20 Ways To Get Traffic To Weebly

Begin With an Affiliate Program 

One of the most convenient ways to drive traffic to your Weebly Store is to design an affiliate program that will be mutually beneficial. We can never underestimate the remarkable advantages of a reliable affiliate program. Numerous online websites have chosen the same method, such as Amazon, Cult Beauty, Ali Express, and a lot more! We can say that the results of these websites have been amazing. It is recommended for you to consider using OSI Affiliate as it is regarded as number one in driving immense traffic to your store. 

Disbursing Newsletters

Another effective way to drive further traffic to your Weebly store is to pay newsletters to your subscribers. In this matter, there are many services of email marketing that can help you. Expending newsletters is one of the best ways to update your subscribers about the latest products and posts. It can also be instrumental in case you have an announcement to make and need to make sure that all the subscribers have received it. Your payment value depends on the number of subscribers that are following you and also the count of emails that you have sent out. 

Search Engine Optimization 

We are all aware of SEO and how it has dominated the online market. As we know the importance of SEO, it is vital to be mindful of the profitable keywords on Google to drive more traffic to your Weebly store. We can all agree that getting the hang of SEO is not rocket science. As you are busy handling other matters, you can hire an SEO expert who can take care of the online business matters for you. They will also help you in building domains utilizing backlinks and more. Due to the fame of SEO, you will find much software that will help you in finding the keywords that are just right for your Weebly store. 

Social Networking Sites

Here comes another excellent method to get traffic generation flowing to your Weebly store, and that is social media. We are all aware of the usage of social media these days and how billions of people have connected therein, especially businesses. This means that you don’t have to go anywhere else to find your target market. It is all there on social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Quora, Pinterest, and so many more! The first step on Facebook and Instagram is simply to create a page and post engaging content that will attract followers who will ultimately turn into clients. 

Create a Blog 

According to reports, the stores which have created blogs are more likely to attract clients as compared to the online stores that do not have the blog section. By writing new creative blogs and updating them regularly, you are giving an improved performance to not only search engines but also to the people who are reading your blogs. Doing so will give them a reason to re-visit, and that will eventually drive more traffic to your Weebly store. You can always hire freelancers to write engaging content for your store and get that traffic flowing in. 

Take Help from Online Directories 

Although many people are not in favor of taking help from online directories as they believe it is outdated. However, keeping the search engine as a priority, enlisting your name to these directories won’t do any harm. In fact, by doing so, you are more likely to rank on top sites as search engines find this link attached to your store attractive. Adding your store’s name to the online directory will make your store’s link more valuable. Another reason why you should consider enlisting in online directories is that it is free of cost and will do all good and no harm! 

Go With Guest Blogging 

You can always consider writing a guest blog to drive more traffic to your Weebly store. However, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind. Make sure that the website you are choosing to write a guest blog has a strong domain authority. It is recommended for you to check out websites with higher domain authority as that will be more suitable for getting that traffic to your store. In this way, you will end up with a quality backlink as these websites will link to your Weebly store, and people will take it more seriously. 

Give Pay-Per-Click a Try 

Another effective method is the PPT. If you are tired of trying everything else and need fast results, then PPT has your back. All you have to do is spend a few bucks and enter the world of paid advertising on social media. Numerous websites are offering packages for you to advertise your brand, website, or store. Some of them are sponsored posts on Facebook, Google Adwords, sponsored posts on Instagram, Twitter, and a lot more. You don’t have to worry about the results as it does not work like a product review, you will get paid per click on your website.  

Spread Awareness about Your Brand 

If you are dedicated to making your brand famous among the audience and will go to any extent to achieve that, then do not forget the method of brand awareness. Many ways will help you in spreading the word about your Weebly store. Let us first consider blogs, social media, and other popular forums. By creating a strong base for your brand, you will be able to maintain a great relationship with your loyal clients. All you have to do is ensure that your store has an attractive logo and always remain consistent towards updating the design of your store’s website. 

Create an Excellent Shopping Experience 

If you want your store to create an excellent shopping experience for your clients, then you have to make sure to go with a design that works smoothly and looks attractive too. Make sure that the ‘add to cart’ button is conveniently placed on the top right side of your home page (just like other stores). Work with a goal in mind and make sure to deliver high-quality service to your clients. Another essential thing for achieving this goal is responsiveness. Make sure that your assistants and call center agents are available 24/7 to assist the customers in case of any query. 

Monitor Your Customer Behavior 

If you take advice from a professional marketer, then they will tell you that analyzing your website and monitoring it all the time is crucial to the success of your Weebly store. If you wish to drive traffic to your store as well as make sales, then you need to create an understanding of the behavior of your clients. Get the know-how of their browsing pattern and make sure that they are no blocks coming their way in the process of ordering. One of the tools you can use for this purpose is Google Analytics. It will provide excellent insights into the customers visiting your profile and how you can interact with them. 

Choose a Good Domain Name 

Another building block when considering creating a Weebly store is the domain name. You have to keep in mind that the chosen domain name must be easy to memorize, easy to understand, and easy to type. If you do this right at the initial stage of your business, the chances are that your business is more likely to bloom in the coming future. Go for something eye-catching, straightforward, short, and smart. You want people to think that ‘this is a fun domain name,’ and this will also help them in memorizing it. 

Use Keywords That Are Long-Tailed 

In your SEO venture, make sure that you have done thorough research before kicking off the actual operation. Why? Because you will be working with keywords in everything, you do. It doesn’t matter if its product descriptions, blogs, or blog posts; all you need to do is making sure that the keywords you are using are long-tailored. This is because long-tailed keywords are more likely to be ranked higher as compared to short-tailed keywords. 

Description and Titles 

You have more chances of driving sales and traffic to your Weebly store if you are using product descriptions and titles that are catchy, smart, impressive, and contain the right keywords. The more keyword targeted title and description is the more chances of getting clicks on the search engines. Choosing keywords is easy. All you have to do is find your targeted market and let it act as a guide for you to create an array of keywords. You can also search the web for finding keywords that are related to your Weebly store’s products and services. 


As 60% of your audience will be using smartphones, it is recommended for you to create your Weebly store in a mobile-friendly way. You can make use of this situation and turn it into more traffic and sales by making your store comfortable for mobile users. Make sure that you have added everything needed for your customers to your store, and all they have to do is browse effortlessly. 

Explain Your Images 

Another substantial aspect of driving traffic to your Weebly store is images. When you have uploaded that are packed with the targeted keywords and well optimized, you are more likely to be featured as a valuable channel. There is a section for images on Google. This means that if you have managed to describe your pictures with the perfect keywords, then there is a chance that your Weebly store may be featured in that section. Other than that, adding high-quality images to your Weebly store will make it look more attractive to the customers and will help you in improving your overall ranking. 

Engage With Bloggers 

This is a tactic that is being used by most online stores and even influencers! It is similar to guest blogging when you make room for your work on someone else’s website in order to drive traffic to your store. There are numerous influencers who have built credibility in the online industry. They offer a reliable network that you can trust and utilize for your convenience. One of the best ways to find the right influencers is by using WEBSTA. It is an Instagram web viewer that offers incredible features! All you have to do is enter the keywords that are related to your store, and a list of influencers will pop up. 

Send Your Sitemap 

One of the basic SEO tactics that should not be overlooked is sending your sitemap to the search engines. Doing so will make the indexing of pages much faster and convenient. Try using Search Console for this purpose to send over your sitemap to Google. The process is not as complicated as it may seem. You can always run to YouTube for tutorials on how to send your site map to Google. Or else, you can always hire an SEO professional to handle these affairs for you. 

Choose Social Icons That Are Smart 

Another smart way to drive traffic to your Weebly store is by choosing social media icons on your website that are popular and used by almost everyone. Encourage your clients to share your content with their social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. This is a fantastic way to boost the traffic on your Weebly store. 

Never Give Up! 

The most important thing to make sure that your Weebly store is running successfully is to remain consistent. You have to perform regular updates, analyze the SEO factors, provide juicy blogs for the customers so they keep coming back and always come up with giveaways or free items that will attract new customers as well. So just relax and keep it going! 

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