What is Social Validation

One of the greatest key to motivate people is social validation. The sense of belonging, feeling loved, is followed by respect ad status. Things like this are directly tied into the concept of validation. Social media has heightened the need of social validation. If before we seek approval from our family and close circle of friends, today we tend to seek from out whole social network. The craving for social validation has become more demanding and intense on our daily lives. Social validation is the main reason why people post photos of their new things on their Facebook account before they actually did anything else.

If you aim to electrify your customer base, you have to learn how to tap into their social validation needs. They are proud they did business with you so make it easy for them to share their happened to their friends. You could make a chained reaction because people want what they see others have. People don’t like being left out. They hate the idea of being the last one in their social circle to be able to have what everyone wants to have. When we aren’t sure on what to do, we look at other people’s experience to guide us, we do this unconsciously.

Facebook’s sponsored posts are very effective because of our need for social validation; it’s a strategy that was built from social approval, making it acceptable for us to admire those things. So what should you do in order to be able to tap into this need? There are ways that aren’t difficult to implement that would allow you to tap into the need for social validation.

Strategies to tap into social validation

1. Make it simple to share

This might be the most obvious but it’s also the one overlooked the most. If you want people to share what you offer to their social circle, you have to make sure it would be almost effortless for them to do so. This means you should add share buttons and ask your customers to share your products. Every content that you share with them should be easy to share to their social media channels no matter if it’s a newsletter, a blog post, listings, whatever content it is should be able to be shared on social media sites. Also make sure that you associate the buttons to where they would be shared, you can use appropriate logos and colors to make it easier to recognize. This branding has been used around so it would be easy to recognize these. The less they have to think, the better.

2. Tap the early adopters

People who are first in social circles to try new things are the adopters, they are the ones who are risk takers but still crave for social validation. They look forward in the sense of approval in a different way, they receive approval when they have convinced other people to do the same thing they did. It’s manifested in a whole different way, but it has the same motivation. Try to find where the adopters find their information and target your advertising and marketing on those areas. It could be a lot of things from industry leader blogs, news source, or something different. If you want to tap the risk takers, this is a vital.

3. Make sure you take advantage of marketing and ad offers

If the marketing or ad offer taps into social validation, it’s worth considering. You could create social media content on pages your followers would want to share. There should be nothing stopping your customers from sharing your content to their friends, this on its own is already social validation. So, go ahead and check what content is being shared the most and post more of like that.


Every person needs social validation, it’s human nature and it’s a powerful motivation source. Make sure you make the most out of it on your social media marketing effort and drive more revenue from referrals, and word of mouth.

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