45 Shopify Apps For New Stores in 2021

By tariehk
45 Shopify Apps For New Stores in 2021

Scaling of an E-Commerce business is not a cakewalk and few applications are proved to be both using after the analysis of the profit trajectory of the business. 

These are the applications that help you develop apps in less than a day and it also brings up all sorts of layout which can support an e-commerce business. 

So if you are looking forward to booming your business sales then you have stopped at the right place. In this article, we will talk about the amazing Shopify apps which have taken the market to some other level. Stay tuned and do not miss out on any.

1. Sales Pop Monster

This application helps to avoid the regular problems of handling e-commerce apps. It also provides a few rare services like those of a quick view of add-to-carts, notified time bars, discount wheels, extra. You need not be tech-savvy to use this application. This application provides an easy user interface for people to engage in building their system of e-commerce.

2. Cornercart.io

This application offers an interesting feature and that is the sticky add-cart feature. This simple widget button is a must add to your Shopify app. The cute sticky buttons can help your customers hassle the products and add them to the cart.

3. AdNabu For Google Shopping App 

There is a super special feature provided by this application which is the easy Google shopping feed. You can create an engaging and profit-making application by rightly advertising near the business platform. This application helps to entice the customer who is browsing Google. And the action is optimized with the help of audit score support as well as meta field.

4. Re: Amaze

The traits of direct conversation with the customer are a healthy start to your business and this fact is solely understood by Re: amaze. This is an application that can be voluntarily used to uplift the trust factor of the customers. 

You can boost your customer’s attention on your Shopify app by constantly keeping in touch through helpdesks, feedback, and many more such things.

5. AdNabu’s Google Customer Reviews

This application stands out amongst many others when it comes to the management of e-commerce applications. They provide you with the feature of analyzing a customer review and extracting valuable data through the information. Hence this is a free feature that can help you boost your e-commerce business by incorporating feedback from people.

6. Exit Popups by Privy

Privy enables E-Commerce business holders with an incredible feature that can boost people’s business. They provide exit popups and this ensures that the customer’s experience was delightful. This again helps in building goodwill with the customers and enhances the reputation of your Shopify application thereby bringing in eyeballs to your venture.

7. Hextom’s Free Shopping Bar 

The free shopping bar is a brand new feature in the shopping application. This supports the multilingual entry and hence it becomes easier for customers to find what they want to buy. Hence this feature can also help and e-Commerce business holders to entice customers all over the world. And in addition to that, one can also promise free shipping to the customers.

8. Klaviyo 

It is a one-stop destination to customize your e-commerce application. This application helps in focusing on the audience belt so that more customers can be welcomed and the target audience can be attracted towards a website. 

They help you with in-app notifications and emails so that a customer is constantly reminded of the services you provide. This brings a gigantic difference in the business. This is why it is one of the most recommended applications for business holders.

9. SEO Booster

When you are running an E-Commerce application, and a website, SEO is one of the important aspects to pay attention to. It levels the business to an incredible extent and brings in more customers by enticing them. It can give you a top Google rank and hence this is one of the useful tools that should be used by all the e-commerce business holders for incredible results.

10. Booster’s Cookie Features 

Tracking the activities of the customers, in general, has become one of the most common and trustworthy ways of enhancing an e-commerce business. You can even do that with the help of the future of the cookie by a booster. you can efficiently inform your customers about using the cookies and then use them without any obstruction to enhance the shopping experience of your customers.

11. Searchly by Commerce Instruments

This is one of the most effective tools in the world that can help you enhance your eCommerce business by using the search options for your customers. All it also provides features like customizable filters and other product recommendations that catches the attention of the customers. The sales of the business become multiple Times better and the result is heartfelt.

12. Gentexa’s SEO Image

This is an important feature that can help you attract customers to your website and your shopping application. This feature provides you alt text for the images of the products which are available in Google. 

Hence this is another SEO move that must be used to our better results. The feature comes for free and one can also entice customers across the globe with the help of this feature.

13. Product Labels Pro by BSS Commerce

The product levels Pro by this application can help you elevate the business of your online store by bringing up clear images of products. The bright badges of a big sale or off best seller drives the attention of your customers to the product. 

Hence using this feature you can label your products to catch the attention of the customers and ensure a must-buy. These tricks have proved to bombard the business with a tremendous sale.

14. Omnistar Affiliate Software by Omnistar Affiliate Software

OSI Affiliate Software allows you to easily create and manage an affiliate program for your business. Using OSI Affiliate Software, you will create an in-house affiliate program that will expand your marketing channels because you will recruit other online marketers who have access to your target audience. When these affiliates/partners/resellers send you a successful sale, you will pay them a commission. 

15. Google Ad Feature of AdNabu

Amongst many features of AdNabu, this is also the one that helps you make a list of your customers and use their Google account to target them so that they can buy more products from your E-Commerce application or your e-commerce website. 

The happy customers are your sword and they can return to your service again. This tool helps in finding the customers who have reverted to your service promptly.

16. HelpNinja 

It is a tool that recovers all the deleted messages for the deleted items out of the card with only a single click. It helps the customer have a great experience using the application of the website of an e-commerce venture and also dwells with the automated messages, emails, and notifications of the cart recoveries. This is a tool that can be available for free.

17. Roundtrip Labs

With this tool, you can have the authority to set up the dates of dispatch, shipment, and package arrival of the customers. You can also allow the customer to know the date of arrival of their orders. 

This makes your E-Commerce business a hell of a lot more manageable than it would have been without this application. The customer finds it convenient to order something and then know the exact date on which they can receive their package.

18. Spur IT 

In this world full of technology you can also find something that can help you make it easier for your customers to pay for their orders. it is all about the pricing of the product as per its quality which can take your business forward. 

Hence, this application helps you conduct various options of EMI for installment payment which can genuinely help the buyers buy everything that they want without having to think of paying at a time.

19. Pagefly

If you want new pages on your website for putting out an intuitive idea then pagefly can help you do that with the help of the page builder feature. This is a time-saver tool that can help you create pages that are best for sales. You can also create attractive home pages that will never cease to impress your target audience.

20. Currency Converter bye Grizzly Apps

Many eCommerce platforms have now become a global platform for marketing. And this case a currency converter might work miracles to help customers have an incredible experience of shopping in your app.

21. Vitals

If you want a one-stop destination for all the features that are required to have a commerce website, then you can go for this. It is a multi-functional tool that can help you get more than 40 features at a time. 

You can even solve problems like page loading issues as well as speed up your conversion of the currency. This tool is freely available for trial for a month and it charges its virtues after a month.

22. Ontrack Digital

If you want to rely on an application that can help your business boom and flourish in the market to analyze demographics like gender, age, locations, etc. you can always focus on the sales and marketing part of your business with the help of this tool. Analyzing the information of customers can help you bring helpful insights.

23. Google Ad Conversion 

Google has got one of the most difficult tracking code systems and it is quite human to make a minimum of two to three mistakes while manually doing at. But this tool can rescue you and you can do Google ad conversion with no error. It is free for installations.

24. Recurring Order and Subscription With Spur IT

It is a creative way of maintaining recurring customers by offering subscriptions. They get a special discount option and easy and free shipping options as well. This tool helps in maintaining such customers and keeping in touch with them through emails and messages.

25. Spur IT’s Dynamic Pricing

This tool can help you set the pricing of the products. You can stick to the rules and regulations of scaling the prices and even change the price when there is a necessity of bringing such changes. A perfect rising system can boost product sales and create a major demand in the market.

26. Carkit 

This is a tool that has come up with a new feature which is known as the replay live session where the seller of the retailer can view recordings and how much time was spent with the product on the site by customers. 

This helps both the retailer and the e-commerce business holder understand certain pages on which the viewers are hooked and are keeping on rechecking the site. you can vividly understand the prospectus of the viewers with the help of this tool.

27. Printful 

If you want to print your merchandise And get it shipped then you can do that using this tool. If you are running a fashion eCommerce Store then you can choose this service to get quotations for names printed on the t-shirt or hats. 

These are the new trending gift items that have blown the market and you can also process bulk merchandise with the help of this service.

28. MLVeda 

All the eCommerce websites have gained attention from the global market and the home country is being benefited with the help of enhancing the marketing system created by e-commerce websites. 

With the help of this service, one can choose the place of features or pop up the text of respective symbols of the flag. This is a plan which is available at a certain charge.

29. Buy Me 

If you want a super-cool destination with a unique feature that this is the one that can help you build your eCommerce platform perfectly fit for grabbing the attention of people. Their features like quick buy options, a preview of items, remember my cart, etc.

30. Cozy ECommerce Add-ons

If you want amazing download options in your eCommerce application or your e-commerce website then this is a tool that you must use. you must make sure that the content which is created originally by you is not stolen by any other website. This tool can help you do that. 

you can set up an anti-theft system that can work for your content and regulate your website. You can make sure that you are using original content and theft of your content won’t be possible. Hence you can also be carefree and also enjoy sales which are boomed by the unique content on your website.

31. GTranslate 

If you want your eCommerce store to become a multilingual store that can help all the target customers to find their products then you can use this tool. 

This is a globally obtained tool that has held many eCommerce stores stand out by including the option of multilingual searching and customizable filters.

32. Conversion Beer

This is an important tool that is available for free. Which can help All the E-Commerce business holders put out combo offers. When the target customers see that there is a discount available on the purchase of the product then the sales of both the products will reach heights. These are few e-commercial moves that have proved to be effective for the market.

33. Referral Candy

The referring chain can bring in a lot of customers to your website. Even if you give a single reference with a peanut size takes away then they would feel ecstatic about it. 

And this tool helps boost the cells’ establishment for referral chains. The feature of this tool has proved to be an effective one in boosting business.

34. Secomapp’s Pop-ups 

Advertisement is another with the help of which the business sales of an e-commerce website for the platform is boosted. This tool can help the business holders wittily bring popup to the screen with Ninja techniques which can help customers be glued to the page and have a healthy conversational session which can ultimately help in enhancing the sales of the business.

35. Secomapp’s Affiliate Marketing

The influencers are now ruling the global market and affiliate marketing has proved its worth in the present market situation. You can take the help of influencers and bloggers to boost the sales in your eCommerce website and you can do that with the help of this tool. This tool can help you get a service reviewed at feasible commission rates.

36. Videofy 

The video creation and other graphic content can keep the target customers glued to your website for your app. With the use of this tool, you can create automated videos of advertisements for your E-Commerce application. 

This will help you grab the attention of the audience and bring major traffic to your application. This is another way of enhancing sales in your business.

37. Globo 

If you want to positively collect feedback then you can use this tool to collect feedback and create forms that can also contribute to the growth of your business.

38. Oberlo

This is a tool with the help of which you can enlist all the trending products of your eCommerce website for your customers. This service also ensures that your customers receive the product safely so that you need not have to mess up with the intricacies of the systems and you can focus on your very next marketing move.

39. Tawk. to

This tool is compatible with all sorts of devices and you can incorporate the features of the tool for the benefit of your business. you need to have live chatting features in your eCommerce website so that your customers can get all the answers to their queries. You can do that with the help of this tool.

40. Spin Wheel From Woohoo

At times, holding on to the customers is quite difficult. This is so because there are many commercial websites with features that are enticing for the customers. 

This is a tool that can help you create coupons and spinning wheels in your eCommerce website for the customers to gain some benefit out of it.

41. Avada Commerce

This is a tool with the help of which you can create templates for invoices, shipping, refund creation, and order placement. Your customers would love it if you have a well-designed display and this would work on your form and your sales would be increased.

42. Shop Sheriff 

You might require to edit a few pages on your search engine as per your requirement from time to time. And this is the tool which you can put to use for such purpose. Only when you bring necessary changes to your eCommerce platform, people would feel updated and catered to.

43. Lucky Orange LLC 

This is a tool that can help you understand all your flaws in maintaining an eCommerce platform. Most people fail because they do not have a reliable e-commerce guide that can let them be enlightened about their flaws. The angelique virtues of this tool can help you Ace the market.

44. SmartrMail’s Email Marketing 

email marketing is an effective way of increasing sales in a business and one can do that with the help of this tool.

45. Avada’s Size Chart

your customers can be confused about the sizing of a product and can order the wrong size. This tool can help you enlighten your customers about the size of a product so that they can receive the one that they wish to have.

Final Words

Hence, these are the most effective tools which can help to boost an e-commerce website. You can use such tools for the benefit of your business and experience the booming sales of the products in your store.

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