Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins – Updated Dec 2023

Since the past decade, eCommerce has climbed up to new heights of success. With the availability of the internet, more and more people can do business around the globe. Affiliate marketing has proved itself to be the game-changer for eCommerce. And if you have a WordPress site and are looking for ways to get your affiliate program more exposure and success, you can always add affiliate plugins or free affiliate software to your website for a smooth and comfortable marketing experience. In this article, we have gathered a list of the 20 best WordPress affiliate plugins of 2020 for you.

1. OSI Affiliate Software

The number one on our list is OSIAfilite that will make the process of creating and managing an affiliate program hassle-free on How to Create Shopify Affiliate Links. It comes with tons of useful features which will make sure that you have a seamless affiliate program in place. It offers auto sign-ups, which is great for converting your customers into advocates. Use Generatepress Review, one of the best and fastest WordPress themes available right now With the Social Share Widget, referring potential customers to the site is just one click away. It allows you to keep track of the affiliate links and incorporates features that will enable you to give gift cards, coupons, or discount codes to your advocates. Grow your ecommerce company by knowing How Shopwired Referral Program works with this Best Ecwid Referral Software and Best Ecwid Referral Apps


2. Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro offers you tons of features that will make you manage your affiliate program with greater success, and also try to check the Best Squarespace Affiliate Apps. It offers many customizable options like creating your link styles, adding custom tracking codes, creating your campaigns, and much more with the Best Squarespace Referral Apps. In addition, you can track your payments and make your personalized banners as well. Managing campaigns with Post Affiliate Pro is convenient, and generating reports is straightforward. Grow your business with Best Shopify Affiliate Plugin.

3. Thirsty Affiliates

Another fantastic affiliate plugin in our list is Thirsty Affiliates, which is known for its simple and easy to use interface. Integrating the plugin is straightforward, and using the features is even easier. The plugin allows you to create automatic links to your content based on keywords, including the Best Squarespace Referral Plugins. You can create and upload visually impeccable banner and photos without much effort and know How to Create Wix Affiliate Links, and the ranking on a search result. You can also manage your campaigns just with few clicks. Plus, you can get insights on customer trends by going through detailed reports generated by the Best Wix Plugins. Gather lots of useful and valuable information with the help of  Surferseo VS Page-optimizer-pro.

4. Affiliates Pro

If you are new to affiliate marketing and want to launch your affiliate program, then the Best Squarespace Affiliate Software, then this affiliate WordPress plugin would be the right choice. This is not too expensive as compared with other plugins that are discussed in this article, so you can start your affiliate program without hurting your bank balance. including Keyword Research for Ecommerce Stores. It is inexpensive but that does not mean Affiliates Pro is only suitable for small businesses; it is scalable, and it would adjust correctly if your business grows in the future. If you’re interested in learning how to create Squarespace referral links, check out our guide on How to Create Squarespace Referral Links. Affiliates Pro also gives its users a feature for Banner Management so that they can post good looking visual content, this could be one of the Best Affiliate Apps and Best Wix Plugins

The plan starts from as low as $29/year.   

5. Amazon Auto Links

If you are an affiliate, then you will know, working as an affiliate gives you a sense of freedom as you can choose anything to promote. It can be an advantage in the sense that you can choose to work with any company of your choice and promote any product of your interest. Consider exploring the Best Squarespace Affiliate Plugins as a means to expand your business. However, with so many products available, selecting the ones to support can be quite overwhelming for some people, especially when it comes to Keyword Research for Ecommerce Stores. And for those affiliates, Amazon Auto Links is just a gift from heavens; it helps them to choose products automatically based on the categories they want. Thus, lifting a burden from their shoulders. The plan for Amazon Auto Links starts from $57.98 per year.  

6. Affiliate Royale

Another very brilliant affiliate WordPress plugin is Affiliate Royale. With this plugin, you can monitor all your progress and keep track of your partnerships. After installing the plugin, you will access a user-friendly dashboard, which will allow you to look at different stats about your affiliate program, including sales and payments, and also the Best Squarespace Referral Software.

You can also create referral links  and How to Create Ecwid Referral Links with this plugin, create fully customized ad banners, and to know what is the Best Wix Affiliate Apps and Best Ecwid Affiliate Software as well. You can acquire the plugin’s license from as low as $85/year. Transform your business with the Best Ecwid Affiliate App and make impactful improvements.

7. Pretty Links

Another handy affiliate WordPress plugin is Pretty Links, which is somewhat different than the other plugins you will find in this article. “Pretty Links” is developed to help you to shorten and brand UTM links and make them more comfortable for your publishers to include in their content. Both affiliates and brand marketers can use pretty Links as it allows you to track the referral links.  The Surferseo vs marketmuse is both tools that are fantastic. Pretty Links also assists you in adding relevant links to your content according to the keywords you use. You can get all these features in just $59/year.  

8. AffiliateWP

If you are an affiliate marketer and looking for a convenient affiliate WordPress plugin, then AffiliateWP is one of the best that you will find. The plugin offers powerful tools to manage your affiliate program, plus, it will also give a proper interface to the affiliates to use their accounts as well. AffiliateWP generates real-time reports which enables you to have all the necessary information about your affiliate program. This plugin also allows you on How to Create Shopify Affiliate Links, to accept and approve affiliates applications manually, and you can generate referral links as well while using one of the Best Shopify Referral Plugins. The pricing for this plugin starts from as low as $99/year.  

9. Ultimate Affiliate Pro

As the name implies, this plugin is a complete affiliate management software and the Best Wix Affiliate Software. If managing payment is an issue, then this plugin will enable you to track and manage all of your affiliate payments right from your WordPress website’s dashboard.

To create more visual appeal, Ultimate Affiliate Pro will allow you to create customizable banners. This plugin will offer a social sharing feature that enables affiliates to share their affiliate links to social media platforms with the utmost ease. You can grab this fantastic plugin for your WordPress just for $59/year. 

10. Amazon Simple Affiliate(ASA2) Pro

The job of an affiliate is to promote products and for this the information being given out must be up to date. And if you are an Amazon Affiliate, the need for updated product information becomes even more critical. This is where Amazon Simple Affiliate (ASA2) Pro comes into play. With the help of the PA IPA, your product information on display will be updated automatically. With this plugin, you can display star ratings to the products that you are promoting, which is always a plus if you are selling something. The plan for ASA2 starts from a mere $59/year.   

11. Lasso

Lasso is another excellent affiliate Plugin for WordPress, which can be used with Google Analytics as well as Amazon Associates Program, thus enabling you to manage and control your current affiliations and keep on discovering new ones. With Lasso, managing your monetized links is easy and efficient, and you can also get recommendations for new monetized links. You can also create customized product boxes to attract your visitors. If you want to test Lasso, you can have a 14-day trial, and after that, you will have to pay $49/month.  

12. AzonPress

By now, we have discussed a couple of WordPress plugins to integrate Amazon Associates; just like them, AzonPress has the same purpose. Amazon is the biggest eCommerce platform in the world, so you will find many content creators to drive sales to products available on this platform, and AdScale’s Growth Formula For Ecommerce Stores. allows the users to create dynamic product tables and feature them on their websites. The plugin also provides geo-targeting, thus enabling you to analyze your international market. Just like any other affiliate plugin, AzonPress also offers features that help you track your links and payment. The packages for AzonPress starts for as low as $39/year. 

13. Auto Affiliate Links

If you are a new affiliate marketer and looking for a budget-friendly affiliate plugin, then there is good news, Auto Affiliate Links is free. Just like any other good affiliate plugin, Auto Affiliate Links automatically creates links to your content based on the keywords you use. It also enables you to link to affiliated programs automatically. If you want to promote Amazon products, then this plugin is capable of supporting your needs and helps you on How to Create Ecwid Affiliate Links. Compare the usefulness of surferseo vs clearscope as a tool.

14. Affiliate Manager

As a free Affiliate Management system, Affiliate Manager is quite a tough competitor to its premium rivals. It provides all the necessary tools that you can ever need to run a successful Affiliate program. From integrating to making payments, everything is smooth and easy. With this plugin, you can now easily track all the affiliate clicks and create a thorough report, which is enough to provide all the insight into customer trends. It can also be used with other WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, iThemes, JigoShop, and more, without any trouble, it could also be the Best Shopify Affiliate Software.

. Make positive changes to your business with the Best Ecwid Affiliate App

15. Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Just like AzonPress and ASA2 Pro, this WordPress plugin for Amazon Affiliates is also developed specifically to help and facilitate associates that are members of the Amazon Associates Program. This plugin comes with handy tools that will help you to create personalized product display boxes and referral links. If you have product display boxes online, with the help of the PA API, this plugin will keep the information on the product fully updated. You can integrate your plugin to multiple websites, but for this, you will have to purchase the Pro Plan that is going to cost you about $99/year   

16. YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

This affiliate plugin is a gift for the people who work with WooCommerce. If we talk about the ease of use, YITH WooCommerce Affiliate might get ahead of most of the affiliate plugins that are available online.

From setting up the plugin to tracking payments, you get everything that you need to launch and run a successful affiliate program. Affiliates can set up their profiles and track their progress from the dashboard. All in all, it is a complete affiliate plugin for WordPress. You should learn more also on Best Wix Apps For Your Ecommerce Store.

17. Refer a Friend for WooCommerce Pro

Although Refer a Friend for WooCommerce Pro is not meant to create a pure affiliate program, it still manages to get your sales by giving rewards to your existing customers based on word of mouth. In an affiliate program, you give commission to the affiliates that generate a sale. Still, this plugin allows you to give discounts or gift coupons to your existing customers when they refer to your product or services. The plugin manages to generate unique links and allot them to the members of your referral program, and on How to Create Shopify Referral Links. It also offers powerful features like tracking of referrals from your customers and enabling you to give rewards to the right and deserving customers with this WordPress affiliate plugins and Best Ecwid Affiliate Plugins. You can get this plugin integrated to your site by paying as low as $47 a year. 

18. Referral Candy

Just like “Refer a Friend for WooCommerce Pro,” Referral Candy is another plugin that lets you build a referral program for your website. The plugin allows you to create a customized promotion and add it to your website with a newsletter sign-up. Interested customers can sign-up and get a promotion in their email. Plus, you also give them rewards if they spread the word by sharing the promotion with their friends and family. Every customer is given a unique link, which he/she has to share. The traffic is driven through these referral links, and Referral Candy tracks them for you. Find the Best Wix Marketing Apps and Best Wix Referral Plugins for you to track sales.

19. WordPress Affiliate Manager

If you are looking to get your affiliate program to a new level of success, then WordPress Affiliate Manager is just for you. It has everything you could ever need to generate more traffic and sales to your WordPress website. It allows you to take a close look at all the happenings related to clicks of products and generate a real-time report. The plugin ensures seamless mass payouts and supports unlimited Affiliates. It allows its users to create banners and do text-link management and How to Create Wix Affiliate Links. The best part about this plugin is the fact that you get all this for free.

20. Easy Affiliate Links

Another free affiliate WordPress Plugin, Easy Affiliates, makes managing your affiliate program uncomplicated. With this plugin, you can track all the affiliate links for a month and a lifetime as well. Wix Affiliate Plugins and with Best Ecwid Referral Plugins can also manage your affiliate.There are tons of add-on features available, but you will have to pay for them. You can also explore more on Best Shopify Affiliate App and Best Wix Affiliate Software where can campaign easily. You can also learn about Best Clearscope Alternative and Best Shopify Referral Apps

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