How to Set Up your Bigcommerce Store

In this video you will learn how to set up your Bigcommerce store. You will go through the step-by-step basics of getting your Bigcommerce store up and running. See how you build the foundation of a successful ecommerce business using Bigcommerce. By following the steps in this video you are setting up yourself for the future success of your store.

How to Set Up your Bigcommerce Store Video Transcript

Hi! This is Justin from OSI Affiliate Software and in today's video we're going to be looking at Bigcommerce and we're going to be going over the very basics of Bigcommerce including how to add a new product and managing your categories. Let's go ahead and get started.

First thing that we'll notice is that we already have 44 products, even though I just signed up for an account. Basically what Bigcommerce does is they add in a few sample products to your store, basically just so that you can see what it's going to look like. If I go ahead and click on 'view store' we've got a basic template already set up as well as a couple of images right here and some products. But what we're going to do is we're going to delete all of these products. What I can do is either click on 'products' right here or go to 'products' and 'view products'. Okay so I'm on the 'view products' page and we've got 3 pages of products. I'm going to click on 'view' and go to just 100 so we can view all the products at one time and I'm going to check all of them and hit the delete button. Once I hit okay, they will be removed from my site. I'm also going to completely redo the categories. Once again I'm going to click on 'products' and go down here to 'product categories' and what I can do is select all of these and once again delete them.

Okay, so now that's done. Let's go ahead and add a new product. I'm going to click on 'products' again and this time I'm going to click on 'add a product'. Just as an example, I have a shoe store. This particular shoe is going to be a Nike running shoe, so we can give it any name we want. Just for this example, we're going to be basing it off of this shoe right here, the Nike Free 3.0 Flyknit, so I'm just going to go ahead and put that in as the name. For the price, I can choose really any price I want. We're going to go with $139.99, that's before tax. This is a physical product and we can put in the weight right here. I'm going to put in 2 lbs. Now we have the description. I highly recommend filling out this description as this will really help with customers looking at the product as well as search engines. This is a complete editor here, so we could for instance bold 'running' or we could change the font family to one of these options that we have here, so I can change it to Verdana. I can make the font size a little bit bigger. We can even add a link; have a link to Nike website. There's tons of things you can do here. I can even put in a YouTube video if I like to but let's keep going. Here we have shipping. I could turn on free shipping if I wanted to. We're not going to mess with shipping right now. It's really going to depend on how your commerce site is setup, so we're not going to mess with that right now and as far as availability, we're just going to keep it at "this product can be purchased in my online store" but I did forget something. Here at 'categories' we need to create a new category, so we're going to call this 'Men's Running Shoes', there we go. Once we have created the category, we'll hit 'save' and click on the checkbox right next to Men's Running Shoes and it will be placed in that category.

Now let's go to images and video. Here we can find images and video that will promote the product, show what it does. We can even put in a YouTube video if we have the URL. What I can do is select an image from my computer and we'll go ahead and select that image of the shoe itself and we can add a description to this particular image. I'm not going to do that right now. Really that's basically all you need to do. There are several other things you can do. That's really more of an add-on, things you don't necessarily have to do. For instance on options, this will be good if you would like to add different sizes, which is pretty important for shoes, but it might not be important for your products. We also have custom fields, Google shopping if you want to setup a Google shopping account with this. We can go over here to other details, like warranty information, different search keywords, which could actually be pretty important for improving your SEO. We can also go over here to bulk pricing so you can set up bulk pricing with your product but for now what we're going to do is click on 'save'. It is giving me a warning because I have not entered all of the physical dimensions, obviously that is something you're going to have to do depending on your product but we're going to hit continue. Now we can go back to our store, Standard Sneakers, and simply refresh the page and once we click on Men's Running Shoes, it's going to show our one product that we have. We can go ahead and click on it and look at the options and all that stuff. Like I said, these are the options that you'll need to configure. Basically what you'll have to do is add each version of the product for all the colors that you're going to offer and also all these sizes that you're going to offer.

Another thing that you'll notice is that our store, we haven't really customized the look at all. In fact these 2 images right here are just what Bigcommerce gave us, so what we're going to do is customize the look and feel of our website. What we're going to do is go and click on 'design' right here and basically this is going to allow you to change your theme. You can make your own theme and upload it to Bigcommerce or what you can do is choose a theme from Bigcommerce themselves. As you can see there are some paid themes but if you keep going down, there are some that are quite a bit cheaper. If you see a theme that you like, you can click on 'view demo'; this is a lot of it like what it would look if your site was completely filled out. Mine isn't right now. I'm going to keep looking at the themes. What we can do is let's try this one. This is the classic theme. I think this one would really work well with my shoe website. So I'm going to go ahead and click apply on this classic theme and now it is up, so we can refresh and as you can see the changes have been applied. If you go back, there's more things that we can change, for instance the logo right here and right now my logo is really just my name and I'm going to keep it at that just because I don't have a logo ready and this is really an easy way to have a logo, you could say, but if you wanted to you could upload from your computer. Go over here to mobile. I do have a mobile theme enabled right now. I'm going to keep this how it is and on here the carousel, this is where I can change these images right here that are showing up here. If I had a nice big image of some of my shoes or some kind of promotion, this is where I would change it. You can also change what text goes right here, so I could say 'Men's Shoes' and it will change and you can change this to 'up to 25% off the latest styles'. You can also change the color and of course the image back here. Down in here you have your social icons, so let's say I don't have a LinkedIn account, I can go ahead and get rid of it and put Tumblr there instead.

If we scroll back up here to 'more', there's some other things we can change but once you got that setup, your store is pretty much good to go. There are a whole lot of small things you can do but at this point you do have a lot of the basics down and you should be able to start selling your first products. I hope you enjoyed this video. This has been Justin from OSI Affiliate Software. Thank you so much for watching and be sure to check out our other videos about e-commerce marketing and if you're looking for videos on how to market your Bigcommerce store, click on the link below.