40+ Successful word of mouth Examples To Learn From

Word of mouth advertising (WOMM) is a successful and cheap approach to acquire business. Getting a suggestion about your business from a colleague of friend can be the certainty supporter potential clients require. Word of mouth marketing has dependably been a critical device for organizations. It drives sales since purchasers need to make sure they are settling on the correct decision when they buy. Hearing other individuals say great things in regards to an item or administration helps assemble a purchaser's certainty that their order won't be an error. Most of the ecommerce marketing strategies proven to be successful makes use of word of mouth marketing.

Small companies regularly consider word of mouth as free publicizing. In any case, it is powerful to the point that enormous businesses empty a great amount of dollars into publicizing efforts to influence customers to think everybody has an extraordinary affair when they buy their items. Consider the Burlington Coat Factory promotions, for example, where customers gloat about how much cash they saved money on garments by shopping at Burlington. At that point there are the DSW Shoe advertisements where one lady keeps running up to another and asks in wonder, "Where did you get those shoes? "The appropriate response is the organization's motto - "DSW – It's the place you get those shoes." The suggestion: DSW is the place to go for shoes that will make you a champion. 

Start up and small companies don't have that sort of cash to spend. All things considered, insightful entrepreneurs have figured out how to create extraordinary word of mouth reputations on small spending plans. How can you do it? How would they motivate clients to value them, as well as elevate them to other individuals too? we’ll get there later, for now here are examples you could learn from:

The New Product Types

1. Model S- Tesla

Even if Tesla wasn’t the first electric car that you could drive with gasoline, it was actually the first to make a statement and catch everyone’s eyes. Why wouldn’t it? it was reliable and safe while being sexy all at the same time. Even automobile authorities predicted that it would one day become a superior car that could be used in many occasions. Imagine, the car was rated best car ever to be tested by consumer reports, and the had the highest safety rate in America.

2. Apple’s iPhone

Just like how iPod’s did it before, iPhone’s are breaking into new types of products. With iPhones, people could do so much more with their cellular phone’s than ever before, and that made people talk about it, even if it had some flaws.

Products That are Best in Class

1. Under Armour

Ever wondered where it actually started? It all began when the founder of UA, Kevin Plank was not satisfied with how sweatshirts found on the market’s quality was when it comes to absorbing moisture. So he used his own $17,000 to create 500 sweatshirts and sent them to his teammates. I guess it’s well noting that they all loved it and they are now part of the NFL. If years ago it was always Nike and Adidas, today, UA has outranked Adidas as it’s now 2nd to Nike.

Storytelling made meaningful


Well, if you ever bought from TOMS then you already know that it revolves around giving. When you buy a pair of shoes from Toms, you are also giving to somebody.

Target Influencers

One Kings Lane is a blogger outreach where their campaign is to reflect your style. There are bloggers that were invited to create a mood board and a lot of them actually responded to the invitation. When it comes to home goods eCommerce, One Kings Lane has set the record into him being the king.

So much about the examples, here are some easy tactics you can try adopting to gain more word of mouth marketing in your business:

  • Give your customers an experience with your products that they won’t forget, make it topnotch and worth talking about. The only time you can expect clients to talk about you is when they have experienced something good with what they received from you. What you offer isn’t the only thing you should be thinking about because how you offer your services or products should surpass your clients expectations. And you have to take note that word of mouth works in two ways, two very different ways. One is when you did something good, and the other is when your client isn’t satisfied or is mad about what happened. You cant stop a client for speaking especially if they had a terrible experience.
  • Make your clients experience phenomenal. Every thought that you wanted to be treated in a certain way when you play the role of a client? Yes, make sure that you treat your client the way you want to be treated. When you are talking to clients even over the phone, smile because your voice sound happy and light when you smile.
  • When answering questions from your customers make sure that you are being courteous. Try not to keep them waiting for unnecessary reasons as well. Make sure that you have someone to answer their calls anytime. If you have to forward them into voicemail, make sure that you let them know what time they could expect you to call back. And make sure that you really call them around that time. if ever there are reasons why you cannot finish a clients task on time, make sure that you let them know ahead of time, and if you pass the task to your admin make sure that you let them know every important detail. If your clients would experience something different from your service like delays, or any other changes let them know ahead of time.
  • Always be approachable, if a client goes into your physical shop make sure that you great them with a smile and a warm welcome. When they visit your website make sure you have a welcome banner or some way to make them feel that you are glad they are checking you out. If you know a clients name and it’s possible, greet them by name, this is also useable when sending emails. Casual discussions is a way to build a relationship, and having a relationship with your clients is a good way to build loyalty. When a client call you via mobile, do the same.
  • Answer your clients problem with actualities and not by being mad or annoyed. If it happens that it isn’t your fault make sure that you don’t sound irritable. If ever a customer has a hard time understanding instructions or what the problem is try to be the most understanding person in the world, look for ways to make what you are saying more understandable. And whenever there are some information that would benefit your customer, make sure to pass the information along, they would really appreciate that.
  • Don’t for get to show your customers that you are thankful that they did business with you. Every person loves to feel valuable, and with a simple thank you, you are already making them feel valued. While you might have thank you’s on your receipt, it wont hurt to say it personally or via email once in a while. You can even send in a hand written thank you note as you deliver their items. That would turn you into a business that thinks about the clients, and that would be good for you.
  • Return your client calls as soon as possible. Make calling them back quickly a habit. When unfortunate events happen and there would be a delay from your side of the party make sure that you tell and explain it to your clients. Make sure to also offer them other choices if ever they need them.
  • And when you customer calls protesting something about what you offered, whether you are right or wrong do not act like you are mad and do not point fingers, Instead, whether it’s your fault or not, apologize and do your best to fix the problem or make up for it. you could try offering a discount for situations like this, this way they would still do another transaction with you. By making sure you take care of customer problems, you are turning them from irate customers to users of your product and services.
  • Make sure that you would be known in your market. You could do this by joining gatherings and other industry events that your customers would likely attend. This way you are making ways to be introduced to people that would be interested in doing business with you but still don’t know about your existence. And when you can, give your clients tips and refer them to people that they would need. Even if it’s something unrelated to your business when you help a client out, they would remember you and maybe make you part of the solver of their issues.
  • Make sure that you are active on different social media platforms and make your business known in those areas. Be on social media platforms where you think your customers would be, that way you are not just building a stronger relationship with them but also letting more people know you exist.
  • Make your website and emails as shareable as possible. Make your website content easy to share. The less demanding it is to share your business the more likely your clients would share whatever new thing you offer the more that they would do it.
  • Offer to be a speaker or give workshops. Join gatherings, especially those with people from your industry. Make sure that whatever comes out of your mouth is helpful. When you share data that is helpful and correct, people would set you up as a specialist and you will turn into the person that clients would go to in order to solve problems that you have mentioned.
  • At times when people praise you ask if you can use their comment into your website. These good opinions from your customers would let other people hear honest feedbacks about your business.
  • Make sure that you contact number and the name of your business is easy to find as well as easy to remember. If you are using your own car for delivery, make sure that your numbers are pasted on your car so people would see how they could easily contact you. And when you meet new customers as well as prospect customers, give them business cards so they could call you again and share your contact details to their friends. Make sure that as you paste your contact details on your website it has no errors.
  • When a person invites other people to your business make sure that you thank them. Your business’ idea becomes more amazing as you express gratitude to people who helps you in some way. At times you can give discounts, compensation, a coupon or whatever suits your business together with a thank you. When there are incentives, they will be more motivated to share you.


Word of mouth referrals usually happen naturally when you have done something good. But little did people know that they could trigger it, right? Why wouldn’t you use word of mouth marketing if it has been proven to be the most effective type of marketing, it has been present in other effective strategies, and it’s the most cheapest way to market? In this guide we have shared different examples of how successful companies use word of mouth marketing, so make sure that you try to learn from their experiences. We have also added different ways that you could do in order to trigger word of mouth referrals to happen. To end this article, remember that what you basically have to do is make you business known, grow more by being active in social media and gatherings, and always offer the best that you can. Good luck!

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