

There are a lot of them, but I will list some of the best below. A lot of them include interesting consumer products and that could definitely make you sense their popularity or their chance to be popular.

Pinterest - I guess this would be the most famous website for curation worldwide, you’d see a lot here but make sure to view the popular section to find what you’re looking for.

Polyvore – This one is somehow similar to Pinterest. They share collage-like images across the web.

Fancy - This one is somehow different because it isn’t just a curation site but a store as well. With it being a store, you’d definitely get inspired here.

Wanelo – It stands for want need love, just like fancy, it also doubles as a store. There’s also a way to go straight and check people that are trending so you can find what can inspire you easily.

7. Try to check wholesalers or B2B

Why wouldn’t you want to go straight to the source? Going straight to them you don’t have to find a way to get a hand of the products because you’re looking directly at them. Listed below are popular sites where you can find wholesalers/B2B.

Alibaba - You’ve probably heard or even come across Alibaba when searching online. This site is even larger that eBay and Amazon, even if you combine both top ecommerce sites, Alibaba would definitely still be larger. But they’re wholesalers; they connect everyone from the world. You’ll definitely find what you’re looking for here.  

That’s 2 of the most famous B2B but there are others more like Global Sources, Made-in-China, and TradeKey. Those are places that would be good to check out to see what products are available. 

8. Make use of online marketplaces for online consumers

Aside from all of those listed above another source where you could get ideas from are consumer marketplaces. A lot of products would definitely catch your eye from there, from millions and millions of available items you might even to add something more to your already available niche. Here are top places you should check out:

eBay - if you want to try auction sites you should visit this. 

eBay Popular – If you just want to see popular products uploaded on eBay, check them out from here.

eBay Watch Count – you can use this to view how many people are actually looking at that products. Thnis way you could gauge if a lot of people would be interested.

Amazon – The largest retailer worldwide. You’d definitely get inspired from the products they have.

Amazon Bestsellers – The name says it already, so just know that they update every hour! 

Amazon Movers and Shakers – A quick sneak-peek on the hourly updated top rated sellers.

Kickstarter – this is a crowd funding site you could access to get inspired.

Kickstarter Discover – Same as above but let’s you view them by popularity.

Etsy – Are you into items that are handmade? Go get inspired here.

Etsy Trending Items – Just like its name you get to see what’s trending on Etsy.

AliExpress – A wholesale market place that’s just like Alibaba.

AliExpress Popular –You get to see what’s on demand in Alibaba.

9. Join Social Forum Communities

Another influential site would be reddit, they are actually a wide influencer that has sub-sections that cater to different niches and interests, with them you’d be able to find inspiration and maybe find what you are looking for. Since they have sub-sections, you can join forums that cater to your interests. Some of their sub-sections are:

Buy it for life which caters to quality, made products that are built to last but at the same time practical.

Shut up and take my money, which is filled with products that are really interesting and useful you would want to buy them so badly.

10. INSTAGRAM, where you’ll get inspired, find influencers, and even opinions from consumers.

If you aren’t on IG yet, then go on and make an account! If you think Instagram is all about food photography, cats, and what not, it isn’t. This is one of the active places where you can find trending products to add into your niche. And because it’s photo-based, scanning through the site is so much easier. But with millions of users, how would you find something of your interest?

One way to easily find something that’s interesting to you is through (#) hashtags. Just like keywords, you can use relevant words to your ideal products to get inspired. You can also use hashtags to see what people want to have. But another way is through sites that curate product content. Just find users that are related to your niche and follow them. 

Instagram is a place where people share a lot of different things, you’d see posts of what people love and even what they think people should stay away from. Just find the right niches and hashtags that suits what you’re looking for and you’ll definitely get a lot of ideas from here.


There are times when you aren’t even looking but ideas for new products would appear, but sometimes you’d have to spend time and effort to find new items that are trending but has little sellers. Being ahead is always the best way to go. Well if you know where to look, you’ll definitely realize that the internet is as wide as the world and there’s no need to travel in order to find new inspirations because there are sites that could help you with that. If you’re aimlessly searching for inspirations online it’s time to stop it and follow this list created to help you become inspired quicker. 

Remember that when choosing the best product it should look beyond the product because competition nowadays are superb. And the more known and easy to find your product is, the larger your competition would be. So if you can, aim for products that are hard to find, different, or is somehow unique. So instead of buying a product because it’s trending, consider buying it because it has a huge potential to trend. Think about new markets, features, and even different ways the products could be used.

Being a seller of something that isn’t very popular yet would give you more chances to have more conversions because there are only little of you who sell them and by the time it becomes trending you already have loyal customers for that product.  It would also give you more chances to rank higher on Google.


With everything listed above, I’m pretty sure you’d be able to find the right inspiration that you need in order to start or add new products to your online store. Just learn your niche more, check out other people with the same interests and follow influencers. You might be thinking it could be a handful but let me tell you that once you get going, you’ll be more interested on the things you’ll find you won’t think of it as a task anymore. Just make sure to make a list of all the things that would suit your site and start to explore further. By the time that you’re reading this we’re already in the end and you have probably been enlightened on all the other available resources. But that’s not just it, by now you probably know what those sites are actually for. So go on and start your search!

4 Response to "How to Find Product Ideas for Your Store"

  1. Comment From Helen Gilman

    The social forums like Facebook groups is huge. Most members of these groups are very active and willing to give you their opinion.

  2. Comment From Bill Jamison

    Searching the online marketplaces is a great place to start because you can see what some of the lates trends are and what is selling. Looking at the customer comments can also help.

  3. Comment From Becky Stanberry

    These days I have seen that people are really glued to instagram so finding an audience or just quick opinions seems to be very easy to do.

  4. Comment From Jose Rentiria

    I have finding luck on the trend sites that show the latest blog trends. You can see whats hot in a short amount of time.

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