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Why the new OSI Affiliate Software will Increase Your Sales

OSI Affiliate Software recently launched the latest version of their award winning and popular affiliate software, OSI Affiliate. In the new version, the affiliate control panel also known as the user area has been updated and has a new layout and design. We believe that this new layout and design will help you easily manage your affiliates and also attract more affiliates. When designing this new layout, the whole goal was to come up with a design that is attractive, very easy to customize, and easy to use for your affiliates. Here is the new front end of the OSI Affiliate Software.

This is what affiliates will see before they login.

This is the control panel once the affiliates have logged in.

Here is the new resources section for affiliates.

This is the new reports section where affiliates will get detailed reports of their affiliate marketing goals.

As you can see from the tour, the new front end for OSI Affiliate Software will help meet all your affiliate marketing goals. Here is why. First, it will help increase your sales because you will attract more affiliates and it is designed to be easy for affiliates. Second, it is a professional and attractive design that will help make your affiliate program standout from competitors and it will help build trust and loyalty from affiliates. Lastly, OSI Affiliate Software is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly for the affiliate manager(you) and your affiliates.

To get started using OSI Affiliate Software, you can sign up for the 15 day trial or you can demo OSI Affiliate Software to get yourself acquainted with the best in-house affiliate software.

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  1. Comment From ed pierce

    Of all of the affiliate software bundles that I have seen, this has got to be the best, hands down. I really like the resources section, it is going to be really helpful for my business.

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