19 Best Video Editing Software

When it comes to doing business or creating some type of online identity, it’s great to have a product, but your visuals also need to be on point. That’s why it’s imperative that you have great video software to help you convey your message. Having the right kind of software can really enhance your overall ecommerce profile. It’s a sound investment if you want to get serious with promoting everything, and take it to another level. Getting the clean angles and great edits from your software will show people that you have a certain kind of professionalism that stands out from a lot of people that just run a store and it’s all about the transaction. You’ll separate yourself from the pack and show that you’re about quality above all else. Here are 19 best video editing software. You can also go over these best Shopify courses.

1. Hyperlapse

If you’re trying to truncate things in a way where you want to speed up a minute or 2  video into 10-15 seconds, this is the type of editing software you need. You can use it right on your Instagram account. You have a few different speeds that you can choose from that will be greatly speed the video to produce a great effect. Just imagine being at a beach and catching when it goes from night to sunrise. The waves are hitting in the background. That would create a great illusion with the right camera.

2. Magisto

This has a great multipurpose feature that will really amp your video in a way that can set your ecommerce marketing to different stratosphere. For one, you have a number of different editing formats to choose. You can get everything from portfolio, music video, events, and even storyteller style video content. When you go to edit your video, the software is already made in a way that will help sequence your events in the best possible outcome. This takes away a lot of extra you might have to do while working with the software. The AI is such a great find and knows a great possible outcome that will bring all of your footage together seamlessly.

3. Splice

If you enjoy creating collages, this is certainly the right app for you to use. The name of it definitely says it all as something where you can splice a bunch of footage all together into a moving collage. Also, there are musical selections available to add to your background for a nice finish. Whether you want to trim the video or extend it, you have this all available for your creativity.

4. Adobe Premiere Clip

This is an all-around quality video editor that you can work with on your desktop. You have a more freedom structure to allow you to customize edits even further with your audio sync. As a result, you’ll be able to trim, edit, drag, and drop different videos from your mobile device’s photo and video album in the manner you enjoy. You’ll be able to make it ready for any social media platform that takes video.

5. WeVideo

This is a bit of a look into the future, because it’s not about downloading video directly to your hard drive. Now, you can use a cloud based software, which you can open directly through any browser you so choose. This software is a bit more advanced and ahead of its time with audio editing, commercially licensed music, and being able to share video in 4K quality. However, the major gripe is you only have 10GB available. You’ll require more space if you need to create multiple videos, but this is a good start for a single one.

6. Inshot

Take away all of the smoke and mirrors, and you get the raw truth. Don’t worry about a bunch of extra features like splicing. If you want to take a video and just add a few things just to enhance its natural look, this is something you need in your toolbox. You can trim, speed up, or add small filters to create a great video. Also, you don’t need to be an expert video editor to do all of this on your mobile. Maybe you want to have a good background image and music to go with all of it. You’ll find this is one of the easier video editing softwares to utilize.

7. PicPlayPost

This is another great collage kind of app that helps you get all of your footage together. This is more of a video than photo aspect. Let’s say you’re creating a workout video or doing a summary of two events during the day. You can have one video playing in the background while the other one narrates the detail. Just be sure to get your audio done correctly, because it could clash with both videos.

8. Blender

Perfect for going above and beyond video. You’re not just dealing with video editing, but a 3D animation software that helps you model, track, and more. If you do focus solely on the video editing side, you certainly have options. For example, you can do different speeds, effects, audio, transitions, and filters. This is the type of tool you want to use when you start to truly develop from a beginner to intermediate level of video editing. Otherwise, it could go over your head.

9. FilmoraGo

If you’re looking to spice things up a bit, FilmoraGo is a great app to make it happen. You have different video effects to help with titles and filters. Trim the videos directly on your mobile device to enhance everything. You can take something a bit boring or dry, and turn it into entertaining or thought provoking. Everything from the way you put your pictures, the sound quality, and video are all together .

10. Overvideo

Looking for an iOS exclusive? This is certainly one to boost up your videos. If you want to label your videos without having to do so in every social media platform, this will save you a lot of time. You can set up where and how long the text lasts. You’ll be able to add music while adjusting the text to get it to fit with the overall theme of your video.

11. LapseIt

Perfect for time lapsing your videos in a manner that makes it cool. You’re going to be a bit different than any other program you used. LapseIt videos will be great for capturing these visuals that take a while to show. Maybe there’s a special thing that happens once every few years like a natural phenomena such as speciaî moon. Using this will help you record the event and speed it up to show people the most important details.

12. Quik

At times, you want to go straight for something viral. That’s why you need an app that’s perfect for social media. This video app allows you to create social-ready visuals in literally a few minutes. Add your images (up to 200) and background music with just a few clicks. You can even auto-sync your tracks to match the video content. This makes it easier for the final product to come together.

13. CuteCut

Advertising is definitely a part of having a great online presence. This app allows you to take your Instagram story and make it into an ad for whatever purpose you need. You can draw different shapes, textures, and other things to embellish your video. It’s a good way to put an extra message across so people will do a better call-to-action.  This is great to keep things a bit more simplistic. You can edit your videos along the way and create more drawings to personalize things, which does well for ecommerce store ideas.

14. Vizmato

Video editing is becoming more of a necessity in regards to creating a great marketing plan. People respond a lot better to any  video than a picture or words. However, you need to see what level of video editing is good for now and later as you continue to grow. What type of video editing software do you use personally? Please leave a comment below.

Quickness is the name of the game with bad boy. If you want something a bit more all-inclusive, this is great for you execute a well-put together video. You can actually record the video in the app with HD quality. Add in special themes, filters, and visuals to spice up your content much more. Creating your videos like this gives you more organization, and it’ll help you create the final cut before you consider your posting. With one touch, you can send out your video all over social media. Vizmato also has its own video format, which can get you a wider demographic.

15. Camtasia

An excellent tool for cranking out videos quickly. This is great for any online tutorials you need. Whether you want to screen capture videos for a specific guide or step-by-step process and feel the need to heavily edit your existing content, you have a quality program in your toolshed. Take a look at how you can reorder things and even add a new voiceover to the content in case you want to change the original vocals.

16. Shotcut

If you’re looking to break into the YouTube, you should use the program to give you a leg up on your competitors. This is an open source tool, which means you don’t need to shell out any dollars to use it. Even in the free version, you still get to try a lot of features. This way you can get your feet wet in case you do take it stab at the pro version of this program. Use it as a stepping stone to help you get more accustomed to the job at hand. You’ll become more acquainted to the process of developing video content to appeal to different demographics.

17. Apple Final Cut Pro X

Apple has done a great job to provide good video editing software for its users. This is just another one in their books. They know their hardware and software very well to the point where these two go hand in hand to provide you with the best service possible. The editing software itself is not only a great performer, but it’s a lot easier to use than other ones on the market. Whether you want to make a short film for marketing purposes or create  a nice Vlog series, this is a good way to start out and build up on your video skills. You’ll spend less money on hiring expensive video staff, and get creative by pushing your own ideas and shooting them in a way that fuels creativity.

18. Pinnacle Studio

If you’re trying to stay in a smaller budget, it’s a good idea to use this tool to your advantage. It pretty much as all of what you need to get really immersed in your video editing. It focuses more on the aesthetics aspect such as: color corrections, effects, and transitions. It’s more modernized due to supporting 4K and multi-cam video editing. If you’re worried about getting the right audio for your clips, don’t fret. You have access to tons of royalty-free music. You can even put your own voice-over effects on the video just to add more of your own personalized style. Since this keeps up with all of the major audio and video technology out there, you won’t need to worry about finding something new. It’ll be compatible with your main gadgets and you won’t need to pay an arm and a leg for it.

19. Sony Vegas Pro 15

When working with a Sony product, you know you’ll get some of the best quality period. The audio editing feature with this software is top notch. You can increase the audio output to match what goes on with your video. You’ll have an enriched experience with both sound and visual. Not to mention, the graphics cards are great for showcasing the best images or videos, there’s more flexible working, and you have a few different versions of the software available. This is make editing much more enjoyable. You have all of these features to make the process better and it’ll show in the work provided.

Video editing is becoming more of a necessity in regards to creating a great marketing plan. People respond a lot better to any viral video than a picture or words. However, you need to see what level of video editing is good for now and later as you continue to grow. What type of video editing software do you use personally? Please leave a comment below.

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