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Every YouTuber knows the value of subscribers and traffic. Several studies have been done on Youtube to determine why users subscribe to a Youtube channel or view a particular video. But no study can give the same answer for all channels in all niches. 

Here’s the truth: how users will respond to your content will depend on the nature of your traffic, content and niche. It is a niche where one size doesn’t fit all. You need to find out what will work for you by yourself. 

This is where analytics tools come in handy. These tools allow you to know how users are currently behaving towards your videos or channel so that you can adjust your strategy accordingly. One analytics tool that has gained much popularity is VidIQ, In this article, you’ll learn more about this software and how it can help you in your Youtube journey. 

What is VidIQ?

Let's face it. Growing a channel is hard. And it is especially hard if you don't know what you are doing wrong. Often, you find yourself seeing people ignoring your views and hardly getting subscribers. This would often lead you to scratch your head thinking ‘What’s wrong?’ 

What VidIQ does is tell you what's wrong. How? It shows you all the facets of your video, channel and competitors to show you what's wrong. From here, you can then adjust your marketing strategy based on what you find. 

Because it works this way, VidIQ can be considered as a Youtube optimization tool. It helps you analyze all the facets of your channel (videos, descriptions, competitors, etc.) so that you can adjust your strategy when needed. It helps you to optimize your channel for more views, subscribes and conversions. 

The best part? VidIQ is free for the most part. This means that you can use it along with its Chrome extension for free. You'll get to witness its power in analyzing your Youtube channel without paying for anything. 

How Can VidIQ Help You?

You may be wondering how VidIQ can help you. It doesn't matter if you are a new Youtuber or you have been on Youtube for a long time. I am sure that you'll find VidIQ to be rather intuitive when it comes to its video analysis features. 

Here are some specific ways on how the software can help you. 

Get Organized with Easy-to-Manage Analytics  

The first thing that will catch your eye when you sign up for VidIQ is its analytics. Although Youtube may have provided you with the same type of analytics, it is still not as organized as that of VidIQ. 

First, you'll be able to see the demographics of your viewers. You'll see if they are male or female and what age they are. You’ll also see them broken down into percentages so that you’ll have an accurate overview of your Youtube channel. 

Then, you'll see a chart that contains the following: Youtube views, Youtube search, suggested views, vidIQ tags, minutes watched, Youtube likes, Youtube comments and Youtube subscribers. This chart will show the daily fluctuations in number in all of these variables. This will help you understand why your viewers do what they do. 

Then, these are further broken down into boxes which you can sort based on what you need to see. You can choose countries, videos, URLs, searches and videos. These boxes will further sort your data for a clearer channel overview. 

From here, the tool will give you an overview along with top playlists and the best time to post (This is derived from your data).  

Next, you'll also see some analytics in the videos tab. This will show you all of your videos along with their corresponding characteristics such as the date posted, tags, vidIQ score, whether or not it is boosted, total views, total likes and total comments. 

This is a rather interesting way to see the analytics of your videos. Plus, it is organized too for you can see everything from one dashboard.

Get to Know Your Subscribers

A good analytics tool will not be complete without subscriber analysis. After all, video channel owners are not just there to look at analytics. They want to know who is watching, liking and commenting on their videos. They want to know the person behind the ‘viewer’. 

Fortunately, the software also have a Subscribers tab that lets you peek into what your subscribers are watching. This includes details such as the top videos they watched, the top channels they follow and when they are online. These features allow you to take a peek at what your subscribers or viewers are doing. It helps you to get to know how they behave - what makes them view a video and subscribe. 

NOTE: This is a Pro feature. You may need to pay the monthly fee to get access to this but it is well worth the money. 

Track Your Links

Did you know that you can also use VidIQ to track click through rates? You can do that in the Description Campaigns Tab.

In here, you are allowed to create your own campaign. This is where you create a link and append it to the description box of your video. From here, the software will track the impressions and clickthrough rate through your links. This is good if you want to see the conversion rates or clickthrough rates of your videos. 

NOTE: The tool also allow you to automatically add tags. It will give you some of the most popular tags in your niche so that you can add them automatically. 

Why add tags? It helps in getting your videos discovered. 

Track Your Competitors

Its Google Chrome extension is also quite powerful. In fact, I think that it is the only Youtube competitor research tool that allows you to see the tags and traffic insights of your competitors. These are quite useful especially if you want to see what your competitors are doing before you do any form of marketing. 

Get Your Videos Ranked

Lastly, it has a SEO tab that looks at your videos on a channel-wide scale. It will look at thye tags that you are currently using and look at the keywords that you are currently optimizing it for. 

The Keyword Research tool is the most popular part of VidIQ. This is where you can look for low competition keywords that will allow you to dominate the front page of the search engines in no time. 

Truly, VidIQ offers an all-in-one tool for YouTubers. 

Now that we know what it can do, let us look at how to use it. Below are some steps that can help you maximize the software’s potential. 

How to Use VidIQ to Grow Your Youtube Traffic

VidIQ is a nice tool that gathers data from Youtube about the latest videos, keywords and tags used by the most popular Youtube channel owners. Because of this, you can use it by gathering data and then using that data to adjust your marketing strategy. Here is how I like to use the tool. You can use it in any way you want. This is just a suggestion. 

STEP 1: Gather Keywords with its Keyword Tool

The best place to start is in the keyword tool. This tool will show you all the related searches for a particular video. In its Google Chrome tool for instance. It will show you the related searches when you visit a particular video. This will help you in not only for thinking of tags to put in your video but will also aid you in your video titles, descriptions and backlinks. 

STEP 2: Copy Competitor Tags

One of the things that people love about VidIQ is its automatic tagging system. It allows you to instantly generate a stream of tags for a video without any trouble. But for me, I love copying existing competitor tags instead. 

Doing this is easy. All you need to do is visit the video of your competitor with your Google Chrome plugin installed. From here, you’ll be able to see the analytics of the video as well as the specific tags used by your competitor. You can then use this for your own videos. 

STEP 3: Launch Campaigns in your Video Descriptions

Once you have a set of keywords, it is time to launch your campaign. In the campaigns tab, you’ll be able to define a description for your videos and this can then include a link. When you list this as a campaign, you can now track the impressions and click through rate of your descriptions. I would suggest tracking and tweaking your descriptions based on how well users respond to it. 

STEP 4: Batch-Optimize Your Videos

Then, use your keyword knowledge for SEO. After all, search engines continue to be the best source for video traffic for Youtube. VidIQ has a batch optimize option where you can just optimize everything for your target keyword. If you can uncover keywords with little to no competitors, that’s better. That’s because it will allow you to rank instantly on the front page of the search engines. 

STEP 5: Track Your Analytics and Adjust Your Strategy

VidIQ is known for its analytics. It will give you a background on your subscribers. First, it will help you look at the behavior of your subscribers by looking at what videos they are watching or following. It will also track when your subscribers are online. Then, it breaks down your subscribers based on their demographic characteristics. This will let you know the person that you are talking to in your videos. 

How can this help you? This helps you in the words that you can use for your marketing strategy. This way, your ads will speak directly to your target market. 

STEP 6: Do Backward Analysis on Your Videos

Now this strategy will only work if you have one or two viral videos in the past. If you want to know what made them tick and why your existing videos are not as successful, it may be worth it to look back and see how it took off. VidIQ offers some historical data on videos that can help you see what's special about that particular video. 

STEP 7: Track Existing Engagements in Your Videos

VidIQ also looks at all the engagements in the entire day and then creates a report after a few days has passed. This gives you a summary of views and engagements your video gets. 

BONUS: Upgrade Your Membership to Boost and Benefit from Trends

VidIQ also has a trends feature. This allows you to see the trending videos and keywords. Plus, it allows you to syndicate your videos to Youtube for some extra traffic. However, this is only available in the Boost option which sells for $49 per month. 

See More Than Just Views

What is the first thing that we see when we look at Youtube videos? It is the views, right? Aside from that, we also see the likes and the comments. Many Youtubers are already contented with just seeing these. But what if a software can offer so much more? 

VidIQ is more than just a view, like or comment tracking tool. In fact, you will get to see the subscriptions generated, Facebook comments, Tweets and Reddit votes, impressions and clickthrough rates of a particular video. It is that intensive. This is very useful especially if you want to see how successful your campaign is in generating traffic, subscribers and sales to your website. 

And it doesn’t stop there. It even provides you with superior analytics including the behavior and demographics of your target audience as well as give you a way to optimize your videos for better search engine rankings. 

So if you want to take your video analytics to the next level and really use them as insights for your next video promotion plan, I suggest that you use a tool like VidIQ. It will help you see the specifics so that you can move with the Youtube wave instead of against it.





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  1. Comment From Bill Taylor

    This tool is really one of a kind. I do not know of any other solution that has this set of features. What a great find.

  2. Comment From Wanda Stuart

    The tool has features that some other solutions have, but it is just good to have these features all in one place.

  3. Comment From Ralph Mckion

    The key feature that I use this tool for is tracking my competitors and the keywords they are using. It can be hard to stay on top of what they are doing on a day to day basis, but this tool makes it easy.

  4. Comment From Xavier Lewis

    The ability to batch optimize my videos really seems like a time saver. This tool is definitely worth trying.

  5. Comment From Tim Sanders

    I never new how much my videos could be improved until I used VidIQ. This really helps you focus on the key things regarding optimization.

  6. Comment From Harry Perkins

    When doing an analysis on all my videos I was able to go back and see that I did have some that really seemed to out perform others. Now I’m studying what was unique about those.

  7. Comment From Jeffery Walsh

    After I optimized my video, I was able to really see which keywords out performed others. Once you clean up everything, it makes it a lot easier to analyze.

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