60 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Wix Store

Setting up a Wix store might seem very easy and exciting. Well, that is the natural part. After setting up your Wix store, the next burning question becomes how to drive traffic and make a lot of money. When it comes to driving potential customers into your Wix store, there are hundreds of options available. Tons of it! An example is using a Wix affiliate app. Here are the ways you can utilize to achieve that.

1. Starting an Affiliate Program

One of the cost-effective ways to drive traffic to your store is to design a mutually beneficial affiliate program. The tremendous benefits of an affiliate program cannot be overemphasized. Numerous online shops like Amazon have tested it, and the result is always said to be enormous. When it comes to affiliate marketing, the most recommended source is https://www.osiaffiliate.com. They have been known to revive online stores from the grave. Affiliate marketing is number one on this list because of its immense potential in driving traffic coupled with the best Wix sell tools.

2. Newsletters

Another fantastic way to drive more traffic to your Wix store is through disbursing of newsletters to subscribers. There are lots of email marketing services of the best Wix marketing tools that you can utilize. It is one of the fantastic ways to notify subscribers about new posts or products. In cases where you have an important announcement, it can prove to be a reliable channel. The number of subscribers, and also the number of emails sent determines how much you pay. Most of your store’s visitors might not visit again. But by converting them to subscribers, you create a hook.

3. SEO Optimization

Getting ranked high on google for lucrative keywords is one of the ways to drive traffic. Working with keywords and setting up your store’s SEO isn’t rocket science. But in cases whereby they seem cumbersome, you can always hire an SEO expert to handle the advance aspect. Like building your stores’ page authority and domains through backlinks. There are lots of SEO software on the web that can disclose keywords you have the potential to rank. Some software also guides on how to optimize your items or blogpost in ways that they perform better on a search engine. Use white label software to rebrand services.

4. Social Media

Another fantastic route you can look into for traffic generation is social media. There are billions of users connected on social media, in which your target market exists. Imagine what happens if you can tap into this overwhelming source while using a Wix affiliate software. You can create social handles on;

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Quora
  • Pinterest, etc. for free.

If you are on Facebook, the first step is creating a Facebook page for your store. They even offer a store template that allows you to sell products directly on Facebook.

5. Have a Blog

According to research, online stores that have a blog section tend to perform better than stores that doesn’t. By continually updating your store with blog posts, you perform better in search engines and also, give readers reasons to revisit the store. To pull this off, you need to learn how to write keyword targeted blog posts. That will be your step to driving insane traffic to your Wix store. Writing valuable content is critical. If you are not a writer, there are lots of freelance writers who are ever ready to take over the job. Whatever you do, make sure that every content adds value.

6. Online Directories

Although many are of the notion that online directories are outdated and not very useful in this era. Well, that might be right, but adding your website to these directories is free and doesn’t hurt. So, what can you lose? One of the reasons why enlisting your website in these online directories is the added value they offer. By linking to your website, they become juicy links that search engines use to rank sites.

7. Guest Blogging

Writing a guest blog is still a useful measure if you want to drive traffic to your store. But you must find the right website. One of the indications that prove a site is suitable for guest posting is their domain authority. The higher, the better. When such sites link to your website through a guest post, it is considered a quality backlink.

8. Give PPC a Try

If you want to take it a little higher, you can spend a few bucks and dabble into the world of paid advertising. There are lots of websites that offer packages where you can advertise your website or products. One of them is Google AdWords, and Facebook sponsored posts, Instagram sponsored posts, twitter, etc. There are also popular blogs that you can message for advert space. You don’t need to worry about not seeing the result since you pay when there is a click on your website.

9. Brand Awareness

If you are looking for a way to boost traffic on your Wix store, increasing your brand awareness will be like killing two birds with one stone. There are numerous ways you can create more knowledge about your store. The number one option is through social media, popular forums, and blogs. By having a strong brand, you will be able to establish a base filled with loyal customers. Make sure you have a distinctive logo, a favicon, and be consistent with the design layout of your website. A funnel that pulls in traffic into your store is not hard to accomplish if you know what you are doing.

10. Shopping Experience

The way you design your website, and the structure impacts on the overall shopping experience of your customers. The design, development, and creation should come with a goal in mind. Potential customers have to find it easy to navigate through the website. Furthermore, the cart feature shouldn’t be hard to find. It should be placed strategically for the best result. Most online stores prefer to position the element at the top right on the platform. Perhaps you can do the same. Another feature to consider is the responsiveness on screens. The store should be responsive to both desktop and mobile.

11. Customer Behavior

A professional marketer will tell you that monitoring your website stat and performance is very critical to your online success. If you want to drive both sales and traffic, you need to understand the behavior of your customers. Is there a stumbling block on the process of ordering? Their browsing pattern on your website will help you formulate a marketing strategy that guarantees a great result. One of the tools used to monitor your website performance is Google Analytics. It provides incredible insight about your site and how users interact.

12. A great Domain

When choosing a domain name, you have to make sure that it is easy to memorize. It has to be easy to type and understood without any hurdle. If you make any mistakes in this initial stage, you might find it very hard picking up in the market. One of the good news is, you can purchase a domain name directly from your Wix account easily. Go for something smart, catchy, and straightforward. You will never regret it!

13. Use Long-tailed Keywords

In your SEO endeavor, make sure you do your research before you kick off operation. That is because you will be working with keywords in everything you do. Product description, blog posts, and web content are to be tailored to the targeted keyword. Long-tailed keywords are pretty easy to rank for, compared to short-tailed keywords. If you are dealing with ‘best cupcakes.’ You might find it hard popping up on search engines due to the competition. Make it long and more specific. A great example is; gluten-free and vegan cupcakes in New York.

14. Titles and Description

Your website title and description is probably the first step in your SEO 101 crash course. Your website title or metadata is very crucial if you wish to drive targeted traffic into your store. The more specific and keyword targeted your title and description is, you have more chances to get clicks on a search engine. By now, you already know the keywords you are targeting; it should act as a guide into creating something catchy and simple.

15. Mobile-friendliness

About 60% of your visitors will be on smartphones and guess what, the number is still growing. Though this is out of your control, you can leverage this into driving more traffic and sales in your store. The best thing to do is to ride with the waves. Design your store in a mobile-friendly way. Luckily, your Wix store comes with a mobile version. With Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) at your disposal, the sky will be your starting point.

16. Describe Your Images

Another factor that can spill in some chunks of traffic is your images. When your pictures are well optimized to the targeted keywords, it can serve as a valuable channel. Search engines like Google have a section for images. A well-described picture means a higher chance of appearing there. Apart from that, including images to your items or blog posts sends a strong signal to search engines. Websites with better images that are well described are often granted better overall ranking.

17. Engage With Influencers

Just like guest blogging, you want to tap into someone else’s network and drive traffic to your store. Working with influencers is an outreach marketing tactic that can make a lot of difference. Influencers are those who have established credibility in the industry, with a reliable network that you can utilize. One of the effective ways to find influencers is to use WEBSTA. An Instagram web viewer with great features. All you need do is punch keywords related to your industry, and it will pull up influencers. Message them and send product samples. Offer their network crazy discounts and see them jump at the offer.

18. Submit a Sitemap

Your store’s sitemap is more like a map to a building. It discloses how different pages are connected. Sending your sitemap to search engines makes crawling and indexing of pages easy and fast. It is one of the basic SEO that you shouldn’t overlook. One of the ways to send your sitemap to Google is through the Search Console. The process is not technical if you know what you are doing. If you still find it tacky, watching YouTube videos on how to submit a sitemap will help.

19. Smart Social Icons

Another unique way to drive traffic to your Wix store is by encouraging social sharing on your website. There should be social sharing buttons on the button or top of your pages. Encouraging them to share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. would be a fantastic way to skyrocket traffic in a significant way. Make sure you add popular social media for a great result. If your content is excellent, be assured that users will always share with their circle of friends.

20. Keep it up

One thing with driving traffic to your Wix store is this; you have to work to maintain and grow continuously. You should never relax or be satisfied. From an SEO standpoint, you should continue building quality backlinks. You should always monitor your website performance and also, your SEO health on software like Semrush. Driving traffic is something you never stop doing. When everything has been set, there is always room for improvement. So, never relax. Never stop! Keep it up!

Driving traffic to your online store is not easy. But with determination and the technical know-how, you will be able to pull it off within a few months. For these measures to kick off, you need to give it time. You don’t expect to execute these tips and start seeing results the next day. It doesn’t work like that. You have got to give it time, and you will be amazed at how great the result will be. If you are yet to start doing the already mentioned ways to driving traffic to your store, perhaps now is the right time to begin.

21. Email Member Subscription

Almost all businesses with an online presence today have and still use email marketing to generate leads and convert those leads to customers. You can do the same for your Wix store by disbursing newsletters to subscribers. There are lots of email marketing services that can use like OSI Feedback Software.  With newsletters, your subscribers are notified about products and sales campaigns. By converting visitors to subscribers, you keep in touch with them, and get to make them long term customers.

TIP: Include call to actions in newsletters to redirect subscribers to your store.

22. Design a Mutual Beneficial Program

Affiliate marketing has immense potential in driving traffic. One of the cost-effective ways to drive traffic to your store is to design an affiliate program. We cannot overemphasize the tremendous benefits of an affiliate program. Online shops like Amazon have tested it, and the result is out in the open for everyone to attest. You could also introduce coupon codes and issue them to affiliate marketers as a way of encouraging more customers to buy from your store.

23. Leverage on Search Engine

Some of the significant traffic channels for online e-commerce stores are the search engines. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Every internet-related enterprise leverages this approach. It encompasses the practices undertaken to improve a site’s performance on search engines.

SEO typically describes the practices put in place to get your store to rank high on search engines like Google and Bing. There’s a whole lot to SEO for your Wix store, but you can wrap your head around it with some research. In cases where it seems daunting, you can always hire an SEO expert to handle the difficult aspect.

24. Dive into Blogging

Online stores that have blog sections always have an edge over other stores that don’t. By continually updating your store’s blog with engaging blog posts, you keep customers in the loop, perform better in search engines, and also give readers reasons to revisit the store. Your blog can also provide free advertisement for your store.

If you can’t create content for you blog, there are a handful of freelance writers waiting to be hired to do the job. See to it that every content is valuable and targeted at some keywords. Remember to include ads of products you sell and call to actions as well to trigger purchases from your Wix store.

25. Use Social Media

The social media is a goldmine beaming with potential, waiting to be fully tapped. The vast connection of millions of subscribers is a channel to find customers that are looking to buy what you’ve put up for sale on your Wix store. No matter who your target audience is, they’ll always be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other networks.

Driving traffic from social media to your Wix store is not rocket science. Starting with the basics, you’ll need to create a page on these networks and engage with your audience. Announce your brand; maybe organize a couple of giveaways or challenges. Ad campaigns are great tools social media offers to bring your store to even more customers. There’s no end to the significant number of customers social media alone yield.

26. Link Sharing

One way of driving more traffic to your Wix store is by sharing links. It could be a link to your online store or to certain pages with product descriptions. To pull this off, you need to put forums to good use. Create threads in an area of interest and follow the conversation closely. For example, if your store deals with smart gadgets, you could begin a thread on “What’s your best smart home gadget?”. You could follow up each response with a recommendation and links as well. Quora and Reddit are good places to start out. Be careful not to spam the whole net with links.

27. Blog Contributor

You’re probably asking, “does guest blogging still work?” It sure does!

Writing a guest blog, especially on a site with high domain and page authority scores, is an efficient tool for driving traffic to your online store. The high domain authority indicates that the blog you’re writing on as a guest is relevant in the niche and has a handful of followers that might turn out to become your customers. There are certain things to consider before writing a guest blog if you’re to get traffic for your Wix store:

  • The site has to be related to your store (if you have sports wears stocked, a fitness blog would be the best place to write a guest blog).
  • The site should have high domain authority. This gives your store some backlink juice, which is good for SEO.

28. Paid Advertising

Until now, we’ve been playing it safe with the ways of driving more traffic to your Wix store. If your willing to spend a little for traffic influx, then paid advertising is right for you.

There are lots of platforms on the internet with packages you can choose from. From Google AdWords to Facebook sponsored posts, from advert spaces on blogs to Instagram sponsored posts, the list is endless.

Keep an eye out for PPC ad campaigns because they are designed in a way that you only pay based on the number of clicks that redirect to your store. However, Facebook sponsored posts make use of impressions instead of clicks. This means that you pay for your products or store to be viewed by some people. Whether or not they click on the ads is not accounted for.

29. Get Noticed

If you are looking for a way to boost traffic on your Wix store, then getting people to know your store exists and to know what you sell is the next line of action. You can create more awareness for your store through social media, popular forums, and blogs. With a strong, established brand, you will be able to amass a loyal customer base. Branding won’t be completely effective if you don’t have features that distinguishes your store from other stores. Therefore, make sure your logo is distinctive. Own a style that helps your brand stand out.

30. A Memorable and Simple Domain

Your store’s domain name plays an exciting role in how much traffic trickles in especially from search engine result pages (SERPs). A great domain name is easy to remember and has relevant keywords tied to your Wix store. For instance, if your store is Minuel’s Collections, a domain name like minuel.com or minuelstore.com would likely outperform a domain name like Minuelcollectionswixstore.com.

Keep it relevant and straightforward.

31. Utilize the Power of Keywords

Keywords research is an essential part of SEO optimization for your blog posts, product descriptions, image descriptions, and other descriptions in words on your Wix store. Long-tailed keywords stand out because they are easy to rank for on search engines. Therefore, it’s advised to use long-tailed keywords for titles, captions, and descriptions to increase your chances of shooting up the number of visitors coming to your store from search engines.

SmallSEOTools, Semrush, and Ubersuggest are great tools for keyword research. Play around them!

32. Optimize Titles and Descriptions

Websites use some mechanisms to announce their presence to search engines. Some of those mechanisms include metadata and h1 tags. Metadata is just a placeholder for your site’s description –anything that tells search engines what your site is about.

If you’re looking to drive more traffic to your Wix store, optimize the metadata to contain relevant keywords. Also, put h1 tags on your site to good use when writing titles.

33. Hit up Influencers

Reaching out to a target audience on social media could be difficult, especially if you’re just starting. Ordinarily, it should take a while to build a network of followers that you can convert to customers. With influencers, you jump plenty of tedious steps and head right into getting a target audience to check out your store and make purchases.

Influencers are those who have established credibility and recognition in the industry, with a reliable network that you can utilize. They are everywhere; from Instagram to Twitter. Because you can reach an extensive network of people through influencers, engaging with them is one way to create awareness, grow your brand, and have traffic directing to your store with profitable returns.

34. Price Slashes

Offering products at reduced prices is definitely a good channel to drive traffic to your store. Call it a promo, Black Friday or whatever. An enticing sales campaign is sure to bring you a lot of customers and income in the long run.

35. Don’t Forget Image Alt Description

Well described images have a better chance of ranking high on search engines for certain keywords. It gets better when they are optimized for SEO. When your images are optimized to the targeted keywords, it serves as a valuable channel to drive both traffic and sales on your Wix store. This is because the search engines like Google pop up pictures related to a search query. Therefore, a well-described image (using alt texts and captions) has a higher chance of appearing there.

36. Customer Behavior

Online stores stay afloat due to the action of customers (purchase and referrals). Concentrating on funnelling traffic and generating leads to your store isn’t the only factor to consider. It’s important to analyse customer behavior. Where are your customers coming from? What channel is turning in the most customers?

Monitoring these metrics will give an insight to better your traffic driving efforts. You get to create scalable marketing strategies which will boost sales on your site. Google analytics is a great tool to use. If you’d like to try out some other tools apart from Google Analytics check out this detailed guide on website visitor tracking.

37. Touch Up User Experience

It’s not enough to just get people to check out your Wix store. What they do and how smooth their activities remain critical to the success of your business.

Do users bounce off after viewing just a page and in few seconds too? Does an aspect of your web page lag?

Customers have to navigate your site with ease, ordering what they want without needing much help. Hence, your website needs to be user friendly. Also, it should be mobile-friendly as well because a whole lot of internet users are mostly on mobile devices. Nevertheless, your site must be responsive both on mobile version and desktop version so everyone is catered for.

38. Create Visual Contents

Videos have catchy things about them that could sell your store to prospective customers and eventually have those customers heading over to get stuff from the store. Every now and then, millions of people are keeping themselves entertained on YouTube and a lot of vlogs out there.

Creating visual content is a means to reach them, introduce your Wix store and drive insane traffic to your store. Whether you create a YouTube channel or you pay for video ads, make sure your contents are engaging, reasonably short and have an edge over other contents littering the internet. If this is going to bring you customers and cash, you need to treat it as serious business.

39. Conduct Giveaways

Giveaways are useful ways to pull customers to your Wix store. You certainly can’t sidestep the place of giveaways in brand awareness. You could set up challenges, share them on social media, engage with your audience and offer the giveaways.

40. Keep it up

It’s one thing to want to drive traffic to your Wix store and another thing to start out and keep up with efforts. You have to work to maintain the influx and grow continuously.

It gets better when you’re consistent and up to date with SEO practices. Leverage every channel you can find and make the most from your Wix store. Monitoring your website’s performance should be top priority as this will point out areas that need improvement.

Driving traffic to your online store is not easy. The results won’t pop out of space overnight. You’ve got to give it time and dedication, and you will be amazed at how great the result will be. If you are yet to start doing the already mentioned ways to drive traffic to your store, now is the right time to begin.

41. Backlinks

One way you can ensure that your website is getting the most attention that you need is to make use of backlinks. Backlinks from external websites can be linked to your websites in content to let Google know that your website is relevant, reliable and important based on the anchor texts (the words that can be clicked). You can also use a backlink to potentially drive activity to your online store as people who visit the external site will sometimes click through interesting anchor texts and visit your website. These visits from backlinks will not always lead to a purchase but is great to have.

42. Competitor Analysis

There are many tools online that you can use to analyze what competing websites are doing to get traffic to their website. A free tool that can help you with this is Alexa. When you type in your competitor’s URL, check for the upstream websites to see the websites that visitors go to before arriving at the website of your competition. In cases where most arrive there from Google, this tells you that you should pay more attention to Google Ads and making sure that your websites rank higher on search engines. For those cases where Facebook is the top source of visitors, you then know that you must include Facebook ads in your marketing plans to ensure that you can get as much traffic as you need.

43. Diversify Your Content Types

SEO is more effective when you are able to keep your content type fresh. Once in a while, go through your web pages and refresh the content. Take out outdated content and replace with fresh ones, videos and graphics. This will allow Google to know that there is regular activity on your website and rank it better. You can also integrate a product review addon to your website that will give your customers the opportunity to leave feedback and positive reviews on your product page. This helps you to always have a consistent stream of content that will improve your SEO and ranking, leading to better traffic.

44. Add Daily Content to Your Website

Freshness of content is important in the way that Google ranks website on search engines, so it is crucial to always add new content so that visitors have something to look forward to. Daily content or products to your shop will ensure that your SEO efforts are well-supported, and your ranking can get higher. When visitors know your website for having new things whenever they visit, it makes it easier to get more traffic to your website.

45. Join Several Search Engines

SEO is best analyzed through your search engine rankings and while Google is the most popular of them all, you can submit your URL to other search engines like Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. These engines will crawl your site and index it accordingly. This will also increase your chances of getting noticed during web searches of your relevant keywords.

46. Create interactive posts

Enable social media engagement on your website by creating content such as quizzes or polls that can be shared on social media. This way, when your visitors or users interact with a post, the results are easily shareable to their favorite social media accounts and can help you to get all the website traffic that you need. This also works by helping you to grow your email list simultaneously. Many companies also make use of interactive posts to create wish lists or product recommendations which can be tailored to the answers provided by the users.

47. Podcasting

This is an immensely popular and exciting type of content to add to your marketing mix. More than 50% of Americans listen to podcasts monthly and these sometimes have a large audience. Create a podcast and spread the word on your website to help you to grow a large social media following that will improve traffic to your website. Podcasts are effective in improving your brand awareness, customer relationships and content for SEO.

48. Giveaways and Freebie Contests

People like free stuff and would probably come back for more if they find that you have a nice incentive as part of your ecommerce strategy. Giveaways and freebies generate a lot of referrals and word-of-mouth traffic that you can take advantage of to grow traffic to your website. Most people enter giveaways and contests to get a chance to win free things but also give you the opportunity to target them later with your products and services. While most entrants into contests are unwilling to receive information in the future, there are still enough upsides to running contests on your website.

49. Blogging on Medium

An easy way to build content online is to use Medium to post your content. Medium allows simple online publishing for individuals and companies with semi-automatic CSS editing and coding. It also has a lot of features that can help you to create a community of followers as a publisher and promote your content. With some time and resources, you can create great content on Medium and gain traction among readers. You can then insert back links to your website that will encourage users to visit your online store and purchase your goods and services.

50. YouTube Marketing

YouTube is a great source of content and advertising. You can create YouTube ads and include links to your website in the description section. You can also annotate videos on YouTube with links or collaborate with popular YouTube channels with large number of subscribers to share your link. These may ask you for some payment or request that you become affiliates for them. This is typically effective in the short term and you can optimize the traffic potential by creating your own channels and uploading content regularly.

51. Facebook Marketing

Facebook is not only a great place to meet friends and share cute pictures but a nice platform to grow your website traffic. Sources of website traffic from Facebook include business pages, Messenger groups, engagement posts, creating a business page for your brand and running Facebook adverts. You can join different Facebook groups and promote your products in these groups. People that are interested will use the links to visit your website and check out your products. You can run a Facebook business page and consistently share your product links on your posts to drive traffic to your Wix website.

52. Social Share Buttons

You have a lot of pages on your website that contain shareable content. These include blog posts, pictures, product reviews and descriptions. You can add social share buttons so that your users can easily share your content and auto-generated links to their social media pages You can add Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media websites. When these posts are live on the social media, there is a high chance that other people will share and thus increase the reach of the links which will go a long way in boosting traffic to your online store.

53. Twitter Marketing

Twitter is fast becoming one of the most popular social media websites and because of the restrictions on the length of characters, you can rely on hashtags to push traffic to your website. What you can do to boost your content marketing on Twitter is to retweet a link that has a lot of people featured and then piggyback on popular hashtags to get more people reading your tweet. The more people see your tweet, the higher the click through rate that your website will see. You can also create hashtags for your tweets and promote them like adverts to increase reach and engagement. Including pictures or videos to your tweet also brings more attention to your link.

54. Public Forums

A great way that you can use public forums is to engage in conversations that relate to what your niche is. For example, you can check Reddit, Yahoo Answers and other websites and answer questions that have to do with your product. You have to do it in such a way that you are not breaking the forum rules and participation is organic and natural. It is also important to build relationships and foster a sense of belonging before you can share such content on a public forum. Quora can be very useful in delivering organic content for people to enjoy. If they like your content, they will find their way to your website via your link.

55. Ad Networks

If you have money to spare and you have content that you can push, you can register with different ad networks to produce digital adverts that you can use to promote traffic to your website. You can further channel these adverts to your specific target audience and then see how much traffic the network can generate. Quality ad networks that you can join include Google Display Network, Quora ads, Outbrain etc.

56. Brand Partnerships

Brand partnerships help to give your business a solid reputation and make it easy for users to trust you. Partnerships don’t have to be expensive and it could be in form of cross-promotion with established bloggers or influencers or websites. A good brand collaboration is one that allows you to leverage on the partner’s audience to promote your own digital content as that is the only way it can help to bring good traffic to your website. When these brands share your links on their website or social media or newsletter, it showcases your site to a new audience and connects you to new traffic streams that you can then leverage on for conversion.

57. Press Release

Have you done something noteworthy in your business? Then you can use that opportunity to publish a news release to announce it to the world. For your news release to be effective, you need to post it to your website’s blog and social media channels. You can also improve the reach by paying a syndicate like PR Newswire to spread the press release to new markets where you can attract new customers.

58. Retargeting Adverts

There are a lot of customers that will come to your website and fail to complete their order. By using retargeting software, you can reach out to those customers and offer them discounts or special offers to come back and complete their order. Because they have been incentivized to come back to the website, they will be more likely to make a purchase and even invite others.

59. Focus on Your Best Traffic Source

It is important to analyze your website’s traffic to identify what channel or source gives you the most traffic. You can check this by figuring out which sources bring in the highest amount of traffic, the sources that have the best conversion rate for traffic and the sources whose leads have the highest level of engagement. When you identify these sources, take some time to understand why they are effective and drill down to the reasons why and find out what you can do to make them even more effective.

60. Social Events

You can get involved with planning marketing events if you have a physical store. You can organize a marketing drive with special discount codes that people can use online. These sort of marketing activities will help you to attack a new audience that is different from the ones that come online. This helps to increase awareness of your website among the neighborhood and remind your audience that you have an online store. Social events can serve a dual purpose of increasing your traffic and also converting some of your offline customers to online ones.

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