How To Start A Create Joy Referral Program

By Sammie Brown
How To Start A Create Joy Referral Program

What is Crate Joy?

Cratejoy enhances your life through the discovery of unique product experiences catered to you! With Cratejoy, we offer a one-stop-shop for all things self-care and wellness. Whether you’re looking for an exciting gift or just treating yourself, find it here with CrateJoy’s curated collection of products that will make any occasion more memorable.

CrateJoy is a monthly box of products from our favorite indie brands.

They provide curated monthly subscriptions where members can get introduced to small, independent brands that just might not have made it through retail channels yet. Their boxes consist of carefully hand-picked goodies for the conscious consumer who hasn’t found their perfect niche and wants to discover exclusivity at its finest.

Cratejoy is a monthly subscription service for discovering and buying artisan products. For $24/mo, you get 3-5 artisan products delivered to your door each month. In addition to the quality goods, we like how they also promise 100% satisfaction or your money back.

Are you looking for a monthly subscription service that offers artisan products at an affordable price? That’s Crate Joy in a nutshell.  

Can a Referral Program With Crate Joy Help Me Get More Sales

Crate Joy has a referral program, so when you refer someone to Crate Joy, they get $10 in their new account, and you also get $10 off your next purchase.

It’s easy to complete this coupon code. Upon clicking “complete,” the system will ask for your email address and then generate the custom link you can share with friends or people who have not yet signed up for Crate Joy. 

Once a person signs up using your link, crates are automatically added to their shopping cart on their first order (order caps out at one box). 

They will receive or continue receiving these crates indefinitely until they place an actual order, after which regular shipping rates and crate contents apply.

The referral program is another way we’re trying to make it easy for our customers to share the joy of Cratejoy with others! Customers can send a unique discount code and find out how much they’ve earned once their friends place their first order.

The more friends you invite, the more money you’ll earn back!

Best Software To Use For My Referral Program With Crate Joy

OSI Affiliate makes it easy for you to track your earnings, help you find hot sellers, and more. It takes care of all the head-aches of running a successful Amazon affiliate store for you!

The best part is that your CrateJoy referral link will work in conjunction with your existing OSI Affiliate account.

The Crate Joy affiliate program gives you a unique link to link your account to OSI Affiliate with access to referral rewards. This means that for every person you invite, you’ll earn a commission on what they buy from Cratejoy. You’ll also make some extra cash when your friend signs up for the free trial offer. The more people you can sign up under you through your specific link, the higher your payout rate will be.

Cratejoy has a referral program that pays you for bringing in new customers. Along with your commission from the purchases made through Cratejoy, they also pay you on orders placed by people who follow up using your specific link.

But what if I don’t have any friends that sign up? Well, when someone refers their family or friend to become an OSI affiliate and signs them up under YOUR email address, then YOU can get paid the commissions! So not only do we want our referrals to be successful but so are theirs – because it benefits you both.

Will a Referral Program with Crate Joy Help Me Get More Traffic?

Yes. Word of mouth is the best marketing tool an organization can have, and Crate Joy’s Referral Program is a great way to tap into our power as network marketers.

Naturally, a person in your loved one’s social networking circle knows somebody who has heard about you and would love to see what you are offering.

A referral is a win/win for all parties involved!

You give them some savings; they allow their friends/connections/supportive followers to save money themselves and learn about you by using social networks.

A referral program is a marketing strategy in which you agree to provide something of value to customers who bring you new business and, at the same time, hope to receive rewards or compensation from their referrals. A referral program can be very successful, but it takes planning and constant work to continue being successful.

The initial goal should be set high enough so that those participating are always wanting more people and increasing engagement with current participants by adding contests, points programs, premium memberships, etc.

4 Advantages To Having A Referral Program With Crate Joy

1. It’s a great way to get your company name out there

Customers referred to you are typically customers that you’ve already done the hard part of converting through some other means. So a more accurate statement is that referral marketing is a good tool for companies with established customer bases that can afford to spend lots of time and money on marketing to bring in new customers just by word-of-mouth.

2. You’ll have a steady stream of customers coming in the door

Referral marketing is just a fancy word for getting people who love your service (like you!) to refer friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers and get some discount off their order if they buy through a referral link. That’s a win-win for both referrers and business owners because it doesn’t only allow referrers to make money. It also gives you a steady stream of customers.

3. People are more likely to buy when they know you’re getting compensated for their purchase

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a commission from the sale or if the compensation is in a currency that is not exchanged as dollars. People want things for free!

4. There are no monthly fees or complicated contracts – sign up, set up the program, and you’re done!

Cratejoy is one of the most straightforward and easy referral programs for referring friends or family to find something they might like. To refer a friend, all you have to do is enter their email address in our system and include your own so that Cratejoy can send them a $10 coupon code upon sign up. They get 10% off their first purchase, and you get $5 in referral money. It is that easy!

By Sammie Brown

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