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What is VidIQ?

Let’s face it. Growing a channel is hard, being a video creator is not as easy as some people make it seem. And it is especially hard if you don’t know what you are doing wrong. Often, you find yourself seeing people ignoring your views and hardly getting subscribers. This would often lead you to scratch your head thinking ‘What’s wrong?’

What VidIQ does is tell you what’s wrong. How? It shows you all the facets of your video, channel and competitors to show you what’s wrong. From here, you can then adjust your marketing strategy based on what you find.

Normally you only get 14 days

Because it works this way, VidIQ can be considered as a Youtube creators optimization tool. It helps you analyze all the facets of your channel (videos, descriptions, competitors, etc.) so that you can adjust your strategy when needed. It helps you to optimize your channel for more views, subscribes and conversions.

The best part? VidIQ is free for the most part. This means that you can use it along with its VidIQ Chrome extension for free. You’ll get to witness its power in analyzing your Youtube channel without paying for anything. This is something video creators should definitely get their hands on. Continue reading our VidIQ review to know more about how it cn help you and what features it offers.



Youtube creators or video creators know the value of subscribers and youtube channels traffic. Several studies have been done on Youtube channels to determine why users subscribe to a Youtube channel or view a particular video. But no study can give the same answer for all channels in all niches. Youtube seo is definitely important.

Here’s the truth: how users will respond to the content of video creators will depend on the nature of your traffic, content and niche. It is a niche where one size doesn’t fit all. You need to find out what will work for you by yourself.

This is where analytics tools come in handy. These tools allow you to know how users are currently behaving towards your videos or channel so that you can adjust your strategy accordingly. One analytics tool that has gained much popularity is VidIQ, this is why we made a VidIQ Review to help you with youtube seo. In this article, you’ll learn more about this software and how it can help you in your Youtube creators journey.

How Can VidIQ Help You?

You may be wondering how VidIQ can help you. It doesn’t matter if you are a new Youtuber or you have been one of those youtube creators for a long time. I am sure that you’ll find VidIQ to be rather intuitive when it comes to its video analysis features.

Here are some specific ways on how the software can help you.

Get Organized with Easy-to-Manage Analytics

The first thing that will catch your eye when you sign up for VidIQ is its analytics. Although Youtube may have provided you with the same type of analytics, it is still not as organized as that of VidIQ.

First, you’ll be able to see the demographics of your viewers. You’ll see if they are male or female and what age they are. You’ll also see them broken down into percentages so that you’ll have an accurate overview of your Youtube channel.

Then, you’ll see a chart that contains the following: Youtube views, Youtube search, suggested views, vidIQ tags, minutes watched, Youtube likes, Youtube comments and Youtube subscribers. This chart will show the daily fluctuations in number in all of these variables. This will help you understand why your viewers do what they do.

Then, these are further broken down into boxes which you can sort based on what you need to see. You can choose countries, videos, URLs, searches and videos. These boxes will further sort your data for a clearer channel overview.

From here, the tool will give you an overview along with top playlists and the best time to post (This is derived from your data).

Next, you’ll also see some analytics in the videos tab. This will show you all of your videos along with their corresponding characteristics such as the date posted, tags, vidIQ score, whether or not it is boosted, total views, total likes and total comments.

This is a rather interesting way to see the analytics of your videos. Plus, it is organized too for you can see everything from one dashboard.

Get to Know Your Subscribers

A good analytics tool will not be complete without subscriber analysis. After all, video channel owners are not just there to look at analytics. They want to know who is watching, liking and commenting on their videos. They want to know the person behind the ‘viewer’.

Fortunately, the software also have a Subscribers tab that lets you peek into what your subscribers are watching. This includes details such as the top videos they watched, the top channels they follow and when they are online. These features allow you to take a peek at what your subscribers or viewers are doing. It helps you to get to know how they behave – what makes them view a video and subscribe.

NOTE: This is a Pro feature. You may need to pay the monthly fee to get access to this but it is well worth the money.

Track Your Links

Did you know that you can also use VidIQ to track click through rates? You can do that in the Description Campaigns Tab.

In here, you are allowed to create your own campaign. This is where you create a link and append it to the description box of your video. From here, the software will track the impressions and clickthrough rate through your links. This is good if you want to see the conversion rates or clickthrough rates of your videos.

NOTE: The tool also allow you to automatically add tags. It will give you some of the most popular tags in your niche so that you can add them automatically.

Why add tags? It helps in getting your videos discovered.

Track Your Competitors

Its VidIQ Chrome extension is also quite powerful. In fact, I think that it is the only Youtube competitor research tool that allows you to see the tags and traffic insights of your competitors. These are quite useful especially if you want to see what your competitors are doing before you do any form of marketing or social media marketing.

Get Your Videos Ranked

Lastly, it has a SEO tab that looks at your videos on a channel-wide scale. It will look at the tags that you are currently using and look at the keywords that you are currently optimizing it for.

The Keyword Research tool is the most popular part of VidIQ. This is where you can look for low competition keywords that will allow you to dominate the front page of the search engines in no time.

Truly, VidIQ offers an all-in-one tool for YouTubers.

Now that we know what it can do, let us look at how to use it. Below are some steps that can help you maximize the software’s potential.

How to Use VidIQ to Grow Your Youtube Traffic

VidIQ is a nice tool that gathers data from Youtube about the latest videos, keywords and tags used by the most popular Youtube channel owners. Because of this, you can use it by gathering data and then using that data to adjust your marketing strategy. Here is how I like to use the tool. You can use it in any way you want. This is just a suggestion.

STEP 1: Gather Keywords with its Keyword Tool

The best place to start is in the keyword tool. This tool will show you all the related searches for a particular video. In its VidIQ Chrome  extension tool for instance. It will show you the related searches when you visit a particular video. This will help you in not only for thinking of tags to put in your video but will also aid you in your video titles, descriptions and backlinks.

STEP 2: Copy Competitor Tags

One of the things that people love about VidIQ is its automatic tagging system. It allows you to instantly generate a stream of tags for a video without any trouble. But for me, I love copying existing competitor tags instead.

Doing this is easy. All you need to do is visit the video of your competitor with your VidIQ Chrome extension installed. From here, you’ll be able to see the analytics of the video as well as the specific tags used by your competitor. You can then use this for your own videos.

STEP 3: Launch Campaigns in your Video Descriptions

Once you have a set of keywords, it is time to launch your campaign. In the campaigns tab, you’ll be able to define a description for your videos and this can then include a link. When you list this as a campaign, you can now track the impressions and click through rate of your descriptions. I would suggest tracking and tweaking your descriptions based on how well users respond to it.

STEP 4: Batch-Optimize Your Videos

Then, use your keyword knowledge for SEO. After all, search engines continue to be the best source for video traffic for Youtube. VidIQ has a batch optimize option where you can just optimize everything for your target keyword. If you can uncover keywords with little to no competitors, that’s better. That’s because it will allow you to rank instantly on the front page of the search engines.

STEP 5: Track Your Analytics and Adjust Your Strategy

VidIQ is known for its analytics. It will give you a background on your subscribers. First, it will help you look at the behavior of your subscribers by looking at what videos they are watching or following. It will also track when your subscribers are online. Then, it breaks down your subscribers based on their demographic characteristics. This will let you know the person that you are talking to in your videos.

How can this help you? This helps you in the words that you can use for your marketing strategy. This way, your ads will speak directly to your target market.

STEP 6: Do Backward Analysis on Your Videos

Now this strategy will only work if you have one or two viral videos in the past. If you want to know what made them tick and why your existing videos are not as successful, it may be worth it to look back and see how it took off. VidIQ offers some historical data on videos that can help you see what’s special about that particular video.

STEP 7: Track Existing Engagements in Your Videos

VidIQ also looks at all the engagements in the entire day and then creates a report after a few days has passed. This gives you a summary of views and engagements your video gets.

BONUS: Upgrade Your Membership to Boost and Benefit from Trends

VidIQ also has a trends feature. This allows you to see the trending videos and keywords. Plus, it allows you to syndicate your videos to Youtube for some extra traffic. However, this is only available in the Boost option which sells for $49 per month.

See More Than Just Views

What is the first thing that we see when we look at Youtube videos? It is the views, right? Aside from that, we also see the likes and the comments. Many Youtubers are already contented with just seeing these. But what if a software can offer so much more?

VidIQ is more than just a view, like or comment tracking tool. In fact, you will get to see the subscriptions generated, Facebook comments, Tweets and Reddit votes, impressions and clickthrough rates of a particular video. It is that intensive. This is very useful especially if you want to see how successful your campaign is in generating traffic, subscribers and sales to your website.

And it doesn’t stop there. It even provides you with superior analytics including the behavior and demographics of your target audience as well as give you a way to optimize your videos for better search engine rankings.

So if you want to take your video analytics to the next level and really use them as insights for your next video promotion plan, I suggest that you use a tool like VidIQ. It will help you see the specifics so that you can move with the Youtube wave instead of against it.



Optimizing Your Videos With VidIQ

Of course, it’s great to use YouTube as a way to not only get traffic and monetize, but it can also be a nice manner to draw in a whole different demographic for your business. VidIQ does this nicely with their technical edge as far as showing statistics with the following: understanding how your content works, the types of shares the videos get across different social media networks, and even how often things are searched. Before we get into the information, here’s how you can sign up for VidIQ:

Sign up for a Free Trial

Here you can start to fill out your information and go to “Sign Up For Free” in order to get the trial version. Once, you’re done with this particular section. Go ahead and check your email to confirm things.

You should get an email confirmation to take you to a live link where you can begin to get your new account in order. From there, find out what exactly you want to do with the general feel of your account.

Now, you can begin to decide what works best as far as the main reasoning behind the purpose of the account.

Are you more of a content creator? Are you an agency? Maybe you’re building a unique brand all together. This can help you build a certain focus within your campaign that’ll allow you to take a step ahead and find out how to create a niche.

For this campaign, you might want to stick with content creation. You have some good options available.

You’ll be able to maximize your organic reach. VidIQ does a great job in helping you with your YouTube SEO. You’ll use the tool for Big Data. This can take the guessing game out as far as creating good titles, descriptions, tags, and even playlists. Additionally, they can give you a good idea of a score to help you look at the things that you need to study and even find out where you can improve.

Also, you can find what’s working. The audit tool is important to see exactly what your channel lacks. Maybe there’s something there that you haven’t noticed which will affect how your video gains traffic. VidIQ will be able to monitor things accordingly.

Additionally, you’ll get a feel for your competition. Find out what they’re doing that’s successful. Also, you’ll see if there are any voids in the market that you can possibly exploit for your benefit. It’ll help you get on more of an even playing field. As a result, you’ll see what’s trending and how that can ultimately affect your marketing plan. Next, you should go ahead and authenticate your account.

Now, you can make it a point to start getting your YouTube together. First, it would be great to do some research in order to see how people are effectively making a name for themselves. You want to more insight into your statistics. Also, see what keywords ring bells as far as YouTube’s search. That’ll help you come up with some quality content or at least find out what your competitors may use to bring in their traffic sources. Additionally, think of how you can get the right type of social engagement for your videos. When people are more involved with your brand, that means that you can find the small things they like to truly enhance your video content, and that is the key to being one of the best video creators. You’ll have better focus to not only give people what they want, but also get creative with the statistics that are out there. This will help you develop a more long-term plan for your videos.

When you have this type of information available, it gives you a good place to begin your research. You won’t be working in the dark, so it’ll help you get the edge needed in order to start things off on the right foot. With that being said, you’ll also want to take a look at what’s offered when you begin using the information from the program on the YouTube videos.

Here’s an example of a couple steps to look at while you’re using the program. You can subscribe through YouTube to see a few videos on how to get started using VidIQ. Use this as a base to find out how you’ll be able to get more views on your videos that you put out. That’ll be a good reference to give you a bit of insight in how you can effectively implement this tool with your own program. By having this bit of knowledge added to your own, it’ll give you a more well-rounded view into your SEO. That’ll help you build some real longevity in terms of coming out with content and getting the most out of it as far as traffic, interaction, and permanent link juice depending on what you’re promoting. Here’s a look into the feel of your homepage as you scroll across the platform.

Setting Up Your VidIQ With YouTube

If you take a look at the top right corner, you’ll see some numbers as you log into your VidIQ account. This is where everything begins. Of course, these are some subscriptions or movies you can watch. If you were to click on them, you can see the amount of engagement and even the key terms of things. The significance of this is showing whether you’re creating a vlog, reacting to a video, or even developing your own movie, the statistics speak for itself. This is important to note as you start using the program. Automatically, the numbers come through with the videos you want to search and this can be very helpful to not only optimize things for your current videos, but give you an idea of how the new ones can be top-tier right out the gate. Let’s take a look below and see an example of what would happen when you begin to utilize YouTube’s search engine.

So, in a random search, we decided to type in “ecommerce tips.” Something general yet specific to a particular market. Automatically, VidIQ does the job and seeks out some of the top videos with the best engagement. If you look to just the right under the VidIQ statistics. It goes into some good information on the significance of the keywords. It shows the following: highest views, average views, average subscribers, keyword score, competition score, etc.

Right off the bat you can gauge a few things. First of all, what do some of the top videos get in terms of numbers. Are there enough views that show popularity? However, does this mean the term you may want to rank for is a bit too oversaturated? This is good to make note of as you begin your foray into creating better video content.

Not to mention, it gives a keyword score and competition score. This can be used as a way to see how you’d fare against other channels that maybe in the same niche. What type of authority do they have in their content? Also, will it be harder to make a splash in this format?

Check out the main video content in the middle. They’ll give you a brief rundown of the amount of subscribers, the Facebook likes, and other information to show you why they’re the top videos currently for a specific term. In this case, we chose the video, “eCommerce Marketing Strategies – 12 Killer Tips.”

There’s a lot of information to be taken from here that will help you see why certain videos truly pop on YouTube. Just at the top line alone, you’ll see the amount of views the video has received, the length of the video, and even a general score from VidIQ. This shows how well this video has been optimized.

From there, you can see how well engaged people are when it comes to this content. Go through the amount of YouTube likes/dislikes, Twitter/Instagram followers, and Facebook followers, basically your social media followers. This shows how they’ve been able to connect a bit with their social media. Knowing more about the social media connections would also benefit you. From there, you’ll want to get more into the nitty gritty of the actual data or the video analytics itself and even down to the keywords associated with it. This helps give you insight to how it performs on YouTube in general. Take a look a the picture below.

Right under the numbers of the social media following and interaction, here are more of the channel and video views. This gives a lot of valuable information on the video analytics.

First of all, it gives information into the total amount of view this channel has received since it began. This is important, because this can measure its activity right off the bat. Also, you can monitor the amount of daily views it gets. You’ll be able to decide on what to do to effectively change your content or even just edit a few descriptions or little things to get the most out of the video analytics. When you take a look at the views of the last 30 days, it’ll show whether there’s an increase or decrease in this factor. Some information may be seasonable, which is the reason why it could gain more or less of a following.

Another takeaway is the subscriber activity. You’ll be able to see how many subscribers are on this channel and even the amount of daily subscriptions. This shows how receptive people are to getting involved with the channel on a long-term basis. Also, you can monitor the activity of whether your subscribers are gaining or you’re getting less of them. It’ll give you an idea of the general behavior of people and how they value the information from your content. Additionally, you can see how your numbers measure up on a global scale. All of this is very useful in order to plan accordingly. You want to find out what things work short and long-term. It’ll help you see how to create better growth for your channel. Of course, it’s always good to see how you can schedule your videos.

Scheduling Your Videos

It’s important to plan out your content to not only give you more time during your week, but it’ll be a better way of distributing your videos. Also, you can do this to alert your followers to stay tuned.

If you have a 3 videos planned for the week, talk about an upcoming video in each one. You might have a three-part video. So, around the last 30-40 seconds, you can speak briefly on what goes on in part 2 or part 3. This way, your followers will already be set to know that you have some content coming soon.

Additionally, you can also create a YouTube story. This is good for a behind the scenes look into your content, or even sending a reminder. Additionally, you can post a general message or something through your YouTube feed to alert subscribers that you’re going to post a new video or even go live. It’ll increase the engagement and they’ll anticipate things more.

VidIQ is a great tool to not only increase your YouTube engagement, but it helps you figure out how you can truly develop incredible content for your videos. With this great addition to your arsenal, you’ll be able to get better traction to your channel. What are some tips or strategies you like to use for your YouTube channel growth? Drop a note below.

The New Demonetization Tool On Pro and Boost plan

A lot of channels has recently experienced demonetization, we have added a feature that would help make sure the possibility of your videos getting demonetized decrease. There are various reasons why videos get demonetized but the most common is the yellow sign which is the “Not suitable for most advertisers” one.

You can find this new feature in the SEO Score and Checklist page on the upload and info page on your YouTube channel.

What it does is scans your titles, descriptions, and tags for phrases and words that are likely to be the reason your video will be demonetized. For example, if you use the sentence “How to shoot your Vlog intro through an Iphone” while this sentence sounds innocent, because of the word “shoot” it could be demonetized. On the controversial keywords section it would show the Keyword, the nature which would be the reason why it might be unsuitable, and the location where you used the word that might cause demonetization.

This tool should be used as a guide only, with YouTube being ever changing, there could still be other reasons why a video will be demonetized.

The Thumbnail Generator of ViDIQ

VidIQ has a thumbnail generator you can use to make your thumbnail more eye catching. As of writing this could only be used in the classic youtube studio but will soon be supported on the beta version as well.From the Classic Creator Studio, on the right side under the thumbnails you will find “Create Thumbnail”. Click on the Create Thumbnail button.

You will have 4 choices, Video still, Solid color, Other image, and Current thumbnail. If you choose video still you would be able to use a video still as your thumbnail.

If you choose Solid color, you would be able to use a solid color as thumbnail and customize it even more when you click on Next.

For other image, you will be able to upload or drag and drop an image.

Then for current thumbnail you would be able to use the current thumbnail you are using and customize it when you click on next.

Once you click on next there are a lot of customization that you could add, yu could add a text, shape, image, and even templates.

After customizing your current thumbnail you would be able to see how it would look like when shared on social media before saving the thumbnail.

Did you know that VIDIQ has a score card?


With VidIQ’s scorecard, even the deeply store Youtube analytics are instantly at your reach. This would help you gather data that would help you view your videos on a higher level, or even view your competitors videos to understand the performance. The key data points are color coded to show you what’s going on quickly.

Social Engagements

This section would be able to show you how a video has been performing on different platforms such as Reddit and Facebook. If you’re a content creator, you should definitely have this.

SEO Feedback

SEO or search engine optimization could make or break a video. So it’s important to know the video analytics. It is very important that you know how great your content has been optimized for it to be effective on YouTube. For example, you would be able to see how tags are performing against the ones that are popular on Youtube. This information can be used by creators to do quick changes.

Video Optimization Checklist

This is a one stop optimization checklist that is vital in order to confirm which steps in optimization has been taken and could be improved. There are 15 different checkpoints, and it’s best to check this out. Think of it as a cheat sheet.

Channel Analytics

This section would be giving you the total number of views, the subscribers, the daily average in order to know whether the video is a hit or not instantly.

Video Tags

These video tags would be showing you how many tags the video is using, it would also show whether it ranks high or low ono Youtube. This could also be copied for other videos or for research.

Suggest Video Tags

This one suggests the tags that has to be used on the video in order for t to rank higher on YouTube. Knowing the video analytics will definitely help you make your video more efficient.

Channel Tags

This area would show the tags that are used on the channel tag part.

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