The Online Marketing Insider 2: Autoresponder Strategies [Podcast]

In this second episode of The Online Marketing Insider, the host Tariehk Geter, shares with you some strategies on using autoresponders to grow your business. Email marketing via autoresponder can help you increase traffic, increase sales, and grow your business.

Tariehk Geter is the Marketing Director of OSI Affiliate Software. If you want to learn how you can grow your business using the best, latest, and advanced strategies in online marketing, listen to The Online Marketing Insider podcast.

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Podcast Guide

What is an autoresponder
An Autoresponder is when you add someone to an email list and then they are automatically emailed after a set time without you having to do anything.

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Why Use an Autoresponder

– Emails go out automatically – Saves Time
– People to know you, like you and trust you – Build a relationship

How to Use an Auto-responder the right way

– Focus on adding value and not selling
– Golf Professional with shop and potential client comes in
– Collect Email
– Send Video introduction of himself
– 1 week later, send golf tip for their short game
– 1 week later send golf tip for improving golf swing
– 1 week later, send video encouraging them as they are learning through his videos
– Then 1 week later offer them another golf tip video

Then after these 5 videos, you can say I hope these video are helping if you want I can help you more if you come to the shop and I will even offer you a discount.

Link Wistia with your Email Marketing
Review Links in your campaigns to see who to market to
Good Resource – Seth Godin – Permission Marketing

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