Top 7 E-commerce Trends You Definitely Need to Look at in 2018

Revenue is the objective of an enterprise. Even if the company really cares about the customers' needs and establish the best purchasing conditions, profit is the key performance indicator of any business or service accorded to the wide audience.

Nowadays, potential buyers became much pickier. They don’t do much of impulsive purchases anymore. The whole process of purchasing seems like a matter of cold-blooded business. A buyer goes online and searches for dozens of feedbacks on the product, then he looks for the price offer, end so on. Thusly, you have no chance to sell your products begging people to buy something new and qualitative. You literally need to emphasize all the benefits of the purchase, collect positive feedbacks, and proudly spread the good word about you.

World Wide Web is a perfect place to turn into a well-known company. Searching for a solution online you may find bags and bags of best business WordPress themes. But which one will be the most efficient?

There are a huge volume of information available online. You can find all the answers in no sweat, using your laptop or mobile gadget. Still, it can be quite difficult for a newly made businessman to prioritize all tasks and needs, since that are a lot of steps that you need to go through before the actual launching of your e-commerce project. In this article, you will find out 7 most important E-commerce trends to set up a successful online business in 2018.

1. Premium templates

Running a business requires tonnes of time and effort. Thus, you need to find the most simple and timesaving tools to promote your company. We all are searching for an advantageous yet low-cost solution for a start-up. Still, there are key points highly-requiring your investment at the beginning of your business journey, since it will affect the rapidness of your business growth. Buying a qualitative premium template is one of those key points.  Choose a premium e-commerce template from a distinguished provider of ready-made templates such as TemplateMonster and you will get the most attentive and competent lifetime support. You can easily find a multipurpose template, that will give you a lot of customization options to choose from. What is more, premium templates are always packed with premium plugins aimed to enrich the functionality of your website. Still, if this functionality seems quite poor, you can go for more premium plugins. Choose the most relevant packs of e-commerce plugins that will fit perfectly cover all the needs of your project. The most of premium templates go with clean and valid HTML code. Which is one of the most important features your website should have. A well-structured code is a guarantee of a high search engine ranking and the influx of new visitors. Moreover, thanks to the latest drag-and-drop builders, website customization, and content creation require no coding skills. In addition, all the latest templates are SEO-friendly so, your website will rapidly reach the prime position of the searching engine.

2. Mobile first paradigm

What is surprising, is that the market is still full of outmoded e-commerce websites. If you up to lead a prosperous business, you need to keep up with technical innovations. Using a mobile-friendly design is not a luxury but a must for you. People are into buying and exploring the web on the go. They have no time to do their shopping or look for a service provider on the computer screen. Nowadays, an hour that we spend using public transport or a 15 minutes coffee break is all the time we have in order to find a wanted information on the web.  Thus, a disordered design will annoy and defocus your visitors' attention. As follows, you will get negative feedbacks and lose clients. Pick a fully responsive template for you, to make sure all the pictures and content stay noticeable and eye-catching on any screen resolution.

3. Hamburger menu

Smooth navigation is one of the most important features that every website needs. We all hate page reloads, don't we? There is no more annoying thing than a continuing need to get back to the menu page while searching for a product on the website. It is such a waste of time that makes your clients want to find another provider with a more user-friendly website completion. Choosing a needed product or category becomes so simple with Hamburger menu. This way of menu demonstrating allows you to not slow down template work with a constant reboot. Hamburger menu consists of 3 horizontal lines, clicking on which you will open the main menu. In such a way, you will save lots of space and provide your visitors with a convenient handling.

4. Choose grids

If you want to catch a visitors attention, a high-quality product providing is not enough, since there are a lot of competitors that can offer pretty much the same to your audience. Your task now is to create an outstanding representation of your products and services that will not leave anyone indifferent. Picking an e-commerce template based on a Grid layout you are keeping pace with the times. This technology is all about composing the content uniquely and splendidly. Grid layout allows you to push back the frontiers of web design and shows off your imagination. Experimenting with different shapes and colors, choosing an unusual location for the content, and playing with website building block elements, you will succeed in the creation of an innovative design.

5. Animate

Today, it is getting much more difficult to get the audience involved with your page. Even if you buy or create the most qualitative content, you can not be sure the client will scroll down to learn more about your company. If you want to create the website that will your raise clients eyebrows than you should consider using animation elements. People will love to play with engaging UI and UX elements, click buttons, or watch things changing while website exploring. Also, a good animation will assure a smooth scroll effect, which will make a positive effect on users experience. Cinemagraph is not a photo or video but something in between. This is an eye-candy tool that will definitely draw the visitors attention.

6. Use video

We will not deviate considerably from the previous trend. As we have already established, people relish watching things in motion.  A video will not just become a tempting design tool, but an excellently organized tangle of information. In this fashion, you can share useful tips, demonstrate your products, or share genuine comments on your job. You can also share some tutorials and reviews from your popular clients, that has a strong base of social network followers. In that manner, you can create an extra promotion of your website. You can use video to adjust a breathtaking website look.

7. Bright colors

Humans' eye is bribable by juicy colors. Searching for a bestselling template you will find out, the most bright are the most popular indeed. 2018 gives us much more space for creativity. Psychologically speaking, color is a powerful tool that affects people. It can make your visitors leave the website or buy your product. That is why you need to use it wisely. Your web page can look like it was splashed with 10 cans of different paint, nevertheless staying fresh and stylish. There are a lot of bright templates on the market. You can also choose some plugins that allow to switch color of your template, thusly you can arrange a special atmosphere according to your needs. Forget about the flat design of buttons and logos. Make your website elements voluminous, play with shade and create wonderful compositions. Don't be afraid. You will get the best feedback from the astonished audience.

We know that it seems like you have a lot of things to consider before launching an e-store. You need to remember, that business creation is not about making a profit from the first day of your online presence but a string of difficult tasks that require rapid actions and smart decisions. You need to be consistent with making your first business steps and remember that there are dozens of competitors that are waiting for your failure.  

This article is just a needle in a haystack. The World Wide Web is drowning in the volume of information that you might need to build an effective online business. Do not spend lots of money for a business consult, simply make a deep research in order to understand a work of the online business machine.

That's it for today. We believe it is very important to stay up to date with the latest standards and trends of web design. That is why we have combined the hottest web design trends here and truly hope this article was useful for you. Thusly, we can sleep peacefully in the knowledge of your awareness regarding fresh e-commerce tendencies.

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