11 Strategies to Prevent Shopping-Cart Abandonment

One of the frustrating things that faces most Shopify sellers is doing all the work to get a customer to fill the shopping cart with items and not convert this to a sale. Shopping cart abandonment describes when an online shopper adds an item or several items to a website’s shopping basket but does not finish the transaction before leaving the website. This is a problem can be solved without making drastic changes to your website. While it is impossible to totally eliminate, there are many strategies that can be used to reduce shopping cart abandonment and ensure that your business makes more revenue from customers.

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2. Establish trusted transactional forms

One thing that can discourage a customer from completing their checkout is when they see forms that are either too long or do not look professional. When customers are completing a checkout form with their personal information and financial details, they feel less hesitant when they see the logos of trust signals such as “Verified by Visa”, “Norton Secured” and other logos of safety and security standards. Data available via Shopify shows that customer abandoned their shopping carts due to unfamiliar or missing trust logos 75% of the time!

3. Show Progress Update during Checkout

Customers sometimes get irritated during the checkout process when they aren’t sure how long it is going to take. A great way of keeping customers reassured that the process is going to be quick is to have graphics like a progress indicator. This can show the different stages involved in the checkout process. This lets customers know that they are almost done which gets them motivated to complete the checkout process. Having a clear indicator of checkout status has been shown to help increase order completion.

4. Enable Guest Checkout

Not all customers want to open an account with your website after making an order. Making it a requirement makes customers discouraged. Reduce the checkout process by requiring only the most important details. You can leave the sign-up option till the end of the purchase. Websites designed with WooCommerce can activate guest checkout easily by checking the option. For Shopify, you can also enable guest checkouts by choosing “Accounts are optional” when in the Customer Accounts settings.

5. Have many payment options

A recent comScore study shows that about 56% of online shoppers like to have a wide range of payment options when they are checkout out their shopping card. Find a payment processor that gives you all the credit card companies. PayPal is also a good option to have for those who prefer not to fill out long credit card forms. Mobile payments like Apple Pay are also getting popular too so you should consider adding them to target the younger audience. Lots of options mean customers can use whatever is most convenient for them to checkout instead of abandoning their shopping cart.

6. Save the Cart

A lot of online customers like to compare prices and most times, have a lot of windows open while trying to find other deals or multi-tasking. If a customer loses everything in his shopping cart if the pages accidentally closes, then chances are that he would not make the effort to reload the shopping cart and purchase the items. Ensuring that your website saves the shopping cart allows you to retarget users with items in their cart. This feature can be included in your website through a number of options that work for both WooCommerce and Shopify websites.

7. Provide easy customer support

A lot of shoppers end up with questions during the checkout process. You have to make it easy for them to get answers to their questions at any stage of their purchase without losing any information. You can either have your FAQ page linked directly to the checkout page or provide a chat feature using LiveChat or any other chat management solution. This will allow customers to ask questions without having to leave the purchase process.

8. Offer a Money-Back Guarantee and other assurances to the customers

Overcoming hesitation and uncertainty ensures more people go ahead and complete their checkout process. Building trust during online purchases is necessary because customers are only seeing pictures and not the actual product. There are many ways to reassure customers that are contemplating the risks of giving you their credit card information. Offer a money-back guarantee, a great shipping and returns policy and other commitments to help them realize that they are dealing with a reputable, customer-centric merchant.

9. Optimize Your Page Load Times

Slow-loading pages are the bane of online shopping websites. If your checkout page is slow to load, impatient shoppers just abandon the cart and go elsewhere. Make your checkout pages fast and smooth. Optimize images and other page elements that don’t require too much work. Also reduce the use of ad network trackers, bad tags and social plugins that can drop your page load time. 

10. Remarket Shopping Cart Abandoners

No matter what you do, there will be customers that will inevitably abandon their items in the shopping cart. What you can do is remarket them. Follow-up emails, Facebook remarketing and Google AdWords are options you have to produce visually stimulating adverts that will help the customer remember their order and possibly convince them to go check out the item. Remarketing is critical to any online business because it will help you to regain customers that would otherwise be lost.

11. How the cart during the purchasing phase

It’s not like people will forget what they are trying to pay for but a thumbnail of the products in the cart is a grounding technique that helps the customer commit to the purchase. It’s the same thing as in a physical store where you look through your shopping basket all the way to the counter. Including thumbnails reduce distractions and keep the customers comfortable throughout the process.

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