10 Wix Facebook Marketing Strategies For 2021

By Sammie Brown
10 Wix Facebook Marketing Strategies For 2021

Facebook marketing remains a highly dynamic venture with constantly changing strategies. Some marketing tactics that worked a few years ago such as commenting with links to posts that attract numerous comments(e.g news and entertainment posts) no longer work. Matter of fact, nowadays that’s considered spamming.

Keeping the highly dynamic nature of this form of social media marketing in mind, digital marketers need to remain updated on the marketing strategies that work and those that have become obsolete and thus worth avoiding. Having said that, this post is about 10 Facebook marketing tips that work in 2021. 

1. Be As Detailed As Possible With Your Posts

Maybe your client deals in home electronic appliances such as audio systems and TV sets or something else whereby your job is to help increase the sales through Facebook marketing. You’ve got to make sure that the posts you create and post about those particular products are comprehensive and meaningful to the reader. 

A simple post such as “Latest home theater systems with quality sounds at unbeatable prices. Hurry and order yours today while stock lasts!!!” accompanied with a few photos will not give you the best results. Why is that so? That’s because it lacks detail. A detailed alternative would be something like this “Latest home theater systems with wattage ratings from this number to that number, plus stereo, surround or super surround sounds as well as manufacturers’ warranties. The prices range from X to Y. Hurry and order yours today while stock lasts!!!” 

As you can see, this post provides more details about the product being marketed on Facebook. As such, if there was a shopper in search of an audio system with any of the mentioned specs, they’ll probably visit the landing page so long as their budget is within the price ranges.  

2. Work With Social Media Influencers

They are called social media influencers for a reason. These individuals have a huge influence on their thousands or even millions of followers’ buying decisions. Just to show how effective these people can be, Elon Musk(the richest man in the world)just mentioned the name “Dogecoin” last week. Immediately after that, the value of the cryptocurrency increased more than triple after many of his followers decided to invest in it. 

3. Make Your Posts Shareable

It’s up to you to make your content shareable or unshareable. Yet, when your content is great, people will want to share it. And when they share it, that can further promote your Facebook marketing efforts. As such, ensure the share button is available with every post you post, giving your readers an option to share. 

4. It’s Ok To Post Past Content

In Facebook marketing, there are days you might post a post that leads to an overwhelming number of sales. Likewise, there are days you may post content that doesn’t attract even a single like, leave alone driving sales. While each scenario is very normal, it would be rewarding to exploit content that gave you great results to the fullest by posting it again and again until it’s no longer effective.  

5. Post The Right Number of Times

Without knowing the right number of times to post, it is easy to annoy and turn off your readers by posting too frequently or seldom. Experts have found that posting once per week is simply too seldom. On the other hand, posting more than twice daily is just too frequent. As a general rule, don’t exceed 10 posts per week. 

6. Respond To Queries Promptly

Though statistics recommend 24 hours at maximum, Facebook marketers who respond to queries within minutes tend to be more successful than their counterparts who take a whole day to do the same. As for me, I’d expect a response to my query within three hours of failure by which I’d move on to another similar post and probably engage further if I receive a faster response. 

Matter of fact, this can be another perfect application for your interactive voice response system. For example, if you can’t respond to queries promptly enough, you could integrate your IVR system into your Facebook marketing strategy with CloudTalk, for example. That way, people can get answers to their queries in real-time, thanks to the system. 

For those who are in the dark, you can read this IVR related article to understand what this technology is all about. By so doing, you’ll fathom what interactive voice response is and how it can help in Facebook marketing.  

7. Be Polite

Politeness is a key virtue, especially in business. Yes, some people can be fairly annoying, especially those who ask questions that are already answered by the post. Another disappointing group is that of people who will pose too many queries even going ahead to negotiate the price only to go mute after you’ve accepted their offer. 

Dealing with such individuals regularly can make you develop a rude attitude towards genuine buyers who pose valid queries and truly intend to buy something for a certain price. To avoid losing such buyers, just be polite and don’t let jokers cause you to lose your cool. 

8. Explore Paid Facebook Advertising 

Paid ads are the key to success in Facebook advertising. This strategy gives you the ability to reach your exact audience. With it, you can advertise to Facebook users according to various parameters such as age, location, behavior, and interests. The secret here is to know your consumers pretty well in relation to the above parameters. 

9. Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials significantly influence consumers’ decision-making process. Positive testimonials will encourage them to buy while the opposite is true for negative testimonials. 

Encourage clients to whom you’ve sold to leave their feedback. Remember that it’s ok to have one or two negative feedback as you can’t satisfy everyone. However, don’t tolerate negative feedback that might damage your brand. The good news is that you have the power to control what people see in the comments section, thanks to the hide and the delete buttons. 

10. Check The Quality Of Your Products

Every buyer expects value for their money. As such, marketing a product that doesn’t offer value for money will rub buyers the wrong way. Constant criticism of your product will eventually lead buyers away, rendering your Facebook marketing strategy useless. To avoid that, you should also focus on quality besides marketing. 

Final Thoughts

If done in the right way, Facebook marketing can lead to a greater number of sales. Unfortunately, this digital marketing strategy has proved to be relatively dynamic in the sense that its formulas keep on changing now and then. For 2020, the above are the secrets to a successful Facebook marketing strategy.

By Sammie Brown

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