How To Start a Memberful Referral Program

By Lamont Benson
How To Start a Memberful Referral Program

What is Memberful?

Memberful is an all-inclusive membership site. One that gives you the tools to increase your personal and business income streamlines the booking process for your members and provides a collective of other like-minded entrepreneurs.

If you are like us, you may have started your venture with nothing more than two people. For us, it’s one developer and one marketing specialist. It was during this time we quickly realized there were some significant flaws in the industry. For example, most sites they subscribed to had pricing scattered across various pages on the site. We also noticed no online scheduling component, so it would take weeks or months for new customers to book anything when they first joined up. Memberful solves this problem.

Memberful is the easiest way to turn a simple form into a membership site. Once you’ve created an account, you can easily add a form. Fire that up, and then watch the accounts roll in. It’s simple enough for non-tech people with no coding experience but powerful enough for developers to customize it to fit their needs.

In short – Memberful is an easy-to-use software that makes running member organizations dead simple. When you have your organization, sign up and start adding websites from our collection of beautiful templates or build one from scratch depending on your needs (free or paid) and that’s it! The site will be live in a few seconds – ready to go!

Can a Referral Program With Memberful Help Me Get More Sales?

Memberful is a white-label referral platform for e-commerce stores that helps you convert your visitors into customers and get repeat customers to buy again and again. You can use it to offer rewards or discounts, track performance with analytics, and more—and best of all, it has a robust set of features right out of the box, so you don’t have to worry about any development headaches.

Once you sign up for Memberful, you can forgo asking for people’s email addresses. You can only invite them by enticing them to sign up with an incentive. The best part is you can also use it to invite your family and friends. 

The most important thing about running your company through Memberful is how easy it is to find new people who can help grow your business based on whether they are already an interested visitor or email subscriber.

Memberful helps you create a successful referral program because they offer all the tools you need from start to finish when finding new members for your company. 

Best Software To Use For My Referral Program With Memberful

The best tool you can use is OSI Affiliate. 

In this scenario, OSI Affiliate is the Merchant, and Memberful is the SaaS provider.

Step 1: Collect User’s Name, Email Address, Shipping Address, and Payment Information

You can do this once you have signed up for a free Memberful account as a Company or Person via your email address (Note that Memberful will send an email to the new company/individual).</p

Step 2: Navigate to Settings in your Memberful dashboard. Towards the bottom of “Account,” select “Enable Dynamic Subscriptions.” The platform will then take you to another page to set up how much it costs per month and what currency they use. 

Step 3: Sign up for an OSI Affiliate account using the same email address.

Step 4: After you’ve associated them via email address, you can get a commission on top of the member’s subscription through your OSI Affiliate account. You can get as much as $10 per member or up to 10% total for all transactions completed in that month. You can get all these with a minimum of $0.10 payout.

It is that easy. 

Will a Referral Program with Memberful help me Get More Traffic?

A Referral Program will undoubtedly increase the number of people who visit your site. These are often fresh leads. They are from a single event and not a way to “get rich quick.” Traffic, after all, cannot guarantee you success. 

Straightforward (but effective) implementation strategy:  Create a referral program with Memberful! Have all your members enter their personal and email information in Memberful when they create their accounts. 

4 Advantages To Having A Referral Program With Memberful

1. Referral programs are a great way to grow your business

Memberful is the social membership site that makes managing your list easy from end to end. It’s a free personalized service at no cost to use, which means you don’t need an IT person on staff just yet to get started building connections with one another and grow your potential customer base.

2. You can get started in minutes by signing up on Memberful’s website 

It’s simple! Just go to and enter your name, email, and password. That’s it! When you’re signed up, you can create a membership site that works for your budget and style. 

3. Memberful is an easy-to-use platform that provides all the tools you need to run a successful program

Once you are a member, you will get a domain name. Then, once your site is live, all it takes is one click on “Add New” in Memberful to add new content–and you’ll be able to edit text blocks or delete them at any time from right within the TypeKit visual editor. 

4. Memberful has tons of features 

Memberful is a WordPress membership plugin for the site of your choice provided by Codeable. It’s a simple way to limit how many content users can see and offers premium features such as customizable admin screens, password-protected members area, and Dropbox integration. Memberful provides an extensive admin page that lets you manage all aspects of your membership-based site through one convenient place! 

Also, Memberful provides integration with 12 of the top CRM providers so that you can take care of off-boarding your customers to another system. Memberful supports most significant CRMs like Salesforce and Infusionsoft and gives you a robust set of tools for tracking your users’ progress toward purchasing decisions.

By Lamont Benson

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