TubeBuddy Review – Plus Promo Code: May 2020

Tube Buddy is a lifesaver for any active YouTube user. It has the potential to save you a great deal of time on tasks and provides you with a vision that can help you grow. It is a simple web browser application that you can download for free in just 30 seconds of your time.

It means that you can access the functionality directly on your YouTube dashboard! Tubebuddy has 64 useful features that will help you with everything from promotion to YouTube SEO. It comes complete with detailed videos of how to do and how to use each feature.

So, What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a free tool with payment options aimed at helping you grow on YouTube. It gives you a series of functionalities, tools and key analysis data to grow with your channel. Apart from this, it is a totally safe tool, since it is certified by YouTube , which guarantees that you can install it without fear of anything happening.

TubeBuddy works as an extension of Google Chrome, so you will have to use this browser and its installation is very simple. Once you install the extension, when you enter YouTube you will notice that suddenly you have access to information that was not there before. Even an options button will appear in your account.

Features of Tubebuddy

Later I will show you several of the functions that TubeBuddy has to help you grow on YouTube, but as a summary you will find things like:

  • Productivity tools
  • Tools for SEO in Videos
  • Tools to promote your videos
  • Data and statistics tools
  • Tools to spy on your competitors
  • Tag and keyword explorer
  • Video statistics
  • Much more.

Later on, I will show you some of the the best features of Tubebuddy (I have saved the best for the last).

How to install TubeBuddy?

The process is very simple. You just have to go to the TubeBuddy website, find the green button to install the Google Chrome extension, accept the installation (ADD TO CHROME) and that’s it. Finally, you must link your YouTube account with TubeBuddy and you will have finished the process. Use white label software to rebrand services.

As I told you, it is extremely simple. You will notice that you already have TubeBuddy installed in your browser, when you see the application icon in your browser bar. You will also realize this just by entering YouTube and seeing that now to the left of the upload videos icon, the TubeBuddy options menu is displayed.

Download TubeBuddy

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel With Tubebuddy

Now, I will show you what each shortcut of the TubeBuddy control panel is for and I will explain its functions so that you can see how they could help you grow on YouTube. You can access the user panel by clicking on the icon that has the letters TB (TubeBuddy) that appears to the left of the YouTube options bar.


This is the first section of the TubeBuddy panel, I will explain one by one the different parts of it.

# 1 – Dashboard

This option takes you to the control panel, directly on the TubeBuddy website.

It’s the same as logging in from YouTube, so don’t worry.

# 2 – Affiliate Program

TubeBuddy has its own affiliate system, in case you want to get improvements to your account or earn money for commissions.

For example, if you get 50 installations, they give you a free year of the STAR version that costs $ 19 a month and if you get 250 installations, they give you the LEGEND plan for life, which is the most complete and costs $ 39 per month.

# 3 – Member Perks

A space with offers and discounts on other tools to grow on YouTube. For example it includes the possibility of downloading 25 free tracks of AudioHero per month to put music or sound effects to your videos.

# 4 – Integrations

TubeBuddy allows you to integrate other applications such as Patreon (To receive sponsorships), Facebook (To upload your videos there too), Twitter, Social BlueBook and others. For example, if we have our Patreon account connected, we can see our subscribers who support us and thus give them special attention.


This section of TubeBuddy contains a compilation of functions that will help you grow on YouTube through tools. These assets will enhance some functions that are on YouTube and will provide you with functions that do not exist.

# 1 – Launch Pad

The Launch Pad is a section where all your videos will appear and it is key to growing on YouTube because each video will do an analysis to see if you completed a checklist with the steps to follow after uploading your videos. From here, you can analyze the video to see that it complies with the best practices and apart if it has a STAR license it allows you to detect opportunities.

The Launch Pad is divided into 5 sections:

  • Dashboard: Here is a summary of all your videos.
  • Checklist Template: Here is the template of actions that you must follow, which you can even edit to add and remove items.
  • Best Practices Setup: Configure the YouTube good practice analysis so that your videos are analyzed.
  • Opportunities Setup: Configure the search for opportunities (Only works from the TubeBuddy STAR license)
  • Active Monitoring: Receive various notifications (Only works from the LEGEND license of TubeBuddy)

If what you want to do is grow on YouTube, it is essential that you pay attention at all times and verify on your Launch Pad that all your videos have their checklist completed and that you are doing YouTube recommended practices.

# 2 – Health Report

By entering this section, you can see a summary of the health of your YouTube channel, something very interesting because you will have data on the amount of views, YouTube subscribers, uploaded videos, performance, engagement, audience and much more.

# 3 – Valuation

Have you ever wondered how much a mention on your YouTube channel could be worth? Or maybe how much could you charge to make a video dedicated to a product, brand or service? In this section, you can have an approximate number of mentions.

Thanks to its integration with Social BlueBook, you can now understand how popular your brand among the internet.

# 4 – Competitors

The key to grow your channel on YouTube, you have to know your competition. I know, I know, maybe it seems like you don’t have anyone, but the reality is that, either people watch your YouTube videos or are other youtubers too. Moreover, I am sure that there must be channels in a better state than yours and those are competitors that you have to watch closely.

In this section you can add competitors, view the status of their channels, configure and receive alerts. If you have the LEGEND license of Tubebuddy, you will have a score table to see more thoroughly which channels are performing better.

# 5 – Brand Alerts

Unfortunately, this functionality is available for the STAR and LEGEND license of TubeBuddy. However, it is still an excellent functionality to grow on YouTube, as it allows you to set alerts for certain keywords and brand name whenever they upload a new video.

Why would you want alerts?

You could have alerts on topics that interest you, to follow your competition. Or even if you manage your brand (or personal brand) receive an alert when they mention you in a video. This way, you can comment quickly, this will give you an extra traffic because your comments will be seen first.

# 6 – A / B Test

This is another excellent functionality to grow on YouTube, but you can only use it from the LEGEND license of TubeBuddy.

What is this for?

It allows you to create two versions of a video, changing the title, description, YouTube tags (Tags) and the thumbnail and thus see which one performs better. This is an ideal feature for growing your YouTube. It is because the feature lets you know if one style works better than another

# 7 – Backup & Exports

This functionality is interesting in case something happens with your channel tomorrow. Imagine that for some reason they delete it or even ban you from YouTube and want to start over. The problem?

You will surely have your video files and you don’t lose literally everything. Using this functionality, you will be able to generate an Excel file that contains data such as:

  • ID of your videos
  • YouTube Channel ID
  • Titles of your videos
  • The tags of each video (Key to growing on YouTube)
  • The description of each video
  • The category of the video
  • The status whether it was public or private
  • The date you uploaded the video

As you can see, there are valuable information that would be a great help for you to perform your own statistical analyzes.

# 8 – Canned Responses

This is another key functionality to grow on YouTube and it has to do with interaction with your community. Basically, these are pre-designed answers that you can use in different situations to avoid writing a whole message. Think about the amount of time you could save when using these answers instead of typing everything from scratch.

TIP: You can use a {N} tag that will put in place the name of the person you are responding to. {N} = Name of the Person

# 9 – Promo Materials

One thing you do to viralize your videos is sharing it through other platforms. And that is exactly what you can achieve with this TubeBuddy tool called Promo Materials. In this section, you will have different promotional materials to publicize your YouTube channel and above see statistics, such as:

  • Promote your most recent video.
  • Promote your most watched video.
  • Promote your YouTube channel.
  • Promote your channel, with a pop-up window inviting you to subscribe to your channel.
  • Different links and codes to promote your most recent video.
  • Generate links for any of your videos.
  • Promote the cover or your profile picture.
  • Generate a code to embed your most recent video.
  • Promote RSS feeds of your channel (For example to follow you in Feedly)

As you can see, there are a range of possibilities to promote your channel and grow on YouTube

# 10 – Search Rank Tracking

This functionality allows you to keep track of certain keywords on YouTube to see how they move in positions, just as Google does with SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). However, this functionality is only available from the STAR or LEGEND license.

# 11 – Settings

Finally, the last function within Channel Web Tools is configuration.

From here you can make different settings of your account such as:

  • Show or hide Chrome extension features.
  • Set up email and phone to receive notifications.
  • Activate privacy functions.
  • Connect to your YouTube Network.
  • Give other people access to your channel.


On the right side of the TubeBuddy options panel you will find a section called Quick Links that allows you to quickly access some interesting functions such as:

  • Dashboard: Enter Youtube Studio to manage your channel.
  • My Videos: Go to the list of your videos uploaded to YouTube.
  • Playlist: Go to the Playlist of your channel.
  • Live Streaming: Start a live stream.
  • Comments: Moderate and respond to comments in your videos.
  • Subscribers: See the list of your subscribers.
  • Analytics: Go to the statistics of your YouTube channel.
  • Real Time: See the real-time behavior of your channel.

Now you already know everything you will get with TubeBuddy. Therefore, the only thing left is to take action. As a said, though this tool has a premium plan, there is still FREE Plan that you can enjoy life!

Download TubeBuddy here

Also, If you know there is a tool better than this, also let me know in the comments below!

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