If your business is managing an ecommerce market then it is highly likely that boosting conversion rates is your top priority. Conversions are affected by many variables which is why a ceteris paribus comparison is next to impossible. A good conversion rate is that which remains consistent or improves over time but never dwindles.

Let’s look at some techniques which show that how one can take his business to another level of success in 2018:

1. Good Quality Product Images

It is no hidden secret that customers prefer to see the product that they are interested in before officially purchasing it. Visual appeal of the product is perhaps the most important factor that can help to convert a visitor into a customer and increase your CRO.

Images are considered a conversion optimizing elixir by SEO experts who claim that nothing sells a product faster than its appealing image. Thus, in order to dramatically enhance your sales and increase your conversion rate, use lots of high quality appealing images alongside the product you are trying to sell using a WooCommerce CSV import plugin.

Ensure that these images are eye-catching and captivating. Also make sure to have multiple images for one product, showing the product from many angles. Having a zoom in and zoom out option on your website is also a very useful feature to consider; allowing users to pinch, zoom and rotate creates greater interactivity.

2. Lose the Shipping Costs

Successful ecommerce websites such as Amazon frequently offer free shipping if the price range of one’s cart exceeds a certain value. More than 50% ecommerce sites, whether they are advertising companies or technology sellers in Japan, are known to offer conditional or unconditional free shipping.

According to a Research, the variable of free shipping is often the number one deciding factor for shoppers to make their final choice of purchase.

High shipping costs are also one of the main reasons for cart abandonment and businesses are strongly advised to either reduce or do away with them altogether. However, if it is impossible for your company to reduce shipping cost and you still decide to charge customers, the best alternative route would be to display these costs overtly and charge a flat fee so that shoppers don’t abandon the cart during checkout which is a conversion killer.

According to a report by an E-tailing Group, unconditional free shipping is essential for high conversion rates since it is the deciding factor and the main variable of purchase. According to this study 47% of customers indicated that they would likely abandon a purchase if they are surprised with a shipping cost during the checkout process.

3. Product Reviews and Description

Today’s age of fast internet and smart phones has made is fairly easy for consumers to compare products when shopping online. According to a study by GE Capital Retail Bank, 61% consumers prefer to read reviews before making a purchase. Therefore, showcasing user reviews of your products can prove very beneficial. This can be done through communication with the shoppers or via built in review plugins or widgets.

Most importantly, it is highly advised that you don’t delete negative reviews since it grants your site credibility and leads to equally effective conversion rates as positive reviews.

Product descriptions are also a very important component of site information since they provide valuable information and can also drive more traffic if infused with smart SEO optimization tools. Make sure your text captures the essence of the product at display and is easy to read as well as engaging.

4. Address Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is something every business has to face inevitably due to a number of reasons which may include shipping costs, comparison shopping, forced registration, doubt or site speeds.

It is always a good idea to collect email addresses during the checkout process since it allows you to follow up orders via email notifications and remind potential customers of what lies in their carts so that they may revisit the idea of purchasing them. You lose if your customer decides to buy your competitor’s product. Perhaps you can offer a discount to convince people to finalize the purchase which will improve your competitiveness in the market. Even by recapturing about 30% of the abandoned carts, you can increase your conversion rate emphatically.

5. Persistent shopping cart

One of the basic behaviors of human nature is procrastination. People add the products they want to buy to the shopping cart but tend to delay the buying process. Customers usually have a thinking of buying later on after they have selected a product that suits their requirements. When a week later they log in back to the site, they find the product disappeared from their cart, and trust me, nobody wants to do the hassle of searching the product on the site again. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to have a persistent shopping cart.

A persistent shopping cart would ensure that contents of the shopping cart do not get expired even after a day, week or a month, so that customers can return later and find the product they chose for shopping.

Save the Cart

An alternative method suggested is the option to save the shopping cart content so that customer can recover it later after they have window shopped similar product and done the comparison.

Giving the option to send the cart contents to email (later retrievable through a link) is a smart way of staying on the shopper’s mind.

6. More choice requires better filters

Have you ever had an experience of having to choose between two products while shopping? How hectic does it becomes when you have a wide variety of choices? In a similar manner the more choice you offer to your clients, the harder it is to choose. One of the ways to narrow down customer’s selection and help them choose what they really want is by filters. Greater the number of choices, the better filters you need to provide.  

The benefit of being online is you can have great filters. Filters increase the feasibility of search.

7. Learn the strategy of upselling

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Customers will surely go for the product where they will get something additional and there are a lot of ways of doing this which are given bellow:

  • Keep telling them that what is in and what other people are buying. There are many trend following customers who look for things that others are buying so it could attract such kind of people. Offer them free shipping. Although shipping price doesn’t make a huge difference but people are generally attracted by this idea.
  • Offer them discount on placing a double or tipple order. This is a good way of selling more products in lesser time so one should surely try it.
  • Also offer the customers “Full money back guarantee” if they didn’t like the product. This increases their confidence and they buy the product.

8. Perform A/B testing

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This tip is amongst one of the most popular and practical tips out there to aid with and encourage a notable increase in conversion rate. The other name by which it can also be referred is split testing. Split testing is a very simple concept: if by chance your online page has two headlines both of which are highly suitable and are only confusing you then you can get split testing or A/B testing done which will help you pick a single choice.

A demonstrated example of this method is that you will have to make two different online pages with different headings and 50 percent of the traffic will be directed to one page while the rest will be directed to the other page, and the results of this page will allow you to decide which page to stick to.

9. Increase the sense of urgency

Many visitors to the page visit the website, have a look around and almost decide to buy something, but then they leave in the middle, most probably out of procrastination. To combat this problem you need to deal with your visitors by increasing the sense of urgency and showing them that there is a ticking clock.

A foolproof way which would also serve as a good example would be announcing free shipping for the first 50 buyers, which would lead to visitors jumping on the chance and becoming customers. Showing under the product if it is out of stock would also lead to an increase in the number of buyers. In short, creating an expiry date for anything would kick start an instinct in the customer's mind which would push them to work fast.

10. Create a Lead Magnet

A lead is a term used in e-commerce for a visitor who is interested in your products and services and that interest is shown by the actions they take on the website such as signing up for an email list, taking a free trial or demo of your video, or take interest in offers that were set up to attract potential leads. In this case, we would bring it to your knowledge that creating a lead magnet is even more effective than the usual email signup campaigns. It can be something that you give your customers in exchange for email signups, such as a guidebook, checklist or even an ebook.

Some of the best lead magnet examples are Optinmonster offering a lead magnet ebook and a webinar which helped with a four-fold rise in traffic.

Author Bio:

My name is Paul Simmons and I am an eCommerce web designer at Extendons. I develop extensions for WordPress and WooCommerce.


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